Tommy Robinson Joins Major Organizations That Want To Destroy Christianity, Promote Homosexuality, Human Sacrifice And Terrorism

By Theodore Shoebat & Walid Shoebat ( Sunday Special)

Do not trust Tommy Robbinson, he is only a lobbyist for pagans, racists and eugenists. Tommy Robinson is working with forces that want to war against Christianity. Robinson works with pagans who want homosexuality and  paganism, and instead of Christian sacraments, want a sacrament of gore and slaughter — human sacrifice. Make no mistake, Robinson is of the forces of Antichrist. 

Tommy Robinson was suppose to be coming to the United States to do a speech in Washington, which was scheduled for November 14th, after getting an invitation from members of Congress. 

This was scheduled in the midst of all of the sympathy that has been rallied behind Robinson after he got a prison sentence for filming the trial of a Muslim man, an illegal act according to British law. For this, Robinson is being viewed as a political prisoner going through persecution by the British government, and thus he is getting the eyes of lobbyists working to rile up the populace to back him.

But, Robinson’s trip was cancelled. It has been said that this was due to his visa not being granted on time. But, the Middle East Forum, the Neo-conservative think-tank that organized the event, said that Robinson’s visa was not denied and that he will be speaking via video:

“Mr Robinson’s visa was not denied … His application is still in the ‘administrative processing’ phase and we are confident that he will be granted entry to the US at a later date.”

Robinson could make over one million British pounds in his speaking tour in the US. As we read in a report from the Guardian:

“Tommy Robinson could make more than £1m from a potential trip to the US next month, making him one of the best funded far-right figures since the second world war, an analysis by anti-fascist campaigners says.”

Robinson was also invited by two major political organizations, the Middle East Forum, which is ran by Daniel Pipes, and the Horowitz Freedom Center. The report from the Guardian goes on to say:

“The Middle East Forum (MEF), a US neo-conservative thinktank, and the rightwing David Horowitz Freedom Center invited the 35-year-old.”

This is the same Daniel Pipes who lobbies in favor for the Iranian Islamic, Marxist and nationalist terrorist cult,  Mujahideen-e Khalq, or the People’s Muhahideen of Iran (MEK). In a 2003 article, Daniel Pipes wrote:

Is the MeK a terrorist group? No. It used terrorism decades ago, when its members attacked Americans. For the last 15 years, however, the MeK has been organized as an army, and its only violent actions have been directed against the Iranian regime.”

Pipes, back in February of 2012, wrote an article lobbying for the US to remove the categorization “terrorist” from the Iranian Mujahideen:

“Remove the unwarranted terrorist tag from the MeK, as the European Union has already done. Government and private sources alike reveal no evidence that the MeK engages in terrorist activities or has the capability and intent to do so.”    

This is the same Pipes who backed the arming of the Afghan Mujahideen, stating, “I think it was the right thing to do … If anything, the radical Islamists were seen as more vehemently anti-Soviet.”

So if Pipes is really ‘fighting the jihad,’ then why has he backed Islamic marxists, and nationalists and mujahids? It makes one wonder, Daniel Pipes’ and his ilk’s support for Robinson has nothing to do with Islam, but about backing nationalism.

Now, whether or not Robinson is going to get this money is not clear for now. What is known are the people backing Robinson. Robinson was receiving sympathy and support from several American officials. In June, Sam Brownback, the U.S. Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, had a meeting with Sir Kim Darroch, the British ambassador to the United States, about Tommy Robinson. Brownback warned Darroch that if Britain did not treat Robinson with more sympathy that the Trump administration would make public criticism against the British government. Supporters of Robinson said that they have been in contact with the Trump administration. All of this report indicates is that there are influential figures within the US government who are lobbying for Robinson, and thus, his cause. 

Sam Brownback

Tommy Robinson has been being lobbied for by Paul Gosar, a congressman who currently represents Arizona’s 4th congressional district, and who is a voice for Donald Trump. Gosar recently spoke at the “Free Tommy Robinson” rally in London, in which he said: “I understand, like me, you’re all concerned about making your country great again”. Reading about Gosar, there is a red flag. On his website Gosar boasts about getting high ratings from two racist and eugenist organizations, FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) and NumbersUSA. Gosar wrote on his Twitter account that he was “Honored to receive an A+ rating from @NumbersUSA’s.”

