Hindu Terrorists Force Christian Church Closed In India

The harassment of Christians continues in India from Hindu nationalists, where in a recent event another Christian congregation was forced to close after constant harassment according to a report:

Using threats and social pressure, high caste Hindus, including local Brahmins, forced a newly planted church in the Palpa District of Nepal to shut down. According to members of the Pakhluwa Eternal Life Church, they are now forced to worship in secret or face further harassment.

For two months, worship services at the Pakhluwa Eternal Life Church, which was planted nine months ago, were disturbed by local Brahmins. Initially, the Brahmins objected to the worship music at the church. When the church stopped its worship music program, the Brahmins then objected to the practice of taking communion.

Eventually, the Brahmins threatened that they would accuse Pastor Tufani Bhar, head pastor of Pakhluwa Eternal Life Church, of converting local villagers to Christianity. Following this threat, the church was forced to close its doors.

Christians in Nepal have reported a growing trend of persecution. In August 2018, the Nepalese government enacted a law that criminalized any act that cause someone to convert from one religion to another. Since the enactment of this law, Hindu radicals have threatened to use it against Christians as a means of limiting the growth of Christianity. (source)

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