Drug Cartel Terrorists Attack Mexican Police With Automatic Weapons Just Minutes From The US-Mexican Border

US Interstate 2E to 69E runs from McAllen, TX to Brownsville, TX along the US-Mexican border and corresponds roughly with the Mexican equivalent from the respective border towns of Reynosa to Matamoros along the Reynosa-Matamoros Highway. Both roads are minutes from the border. A recent video has come out of a drug cartel attack on three Mexican police officers on the Reynosa-Matamoros Highway with automatic weapons:

Sicarios del Cartel del Golfo recorded the moment they attacked the booths in Nuevo Progreso that is on the Reynosa-Matamoros highway in Tamaulipas.

In that place state police were performing surveillance and security. In the recording the hitmen are heard shouting slogans against the authorities while firing their heavy caliber weapons against the police and the facilities of the booth. “Hail Gulf Cartel! Get lost a******s!

The attack took place on Wednesday November 14 on the road were left hundreds of cartridges percussion that gave account of how the confrontation occurred, the balance was 2 gunmen killed and 3 policemen injured, hitmen traveled in a convoy armed several vehicles and that after the confrontation 2 of the trucks of the convoy were left, in one of the trucks a Tahoe were the bodies of two men shot. (source)

This violence in this video is not what the “migrant caravan” is bringing to the US.

This is what the people are trying to flee from.

The horrors of drug cartel violence in Mexico and all of Central America, which is overwhelmingly dominated by paganism and actively persecutes Christians, in combination with the very low wages and poor living conditions as well as proximity to the US border, and knowing the fact that the US government allows people to cross and stay because of the farm industry, which I have explained in detail before, in their minds there is every reason to attempt to leave because the benefits outweigh the risks.

There is no simpler way to say it.

As far as the claims of “terrorists” or cartel members in the “caravan,” this has already been addressed. If there are such people, they can usually be sorted out easily. That is the job of Border Patrol, and they are very good at what they do because they deal with situations of border crossing as their job- they know how to detect anomalies and ask the right questions.

If Border Patrol just “allows” somebody to pass who is obviously questionable, is it because the Border Patrol is “not doing their job,” or is it because they were told by somebody in a much more powerful position that said person is to pass?

The violence and chaos at the border is not going to stop because it is wanted since it is an extension of the political football that is illegal immigration, allowing both the Democrats and the Republicans to blame each other for the “failures” of the other side and to justify more money and power for themselves without any care as to the actual integrity of the border, security, or the country itself.

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