Paul Gosnar at the Tommy Robinson event

Both NumbersUSA and FAIR are ran by eugenists. The president of FAIR is Dan Stein, who wants to maintain “Anglo-Saxon dominance” in the American population. In one interview, Stein said:

“I blame ninety-eight percent of responsibility for this country’s immigration crisis on Ted Kennedy and his political allies, who decided some time back in 1958, earlier perhaps, that immigration was a great way to retaliate against Anglo-Saxon dominance and hubris, and the immigration laws from the 1920s were just this symbol of that, and it’s a form of revengism, or revenge, that these forces continue to push the immigration policy that they know full well are [sic] creating chaos and will continue to create chaos down the line.”

Dan Stein

FAIR was founded by an American eugenist named John Tanton who once wrote about how “modern medicine and social programs are eroding the human gene pool.” In other words, medicine is keeping the ‘inferiors’ alive and social programs are assisting them. In 1994, Tanton wrote a letter to Jewish American nationalist Lawerence Auster (who, not surprisingly, worked for FrontPage Magazine) that the Declaration of Independence was based on the “bond of blood and ethnicity — nationhood.”

John Tanton

In 1997, Tanton wrote to Samuel Huntington — an American nationalist ideologue — that: “When this decline in numbers is coupled with an aging of the core population … it begins to look as if the chances of Western Civilization passing into the history books are very good indeed.”


Tommy Robinson is a comrade with Martin Sellner, the leader of the nationalist Austrian Identitarian movement. In March of 2018, Sellner was suppose to make a speech in Speaker’s Corner in London, but he was detained upon landing at the Luton Airport because he was considered by the British government as “not conducive to the public good.” Robinson then later read out Sellner’s speech on his behalf. Robinson then travelled to Vienna and interviewed Martin Sellner. In September of 2018, Robinson shared a speaking platform with Martin Sellner in an event organized by Compact Magazine, which is a German nationalist publication founded by Jurgen Elsasser and Andreas Abu Bakr Rieger, a German convert to Islam.

Jurgen Elsasser

Reiger converted to Islam in 1990 and became very involved in Islamist circles wherein he would express favor towards a pan-German and pan-Turkish genocidal ideology. For example, in 1993, Rieger made a speech in honor of Cemaleddin Kaplan, an Islamist from Turkey, in which he said that the Germans and the Turks share a common history of fighting for good causes, but that the Turks did a better job in exterminating their enemies, the Armenians, than the Germans did with the Jews:

“Like the Turks, we Germans have often fought for a good cause in history, though I must admit that my grandfathers were not quite thorough with our common enemy.”

Andreas Abu Bakr Rieger

Reiger, years later, said that he regretted these words and that “I probably wanted to be radical.” In 2010, Reiger collaborated with Jurgen Elsasser to form Compact Magazine. In 2014, Reiger supposedly left the magazine saying that Elsasser had an “increasingly radical subjective attitude” and that the magazine was “one-sided and politically slipped, as it would represent racist and nationalist positions.”

Now, this is what Reiger says, and he may be telling the truth. But there is something to ponder on here. Reiger is a German convert to Islam who expressed favor towards the genocide of the Armenians and disappointment about the Germans not being “thorough” in slaughtering the Jews. Reiger said that he regretted saying this. But then he collaborates with a German nationalist in making a magazine, and then claims that Elsasser had become too racist for him. How can he claim this when Elsasser, back in 2010, the year of the creation of Compact Magazine with Reiger, backed Thilo Sarrazin, a German eugenist? On the first edition of Compact Magazine, its front cover was a picture of Thilo Sarrazin with the headline: “The next Federal Chancellor – which can reach a new people’s party”.  Was this not too nationalist for Reiger? Thilo Sarrazin wrote in 2010: “Fifty to 80 percent of human intelligence is hereditary”. He also decried about how the German society was not following Darwinism, but rather allowing the genetic decline of intelligence:

“Since the mid-1970s, the pattern of generative behaviour in Germany is not only a non-Darwinian, unnatural process of selective breeding—in the sense of ‘survival of the fittest’—but also a culturally determined and humanly exercised negative selection that both relatively and absolutely is rapidly eroding the only renewable raw material that Germany has, namely, intelligence.”

