UK School Forces Small Children To Attend Sodomite Parade And Does Not Tell The Parents

Sodomite parades are public demonstrations of manifest perversions where men walk around dressed as women and engage in open sexual activity, even in front of small children. They are given license to do this because of the overwhelming support of the LGBT among the people. Christians who object not only do not have their wished respected, but often times are forced or their children are forced to be present at these events.

In one of such example from the UK, a mother is threatening legal action against her son’t primary school after his class went to a sodomite parade without the parents’ consent:

A mother today threatened legal action against a south London primary school after she accused teachers of forcing her son to take part in an LGBT ‘Pride’ event.

Izoduwa Montague claimed Heavers Farm Primary School, South Norwood, failed to get her permission for four-year-old Izaiyah to become involved in a session called ‘Proud to be Me’ without her permission.

Mrs Montague, of Thornton Heath, said the school’s policy went against her Christian beliefs. Her son has now moved to a different school.

The event was celebrating Gay Pride. In my eyes that’s brainwashing. We don’t celebrate LGBT at all. We’re a christian family.

I was absolutely astounded that any child should be forced to celebrate grown ups, adults’s sexual relationships. I’ve never been homophobic. I’ve had friends who are homosexual.


School head Susan Papas said the focus on Pride and LGBT history was one of a number of themes studied by pupils each half term. Other topics included black history, disability awareness and the environment.

Proud to be Me involved pupils making posters and banners, singing songs and taking part in a parade around the school buildings.

We’re not aware of the need to get consent to cover different equalities issues. The positive feedback we’ve had far outweighs the criticism. I think it’s important for our children to be thoughtful, caring members of society.


Mrs Montague’s threat of a judicial review of the school’s policy is backed by religious campaign group Christian Concern. (source, source)

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