This “Migrant Caravan” Heading To The USA Is The American Version Of The “Refugee Crisis” In Europe

The situation at the US border with the recent “migrant caravan” continues to worsen, with Trump now saying he will send the army to stop it:

In an interview aboard Air Force One on Monday, President Trump made clear there was no limit to the number of troops he’s willing to send to the border to address the growing migrant caravan quickly making its way through hot and humid temperatures in Mexico to the U.S. border.

The president previously vowed to send the U.S. military, as opposed to the National Guard, to confront the group, which the United Nations now estimates is over 7,200 members strong. Dramatic footage over the weekend showed the caravan, which is at least 1,100 miles from the U.S. border, defying Trump’s warnings and smashing a border fence, as migrants flooded into Mexico despite the presence of riot police.

Trump told USA Today in an interview that “people from the Middle East” are among the thousands of migrants in the caravan, echoing remarks he made on Twitter Monday morning, when he complained there were MS-13 gang “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners mixed in.” The president did not elaborate.

Asked how many troops he was willing to send, Trump told the paper simply, “as many as necessary.”

More than 1,000 members of the caravan already have applied for asylum in Mexico, according to the country’s government. It remained unclear whether this caravan would retain its numbers during the remainder of its journey; a similar caravan earlier this year started with 1,200 members and finished with 200 migrants arriving at the California border. (source)

On October 14, 2018, I wrote an article talking about this “migrant caravan” and how it is too coincidental that it has come in the evening hours of the elections, let alone the laws of Mexico and the fact that these people have to march thousands of miles on foot simply does not make sense and could not be undertaken without significant logistical concerns points to an outside, massive organization effort.

Let’s take a look at this through the light of the Crusades.

During the Crusades, there were countless Christians who made the long march to Jerusalem. While Christians eventually came from as far away as Iceland, the majority were from Italy, France, and Germany. Looking at the routes of the First Crusade, the average travel distance was between 3500 to 4000 km, or 2175 to 2485 miles. This is, at the latter distance, the equivalent of walking from New York City to just outside of Las Vegas.

The Crusades were not as simple as somebody standing up and saying “I’m going to the Holy Land to fight Muslims.” It was a calculated, difficult excursion that cost a lot of money, time, and required considerable logistical coordination to undertake. It was something that was done by kings, princes, and other noblemen who then brought along their servants. The servants would be the equivalent of average people (such as you and I), and the noblemen who went would be the equivalent of very wealthy titans of industry, doctors, lawyers, and other men of power who funded the excursion.

Poor people do not march a thousand or more miles to a place they know nothing about, for their concern is as it has always been for the poor, which is acquiring their daily bread. The only reason that such a person would make a journey is if he knew there was a better life, and even then, if he was to do this, he would basically have to spend all of his money and take considerable risks, including death to do so. An individual could make the trip, and possibly a family or two, but they would need to find work quickly or other means to sustain themselves. It is not something that even dozens, let alone hundreds or thousands of people could do, because there would not be the ability for themselves to acquire the resources for their personal economy, and they would either have to stop where they are, return, or die.

The exception to this is if they are being given free handouts from without so to enable them to continue. Just imagine if you were in a car that, each time you went to a gas station, you got free gas and a snack. You might be poor, but you could go anywhere and still have food to hold your bodily needs over until you would be able to find work. There is no limit to where you can go provided the laws allow you access.

Multiply the above scenario by seven thousand and that is what one has with the “migrant army” situation in Central America.

People are asking WHY ISN’T THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT STOPPING THEM. Is TRUMP being bullied by Mexico, or perhaps it is not the Mexican government, but the American government who is telling them not to so anything, for after all, is Mexico not effectively an unofficial vassal state of the USA?

Likewise, is it also a coincidence that America’s “most important ally in the Middle East,” Israel, has been distributing massive amounts of “humanitarian aid” in Guatemala, one of the passing points of this “migrant caravan” for months?

Is it also interesting that at the site of the “migrant caravan” itself, there were trucks found with Israeli flags on them?

Note the truck cab on the right

Note the truck at 3:20:

Could this “aid” being given to Guatemala have been outright to help the people of Guatemala for the objective good regarding the volcano, or was it “aid” in preparation for this crisis? One does not know, but it is curious that said aid was allocated in June 2018, and several months later said crisis ensues.

It’s also really curious to note that supposedly in the caravan, 100 ISIS fighters were found.

ISIS means “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria”. The distance from Damascus to Jerusalem is 175 miles. That is less than a three hour drive by highway. During the Ironman Triathalon, people bike 212 miles in a matter of several hours. According to Google Earth, it is a 59 hour walk, meaning if one walks just over eight hours a day, one could go to Church in Damascus, leave immediately, and make it to mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher by next Sunday. ISIS is right next to Israel. Yet coincidentally, they do not attack Israel at all. Likewise, it is a very curious and consistent pattern of how wherever America promises “military intervention” or where various forms of US or Israeli “aid” appear, there also appear terrorists from ISIS.

Ask yourself as simple question. How is it that ISIS, who claims to hate Israel so much, just never happens to attack her despite being in her own backyard, yet will appear all around the world where American and Israeli money goes?

There is no rational way to answer this question unless one is willing to consider that, just perhaps, Israel and the USA, both known funders of terrorism and creators of terrorists groups for political purposes, including ISIS, are the ones who trained and brought ISIS terrorists to these areas just as much as they were the authors behind this “caravan” and who are providing it the necessary sustenance to allow it to continue.

There is a photo circulating from this “caravan” of the people burning a US flag that they wrote a swastika on. It has been all over the internet, inciting passions on both sides yet so few asking the questions about that Star of David on the truck, how it appeared there, and who may be supporting this migrant “caravan.”

Two years ago, showed definitively how the “migrant crisis” in Europe was not a crisis at all, but it was engineered from the outside by America and Germany using NGOs, charities, and aid groups as a conduit. We showed this again a year later with new evidence that showed how operations were being directly coordinated between the European military and known smugglers, being so open as to even use Facebook to organize some of the transfers of people in to Europe.

We have warned that the governments want violence, chaos, and social unrest from these “migrants” because they want to use them to stir up nationalist sentiments that can be translated to militarism in preparation for another major war. What is happening with this “migrant caravan” is but an Americanize context for what happened in Europe in 2015.

A word to the wise, and while one must be aware of political trends, one must also realize that many trends are indeed manufactured so to cause a specific result, which in this case is division and war.

This is not a fight where there is a good or bad side, because both sides have malicious intentions. One must not support evil in the name of fighting evil, for as Jesus said in the New Testament, the devil cannot cast himself out. It is all the more reason one must seek balance, pursuing mercy and justice alike, for the love of God in a time when men are looking to incite hate for their temporary benefit.

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