Was this not nationalist or racist enough for Reiger? Its possible that he never agreed with this, but given his past statement expressing favor towards the Ottomans and the Nazis, it would not be surprising that what is happening here, between Reiger and Elsasser, is a German Muslim conspiracy. Regardless, what does it say about Tommy Robinson that he is collaborating with people who support Thilo Sarrazin, a eugenist? Well, what it does signify is that he is not loyal to any principle, and nor is he trying to combat racism, but rather he is working with forces that truly desire a religion of race science, and these forces want eugenics to be imposed by the state. As Chesterton said about state enforced eugenics: “Scientific officialism and organization in the State which had specialized in them, had gone to war with the older culture of Christendom.” 

We live in a time of great deception. All of these people who are following Tommy, thinking that he’s some defense for Christianity, are being fooled by someone who joins forces with those who want eugenics, or really, want to war against the old culture of Christendom. Robinson has been a strong supporter for the German nationalist AfD party, or the Alternative for Deutschland, which is heralded by one of its main voices, Bjorn Hocke, who said recently that the messiah of the German reich — like the Twelfth Imam of the Iranians — will rise from a cave and save Germany and that the German “fury” will soon spark against Germany’s enemies:

“An emperor is sleeping in the cave of Kyffhäuserberg. And when the need is greatest, he will awaken and restore glory to the reich.

The patience of our people is at an end, and even the ancient Romans knew about the legendary Teutonicus fury, dear friends, we will not be abolished.”

Robinson has recently further shown his support for AfD by interviewing Jorg Urban, an AfD politician.

Tommy Robinson with Afd politician, Jorg Urban


Jorg Urban

So, Tommy Robinson is working with a German party that is looking for a leader who will revive the reich. AfD is backed by German investment banker, Markus Stangenberg-Haverkamp, a shareholder of the major pharmaceutical company, Merck. He is also the son of the CEO of Merck, Frank Stangenberg-Haverkamp.

Markus Stangenberg-Haverkamp

Haverkamp is a member of the “German college,” a Nazi organization led by Reinhold Oberlercher, who considers himself a “national marxist” and an anarchist. Oberlercher wrote that “German anarchists demand an immediate ban on foreigners … “. He also called for a “national liberation struggle against Russia, whose occupation forces represent the main obstacle to the German unity …”.  He exhorts for  a”Europe of Fatherland” and a “forced export of imported foreign labor”.

Reinhold Oberlercher

Oberlercher has said that the Jews can only survive if they make “themselves indispensable as beneficial intestinal bacteria to the social structure of the respective host colonies and not be identified as pathogens and destroyed by the immune system.” Oberlercher has called for a “Restoration of the German Reich”, as well as the “Termination of employment for foreigners” and “Expulsion of all unemployed foreigners …” According to one German report:

“Merck scion Markus Stangenberg-Haverkamp maintained contacts to groups such as the “German College” for years. Most recently, he attended a secret meeting of the group in the summer of 2016. Present were several members of the “German College, Reinhold Oberlercher, including the chairman of the Berlin National Association of the NPD, Uwe Meenen.”


Robinson also collaborates with the Austrian Identitarian movement, the leader of which is Martin Sellner who Robinson had supported and personally worked with. Lets look into this movement and see of what nature they are. For example, one of the icons of the Austrian Identitarians is Japanese nationalist, Yukio Mishima, a revolutionist (he tried to start a putsch amongst Japanese soldiers and led a Right-wing paramilitary group), cannibal and sodomite, who committed ritual suicide (seppuku), after his failed attempt at a military revolution. On November 25th, 2014, one of the contributors for the official website of the Austrian Identitarian movement, who calls himself “Armin,” wrote a praise of Yukio Mishima:

“One of the more famous cases today is the act of the Japanese activist Yukio Mishima. After a failed coup attempt and a last appeal to the soldiers of the Japanese army to restore the old order, Mishima with his confidants Seppuku committed and beheaded himself.”

