Enough With The Idol Worship And Fantasy Projection Onto Political Figures- Bolsonaro Is Neither Catholic Nor Pro-Life, He Is An Evangelical Protestant Eugenicist And Nationalist Who Will Side With The Spirit Of The Antichrist

There is much excitement in “conservative” circles surrounding the victory of Jair Bolsonaro in becoming president of Brazil, with many saying it marks a “change” from the “leftist” policies of Brazil that are anti-religion and anti-life:

Today is a new day for Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro has been elected president, putting an end to a generation of leftist rule. Under Bolsonaro, Brazil could go from being a refuge for Latin American marxists and their corrupt globalist allies to becoming an invaluable ally to President Trump’s vision of a region where governments are motivated by their sovereign interests. Most importantly, Brazil will go from being a promoter of the Culture of Death, to a defender of the Culture of Life.

Faced with this reality, the worldwide liberal media has attempted to label Mr. Bolsonaro as an extremist. He’s a “racist,” a “sexist,” a “homophobe,” a “misogynist.” He’s a “neo-nazi” who wants to bring the military dictatorship back! That, more or less, is what Jair Messias Bolsonaro’s opponents are saying about him. But who is he? Some call him the “Brazilian Trump.” But in order to understand who he really represents, we have to understand a little of Brazil’s recent history.

In 1964, Brazil’s Army, answering a legitimate call from the civil society, decided to take over power in order to avoid the communist threat that was before countries all over the West at the time. In the beginning the military assured civil society that they would give the power back to a civilian government as soon as possible, but soon an internal division took shape within the military itself, which resulted in a “coup inside the coup.” In the end, the military stayed in power until 1985, when they made good on their promise and started a process of transition to civil government.

During the years of the military regime, the communists acted in two different fronts: through the guerrillas and through a cultural strategy they learned from Antonio Gramsci, one of the founders of the Italian Communist Party. The aim was to attain what Gramsci called hegemony, i.e., to make the whole population think in a socialist way as a result of their infiltration of the media, the universities, and all major cultural elements of society.

The strategy worked, and after the promulgation of the 1988 Constitution, the seventh in Brazil’s history, leftists controlled all presidential elections, with very few exceptions. The main political rivalries were between the radical leftist PT (Worker’s Party) and the center-left PSDB party (Brazilian Social-Democracy Party).

In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Lula and Fidel Castro founded the Foro de São Paulo (São Paulo Forum), an international organization that gathered the main leftist political parties, organizations, and even terrorist groups like the FARCs from Colombia, with the aim of establishing a Latin American version of the old Soviet Union.

Election after election the members of the FSP gained power in different Latin American countries: Hugo Chávez in Venezuela, Evo Morales in Bolívia, Lula in Brazil and so on.

In Brazil nobody really knew about this secretive organization in the mainstream media. It took one man, the philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, to uncover the truth about this corrupt leftist cabal in Brazil and Latin America. Back in 1996 Olavo de Carvalho argued that the leftists were gaining a dangerous stranglehold on power when many people assumed that the fall of the Berlin Wall had brought Communism to an end.

Olavo de Carvalho was the man responsible for uncovering what the left was doing in Brazil and throughout the Americas. His online philosophy course, his books, his old podcast and his Facebook profile started to reach hundreds of thousands of people, even millions of them. Just as in Trump’s case, this conservative revolution would not be televised, it would be carried on the wings of social media.

Among those exposing the corrupt machinations of the Foro de São Paulo were many committed and politically savvy pro-lifers who have organized effectively to reach politicians such as Jair Bolsonaro and make them embrace the Culture of Life.