After Mishima’s failed putsch, he committed Seppuku, or ritual suicide, something that Martin Sellner’s Identitarian movement praises.  On their website, Phalanx Europa, they sell a t-shirt with the face of Yukio Mishima, and underneath is this praise for Yukio Mishima:

“Yukio Mishima – poet, actor, bohemian, samurai, paramilitary, beauty, revolutionary, genius and madman. This t-shirt is a monument to this most dazzling and exciting figure of modern Japan. On the white shirt, his portrait is emblazoned in the red ground. Red as the blood flowed on his pale hand as Mishima finished his life with Seppuku in a final act. The actor, as Nietzsche would say, had been “poet of his life” and had sealed the last line with his own blood.”

Martin Sellner

Martin Sellner showed his strong favor for Mishima by quoting his line on ritual suicide, which states: “The instant that the blade tore open his flesh, the bright disk of the sun soared up and exploded behind his eyelids.”

Thus, Tommy Robinson collaborates with an Austrian nationalist group that praises pagan ritual suicide. On the official magazine for the Austrian Identitarian movement, Sezession (founded by the group’s ideological leader, Gotz Kubitschek), it actually speaks of Mishima’s pedophilia and homosexuality:

“Already there are numerous themes that are drawn like red threads through Mishima’s work: the death affection, the erotic affection for boys, the conspicuous emphasis on breast and above all armpits on male bodies.”

Mishima was indeed a pedophile and had violent fantasies of burning boys alive. In his own words: “whenever I see a pretty boy, I want to splash oil all over him, light it, and burn him.” (See Naoki Inose, Persona: A Biography of Yukio Mishima)

The Identitarians adulate and use a Japanese nationalist, knowing that he was a pedophile and sodomite. What does this tell us about the Identitarians? That they are themselves a depraved group. Mishima also had horrific fantasies of torturing people:

“My inherent deficiency of blood had first implanted in me the impulse to dream of bloodshed. And in its turn, that impulse had caused me to lose more and more of the stuff of blood from my body, thereby further increasing my lust for blood. This enfeebling life of dreaming sharpened and exercised my imagination …. I had dreamed up the idea of a murder theater … all the deaths that took place there not only had to overflow with blood but also had to be performed with all due ceremony. I delighted in all forms of capital punishment and all implements of execution … So far as possible, I chose primitive and savage weapons-arrows, daggers, spears. And in order to prolong the agony, it was the belly that must be aimed at. The sacrificial victim must send up long-drawn-out, mournful, pathetic cries, making the hearer feel the unutterable loneliness of existence. Thereupon my joy of life, blazing up from some secret place deep within me, would finally give its own shout of exultation, answering the victim cry for cry.”

Yukio Mishima

There is more from this reprobate:

“The weapon of my imagination slaughtered many a Grecian soldier, many white slaves in Arabia, princes and savage tribes, hotel elevator-boys, waiters, young toughs, army officers, circus roustabouts. …I was one of those savage marauders who, not knowing how to express their love, mistakenly kill the persons they love.  I would kiss the lips of those who had fallen to the ground and were still moving spasmodically.” (Confessions of a Mask, p. 93)

“The impulse gradually grew stronger within me, arriving one day at a daydream that was probably one of the basest of which man is capable. As with my other daydreams, here again the victim was one of my own classmates …. The boy struggled violently. As I watched his piteous struggles, I told myself: “Its a judo hold — yes, thats it, its some judo hold, but whats the name of it? Thats right, strangle him again — couldn’t be  really dead yet — he’s just fainted.” Suddenly the boy’s head hung limp within the crook of the cook’s massive arm. Then the cook picked the boy up carelessly in the arms and dropped him on the kitchen table. …The naked youth lay where he had fallen, face up on the table, his lips slightly parted. I gave those lips a lingering kiss. … I thrust the fork upright into the heart. A fountain of blood struck me full in the face. Holding the knife in my right hand, I began carving the flesh of the breast, gently, thinly at first…” (Confessions of a Mask, pp. 93 — 97)

It is as though Mishima, the nationalist with his paramilitary group, wanted to resume the horrific genocides committed by the Japanese imperial army in Asia, genocides that were committed by Japanese military leaders who are now enshrined as “kami” (gods) in the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan, a satanic temple that Sellner’s organization has supported. In 2014, Christoph A., an Austrian identitarian, interviewed Mitsuhiro Kimura, chairman of the Issuikai, a Japanese nationalist organization founded by the sodomite cannibal Yukio Mishima. In this interview, which was published onto the official Identitarian website, Christoph asked Kimura, “What is the meaning of the Yasukuni shrine?” to which Kimura responded by praising the Japanese “martyrs” of the Pacific War:

“In short, the Yasukuni Shrine is the central memorial for fallen soldiers. In Japan there is a traditional and religious view that says there is no difference between the souls after death. To commemorate the heroes who died for the fatherland is not merely limited to Japan, but the act of remembrance is a universal practice. I think this should be a matter of course. The main significance of the shrine may be the mourning and mourning of Japanese warriors, but many foreign soldiers also died in the Sino-Japanese War or the Pacific War. That is why I suggest that countries involved in these wars will hold a joint memorial service for their martyrs.”

Mitsuhiro Kimura

Lets look at some of these “martyrs” that Kimura believes should be worshipped. Iwane Matsui was a Japanese war criminal who led the genocide of a quarter of a million people in Nanking. Akira Muto is another; he led Japanese troops also in the extermination of Chinese people in Nanking, and he was also the director of military affairs during the Pear Harbor attack. There are many other war criminals who are enshrined as gods in the Yasukuni Shrine which the Identitarian movement admires, and these are just two. In the same interview with the Austrian Identitarian movement, Kimura also lobbied for Japan changing its constitution to allow for militarism and even exhorted for Japan to end its agreement with the United States on security cooperation:

we must strongly advocate a constitutional change, especially since it is necessary to state that the only intention of the constitution imposed by the victorious powers was to weaken the Japanese people and its culture. We should even break the agreement on mutual cooperation and security between Japan and the United States.”

The Austrian Generation Identity website actually describes Kimura’s nationalist movement as “New Right,” and that is the same category that the Austrian Identitarians put themselves under, which means that they see themselves as ideological allies. The interview was deleted from the website of the Austrian Generation Identity as soon after debated Martin Sellner who told us in a personal correspondence:

“I removed the article about the shrine from the blog. Not because I have different opinion but It doesn’t has really anything to do with our movements goals, and we actually forgot that it was on there.”

So Sellner, by his own admission, does not disagree with Kimura’s ideology. And with Sellner’s support for Mishima, his use of Mishima as an icon for his movement, and the support for Japanese nationalism, it is not far fetched to say that the Identitarian Movement that Tommy Robinson is working with, is ideologically paralleled to that of the Japanese nationalists.

The Austrian Identitarian movement, while it may have a semblance of Christian “tradition,” has in its aspiration a push towards paganism. One can see this in one of the manifestos of the Identitarian movement, entitled Generation Identity, by Marcus Willinger, which declares a statement of faith of paganism:

“The truth is that Christianity is dead in Europe. For a long time it hasn’t been the crucial factor in the lives of the European peoples; it is no longer their driving force; and they no longer derive the meaning of their lives from it. …If we Europeans are still Christians, we are pagan Christians, without any global ambitions and without a claim to rule the world. It is a polytheistic Christianity that we believe in today. We believe in our God, and say that others believe in their gods too. We’ve lost the will to proselytise. Today we are closer to pagan Europe than to the Europe from of a thousand years ago.” (p. 76)

Marcus Willinger

Martin Sellner himself promotes a syncretism between paganism and Christianity, stating:

“We say that we fight against the enemies of all European cultural and religious traditions. This is why radical neopagans wearing Thor’s hammer, for example, stand hand in hand with staunch Catholic and Orthodox Christians during our summer camp in France. They have a mutual respect for each other’s religiosity. Even representatives from such novel movements such as the “solar Christians” (fr. chretiens solairs) appeared among the French identitarians. They are baptized Christians, faithful children of the Church, yet they are not opposed to celebrating pagan seasonal holidays as part of their North-European cultural heritage.”

Martin Sellner also worked with Jack Donovan, the American sodomite pagan who pushes for pagan tribalism and who is also an ideological terrorist who openly promotes lying to people who are not part of ‘the tribe,’ and pushes for violence against people who are “not your people,” meaning not white. He also pushes for a religion revolved around bloodshed, where violence is “sacramental.” It is the pagan aspiration to replace the Catholic sacraments of Eucharist, Chalice and Confession, with a sacrament of human blood. There is a video of Donovan’s speech which he made in February of 2017, at a conference in Germany organized by Sezession, the magazine publication for Sellner’s Identitarian movement. In this talk, Donovan declared that one can lie to one’s enemies, and that violence is good if one can get away with it. We compiled a number of clips from the Austrian Identitarian conference where Donovan is promoting violence and deception:

So, a German nationalist organization, the Identitarians of Germany and Austria, conducted a conference in Germany in which they had a neo-pagan sodomite come and talk about how violence for the cause of tribalism is great and how violence should be done if one can get away with it. What we are seeing here is the conspiracy for a Germanic revolt, with a vocal push for terrorism and tribalism. And the organization who did this event is the same organization Tommy Robinson is enthusiastic about collaborating with. 

Donovan runs a pagan cult called the Wolves in Vinland, where they stay in a compound on the outskirts of Lynchburg, Virginia, and conduct satanic rituals. When Donovan was in Germany to give his talk for the Identitarians, he also went to an ancient pagan sacrifice site and did “a blood ritual.” He also took dirt from the pagan ritual site to take back with him to the Wolves of Vinland compound to use for an abysmal ritual. As Donovan wrote on his website:

“In February 2017, my brother Afi and I performed a blood ritual at the center of the Sonnenobservatorium Goseck in Germany. The construction of the solar observatory there has been dated to approximately 4900 BC. We traveled home with a jar of soil from this site where ancient pagans left traces of ritual fires, animal bones and human remains, and we buried some of it inside our own altar or “Hargu” (drawing from unattested Proto-Germanic).

Notice, he mentions “human remains”, which means he wants human sacrifice.

One of the members of the Wolves of Vinland cult, Maurice Thompson Michaely, was in fact found guilty in 2012 of trying to burn down the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, an historically Black church. So, Donovan’s ideology of violence has materialized.

Maurice “Hjalti” Michaely,

   Sellner’s partner, Martin Lichtmesz, spoke at an even organized by the American eugenist organization, American Renaissance (Amren). Amren did a statement on the event saying:

“Martin Lichtmesz of the German New Right painted a comprehensive picture of rising nationalist movements in Austria and Germany. He noted that, just as in the United States, Europe is so divided that some say it is in a state of “pre-Civil War.”

Martin Lichtmesz, speaking for American Renaissance

Amren does not make its eugenist goal a secret, as on its website it states: “Eugenics is the obvious solution, but it is notoriously difficult to accomplish.”

So Tommy Robinson does not mind working with German nationalists who want to bring back the Reich, who work with pagan terrorists and eugenists. When Robinson spoke for Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum, present at the event was Baron Bodissey (real name: Edward S. May), an American eugenist and founder of the site, Gates of Vienna. 

Barron Boddissey (right) alongside former editor-in-chief of Breitbart, Raheem Kassam

On this website there is an article written by Danish eugenist, Nicolai Sennels, entitled: “Food Crises are Caused by Overpopulation,” and here he promotes eugenics under the guise of fighting Islamic immigration. He says the same thing that any eugenist or population control advocate would say, but he does it all in the name of being a counterjihadist.

Sennels writes: “Take heed: Overpopulation is no less a problem than violent Islam.” The article really signifies how the “Counterjihad” movement has been transitioning from being just anti-Islam to becoming its ultimately desired manifestation: anti-human.

In 2010, Bodissey posted a video of Danish eugenist, Helmuth Nyborg. Above the video Bodissey wrote:

“Prof. Nyborg gave a speech last month laying out the evidence that the former high civilization of Northern Europe and the European diaspora is well along in the process of destroying itself. It is rapidly reducing its collective IQ by two simultaneous vectors: the welfare state and the mass importation of low-IQ immigrants.”

In another post on the Gates of Vienna, Boddissey posted an article by Norwegian eugenist, Peder Jensen (known as “Fjordman”), which speaks of “the very high average IQ of modern Ashkenazi Jews” as “an example of Darwinian evolution in response to external social pressures,” and it goes on to spout genes obsessed propaganda:

“The Christian majority population was forbidden from taking interest, and many occupations were closed to Jews. Only those with very high IQs managed to flourish in this cultural climate and pass on their genes. This situation prevailed from the Early Middle Ages until legal emancipation after the Enlightenment and created a social environment which substantially raised the average IQ of an entire people.