The political history of Jair Messias Bolsonaro is fairly common for politicians. Bolsonaro entered politics when he retired from the Brazilian Army, becoming a federal deputy in 1990. However, his rise to national prominence was anything but common. In 2003, he started to gain media attention because of an argument about law and order that he had with a communist politician, Maria do Rosário. Bolsonaro had proposed that the legal age at which a person could be charged as an adult be lowered from 18 to 16. Maria do Rosário argued against the reduction even in the case of a terrible crime committed by the 16 year old rapist Roberto Aparecido Alves Cardoso, known as Champinha (he, along with a gang of four other guys raped, tortured and murdered the girl Liana Friedenbach with her boyfriend Felipe Caffé).

In 2011, Bolsonaro was also one of the most vocal people denouncing what became known as the “gay kit,” a set of sex-ed materials for children as young as 6, designed by the then Minister of Education and now candidate for the presidency Fernando Haddad, a communist and member of the Workers Party.

As with President Donald Trump, a lot of people consider some of Bolsonaro’s public statements to be controversial, due to their boldness and directness, but this is precisely why Bolsonaro started to become so popular. He was one of the only ones willing to publicly attack what the communists from the Workers Party (PT) were doing: the destruction of the family through gender ideology and early sexualization; the defense and even the promotion of organized crime as a stylish way of life; the promotion of abortion; the deep corruption scandals – perpetrated at a scale never seen before by Lula and his gang – that battered Brazil; the endemic violence that has affected the country (claiming at least 60,000 murders per year). In all of these areas, Bolsonaro has not held back and has offered bold conservative solutions which have resonated with the people of Brazil.

Because Bolsonaro has never been involved in a corruption scandal, he has been able to channel all the feelings of frustration against the Worker’s Party. Yet, the media has been merciless with Bolsonaro. And although he has no corruption scandals attached to him, the left (which in Brazil includes the entire mainstream media) has attacked him based on his style and boldness. This hypersensitivity on the part of the hardcore left is very similar to the movement across much of liberal America, where university students demand safe spaces in which what they consider offensive speech cannot harm them. In Brazil this group is referred to as the “caviar left”: people who love to virtue signal and preach about social justice but who demand to live their personal lives completely disconnected from the majority of society.

Bolsonaro has broken through the leftist’s cultural monopoly with his bold brand of conservative free speech, and now the leftist media is in a conundrum on how to deal with it. At home and abroad, the media have done nothing but spread the same unsubstantiated claims: that he is a “racist, misogynistic, homophobic, a fascist, a neo-nazi”, etc. Of course, these claims are easily refuted by the fact that Bolsonaro has supported prominent female politicians, some of them Jewish and other politicians from racial minority groups. Also, although Bolsonaro is a Catholic and has spoken out against the imposition of gender ideology, his tough stance on corruption and crime has earned him the support of many who self-identify as homosexual.

Of course, the real reason why Bolsonaro’s critics are spreading all of these rumors about him is the he represents a real threat to the Latin American communist plan materialized in the São Paolo Forum. If he is elected, the radical left will not be able to work hand in hand with the organized crime syndicates headquartered in Venezuela and reaching towards Iran and the Colombian FARCs.

Mr. Bolsonaro has pledged to stop the advance of the Culture of Death in Brazil, which has always been a top priority among the globalist elite. This would mean a severe blow to those who have been working for a generation to undermine the roots of the Christian Western Civilization.

No, Bolsonaro is not racist, misogynistic, homophobic, or a fascist, he is a patriot who is willing to give his life for his country, a country which has suffered for decades at the hands of a gang of leftist ideologues who almost succeeded in destroying Brazil. Mr. Bolsonaro’s party’s motto is “Brazil Above Everything, God Above Everyone.” This combination of a belief in national sovereignty and recognition of the proper role of God has the atheist left absolutely terrified. (source, source)

Note what I have highlighted above in bold.

Four months ago, in June 2018, a news story reported how women with drug problems were being forcibly sterilized against their will throughout Brazil. In the story, it discussed how then Presidential candidate Bolsonaro, who has attended an Evangelical church for at least a decade and openly associates with them, supported said eugenics policy and also wants to encourage the widespread use of birth control as well as limiting family size in the name of population control:

Claims that a drug-addicted Brazilian woman was subjected to forced sterilisation are sparking accusations of a nightmarish “dystopia” in a country where a leading presidential candidate has stirred controversy with his own birth control proposals.