The Jewish evolutionary strategy was very efficient if you measure IQ points per millennium, but it had a few serious drawbacks. The “climatic” evolution of Europeans and East Asians may have been somewhat slower, but it eventually raised the IQ of the entire population living in these regions. The Jewish strategy raised the IQ of a small and demographically vulnerable minority. Jews paid a heavy price for this in the twentieth century in particular.”

So, Tommy Robinson, alongside Daniel Pipes, do not mind doing an event with a person who supports and promulgates eugenist material. 

It has been recently reported that Tommy Robinson will be doing a speaking tour in Australia where his fans, for a cost of almost $1,000, can have dinner with Mr. Robinson, as we read in a report from the Independent:

“Tommy Robinson is planning a speaking tour of Australia where followers would pay almost A$1,000 for a “private dinner” with him – even though it is unclear whether he will be allowed into the country.”

Robinson will be sharing a platform alongside Right-wing sodomite, Gavin McCinnes. One local Australian news site, 9news, reports:

“What remains to be seen is whether Robinson and his speaking partner, Gavin McInnes, founder of alt-right group Proud Boys, will be granted visas to enter Australia and carry out their tour, named The Deplorables.”

Mcinnes is a Right-hipster who tongued kiss Right-wing zionist Milo Yiannopoulos in the name of ‘fighting Islam.’ McInnes is also the leader of a Right-wing goon squad and cult called “the Proud Boys.” This gang has its own creeds, initiation process, and even has requirements that members must do if they want to get ahead in the “degrees” of the clique. In its statement of faith it reads that the Proud Boys believe in “Reinstating a Spirit of Western Chauvinism” — which is really just a cult of nationalism that revolves around “Western civilization”, a cult which I have addressed in my videos (see here, here, and here). While, as they say, they are anti-racism, the Proud Boys have sodomites in their ranks and push its members to get tattoos, as we read in their own website where it speaks of the requirements to reach “second degree” and “third degree” in the organization:

“2nd Degrees and up have to quit porn. 3rd degrees have a tattoo. There are NO racial requirements to be in the Proud Boys. There are no special rules for black Proud Boys (this overrides anything previously published about black PBs) or any other non-white PBs. We don’t care what your sexual preference is and that includes guys dating trans.”

The Proud Boys have more of an appearance of a sodomitical Islamist group. In their rules, while sodomites and cross-dressers are allowed entry, women are not allowed in their “rituals” and they can only consist of men:

“Women are not allowed at our meetings. If it’s at a bar, they can be there for the warm up and then come back after the meeting but the actual rituals have to be in an environment that is men only. There is no exception to this rule. If a woman is present when the readings are happening, that club is no longer affiliated with the Proud Boys.” 

The Proud Boys also has a “fourth degree” and in order to enter this level one has to “get beat up, kick the crap out of an antifa”. But McInnes also later clarified that Proud Boys are to only “[defend] themselves after getting fucked with”.

So basically what we are seeing here is the typical jihad between Left and Right in which both are striving for domination in the name of “self-defense.” Here is a video of Gavin McInnes explaining the “degrees” of his cult (notice in the end, McInnes with eugenist Richard Spencer):

The fact that a member of this sodomite cult gets rewarded for violence — regardless of its claims of self-defense — indicates an incentivizing and motivation towards ‘looking for a fight,’ and really reveals the underlying nature of the group, and that is one of hooliganism. McInnes boasts about how his cult fought Antifa members in order to protect an event for Milo Yiannopoulos. Now, Milo is the freak who has lobbied for the normalization of pedophilia, saying that “some of the most important enriching, and incredibly life-affirming, important, shaping relationships are between younger boys and older men.” This is also the same sodomite who said that sodomites “test higher for IQ than our heterosexual counterparts.” He also has affirmed a “correlation between homosexuality and high IQ” and that the intelligence of sodomites “allows us to ‘transcend’ our evolutionary programming”. So what does this tell us about the Proud Boys that they would defend such a wicked degenerate? It tells us that they are just depraved as the insidious person they defend, not to mention that their founder and leader, Gavin McInnes, proudly tongue kissed this same Milo. This tells us everything we need to know about this group: it is sinister. And what does this tell us about Tommy Robinson, that he would collaborate with this person? That he, too, is evil.

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