The facts of the case not under dispute are that Janaina Aparecida Quirino, an addict with numerous children, had her tubes tied after a ruling by a judge in Mococa, near Sao Paulo.

But according to a report in Folha de S.Paulo newspaper, the woman was homeless and the procedure was performed without her consent.

By the time the judge’s ruling came to appeal at a higher court, “the mutilation had already occurred”, wrote the author of the report, the constitutional law professor Oscar Vilhena Vieira.

One advocacy group, the Institute of Penal Guarantees, said “Janaina K. woke under the custody of people she didn’t know, named in a judicial case that she was not informed about.”

“It evoked Kafka’s ‘The Trial,'” the institute said, referring to the hallucinatory novel about a man prosecuted without even being told what he is accused of having done.

The judge, Djalma Moreira Gomes, pushed back after Vieira’s article came out last weekend, insisting that Quirino, who had seven children, with one more on the way, wanted to be sterilised.

“The family set-up was characterised by the parents’ drug dependencies…, physical violence against the children by the current partner, and financial difficulties,” the judge said in a statement, also denying that she was ever homeless.

According to Gomes, the woman “fully expressed consciousness and agreement with the sterilisation”.
Eugenics or common sense?

Crucial details of the case, even the dates, remain unclear. The judge’s order was dated October 2017, but the sterilisation operation had to wait until the woman had given birth a last time.
Prosecutors say she did agree to the operation and some Brazilian media have published a redacted copy of what they say is a consent form signed back in 2015.

However, officials said that a psychologist’s report in which Quirino again gave the green light is under seal and cannot now be verified. In addition, the woman reportedly did not have a lawyer, which, if true, would raise doubts over the validity of anything she signed.

Whatever the truth, Quirino’s story is stirring angry debate.

The leftist news site revistaforum.com.br said the incident illustrates the “dystopia of life” in Brazil. The Institute of Penal Guarantees noted that “compulsory sterilisation is eugenics.”

“She was treated as an object, a thing,” another legal rights group, the Brazilian Association of Lawyers for Democracy, said.

But not everyone is complaining.

Janaina Paschoal, a prominent lawyer famous for her role in the 2016 impeachment case that brought down then president Dilma Rousseff, said sterilisation was Quirino’s best hope.

“Acknowledging the difficulties around the topic, I declare my support” for the judge, she tweeted. “If I were the judge, I would have decided as he decided. Someone has to look out for the children!”


The debate is unlikely to go away given that a frontrunner in Brazil’s October presidential election, hard-right former army officer Jair Bolsonaro, has previously called for limiting births among the poor.

“Only birth control can save us from chaos,” the congressman said in 2008, according to Folha de S.Paulo.

Bolsonaro has long campaigned in Congress to loosen laws around sterilisation, for example by removing the requirements for the person to be over 25 and to have consent of their spouse.

One of the candidate’s sons, Rio de Janeiro city councillor Carlos Bolsonaro, made a video this week to defend his father against “ridiculous” media assertions that his promotion of sterilisation targeted poor people specifically.

“Jair Bolsonaro has a bill to make it easier to get tubal ligation or a vasectomy, because there are numerous bureaucratic hurdles today,” he said. The presidential hopeful “wants to give this opportunity so that people can have family planning.”
(source, source)

Even the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which has backed the LGBT and other anti-life ideologies, has reported in an opinion piece that the world needs to be concerned about Bolsonaro because he is a eugenicist and Brazil has an established history of supporting eugenics especially in light of how the nation backed the National Socialists in the Second World War and how many National Socialists from Germany fled to Brazil:

First gaining prominence as a staunch defender of the legacy of Brazil’s military dictatorship, which gained power in a 1964 coup, Bolsonaro’s anti-LGBQT, racist, and misogynistic platform is part of his general disdain for democracy. He has advocated sterilization for the poor to stave off “chaos.” (source)

What is this “chaos” that Bolsonaro is talking about?

Those who support eugenics throughout history, going back to the days of Thomas Malthus, indulge in alarmist propaganda about how “disaster” will befall the world unless the number of human beings on earth are reduced. Be it a lack of food, water, other natural resources, deforestation, global warming, disease, or any other number of excuses, the reason is but a catalyst for the end purpose of getting rid of people that the person advancing said propaganda doesn’t like. It could be any group of people and for any reason.

Birth control is a well-known means of legitimizing eugenics in society because it is a superficially “acceptable” tool but carries an insidious philosophy, which is that a man can “control” his fertility because the generation of life belongs to his own powers. While it is true that one can choose or refuse to engage in relations, the choice to have relations is to open oneself to the possibility of generating new life because the first purpose of relations comes from the very meaning of the world “genitals”- it is to “generate” new life. If one does not hold this as the first purpose of the act, it is but a glorified form of masturbation, which is a segway to degenerate sexual acts that leads to fetishes, homosexuality, bestiality, and child molestation because the purpose of the act then becomes what brings one to “fulfillment,” and the depths of a man’s lusts is limited only by his desires at the moment that would be endless unless limited by either personal choice from within or an outside morality from without.

It is a known fact that is constantly discussed among “pro-lifers” how the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist who wanted the extermination of “inferior” races including the Irish, Italians, Slavs, and the peoples of sub-saharan Africa and the Americas, and how she supported this process through the use of distributing to them and teaching the new immigrants to use birth control.

Bolsonaro has supported eugenics publicly since 2008 and has continued to support it throughout his presidential campaign. It is impossible to claim that he is now “pro-life” when he has adhered to not just pro-death philosophies throughout his campaign and political career, but the same ones used by Margaret Sanger for the same eugenic ends. 

In the political arena, there has been an ever-growing tendency to project fantasies about “defending the west”, “defending Christendom”, and “stopping the invaders” among those on both the right and even on the left (German Chancellor Merkel is the leader of the “Christian Democrat Union” who originally ran on an anti-immigration platform before “suddenly” becoming “pro-migrant”). However, the reality is that Christendom in any form has been dead since the 18th century, destroyed by intra-European nationalism that eventually became more nationalism masquerading as theological dissent in the Protestant Revolution, to finally more nationalism rejecting Christianity in the name of a malleable secularism that has reigned since the time of the French Revolution.

As Peter Wiener points out in his groundbreaking book Hitler: Luther’s Spiritual Ancestor, National Socialism was the natural child of the nationalism of Luther and his predecessors, and as we have repeatedly noted, National Socialism never died, but was brought into seclusion and kept alive by the Americans and her allies as a part of Operation Gladio, and the monster kept alive is now being brought out again before the world.

It is a ridiculous fantasy to think that Christendom is coming back, and that masses of what are mostly average income, debt-laden plebeians with no serious social power (that includes both you and I) are going to be able to lead or partake in armies against Islamic hordes which as we have pointed out, are for the most part created by the same governments who presented them as a “threat” to the public, and for which they have done this in order to justify nationalism to translate it into militarism as a part of wars that have persisted for centuries over the same reasons.

Brazil was a known ally of the National Socialists in World War II. Many Nazis fled to Brazil after the war and stayed there, especially in the southern region as well as in the nations of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Nothing is changing at all.

in 1997, the Swedish group Aqua came out with a song called “Barbie Girl,” which they said was a social critique of people who live in a fantasy world divorced from reality around them. The song is just as relevant today, for to think that Bolsonaro is going to be some sort of advancement for Brazil when he supports eugenicist policies at a time when National Socialism, a philosophy rooted in Talmudic occultism and Darwinism is rising, is to live in the same false reality at a time when what is needed is a serious reality check lest body and soul both perish.

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