Muslims Attack The Prime Minister Of Pakistan For Saying That Jesus Did Not Exist

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Pakistan are attacking Prime Minister Imran Khan for stating that Christ did not exist. According to a report from RT:

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to share an unexpected historical insight: Jesus Christ apparently never existed. Predictably, this landed him in hot water.

To make matters worse, Khan made the remarks at a conference celebrating the birthday of none other than the Prophet Mohammed. Praising the greatness of the Muslim prophet, the politician suddenly delved deeper into religious history than anyone was expecting.

“Moses does find some mention but we don’t find mention of Hasrat Isa [Jesus Christ] in human history,” Khan said.

The video of the speech went viral, with many observers left baffled by Khan’s sudden authority on Bible matters. Some mocked him, accusing him of ignorance.

Commenters rushed to remind the PM that Jesus is even mentioned multiple times in the Quran.

The Pakistani Senator Tahir Hussein Mashhadi gave a serious correction to the Prime Minister, saying:

There has to be some limit to ignorance.Jesus Christ is by far the most mentioned both verbally & written individual in history. His life & teachings have been taught, researched,discussed, studied,learnt,revered & he is most worshipped & influential than any personage in history.

Pakistanis went onto Twitter to express disagreement and outrage about Khan’s statement:


So here you have the leader of a major Islamic country, where Jesus is revered as a prophet, saying that Jesus has no place in history, and he is attacked by Muslims. Imran Khan is not someone who really cares about religion. If he did, he would not be saying such things. The fact that Muslims are attacking him for saying such an ahistorical statement about Jesus, goes against the view that people have about Pakistan. There is a superficial view of Pakistan as being a sharia state. Its not — at least not entirely. Pakistan, like any other country, is full of city life and night clubs.

I am seeing some serious sharia law here:

Of course I say this sarcastically. Sharia law is obviously not being fully imposed in Pakistan. And while there is persecution, it is mainly done by mobs. The government in Pakistan is split between Islamists and moderates and is not slaughtering the Christians wherever they are. Hell, there are megachurches in Pakistan.


Now, while the above ministers are obvious scammers and heretics, it is clear from these videos that the Pakistani government isn’t rounding up all the Christians and slaughtering them. While there is persecution, it is not to to the extent of a genocide or a Taliban state.

My point is: Pakistan is not exactly the raving Sharia state that some would want you to think (although this could very well change). What the Prime Minister said is evil, and I am glad that people, even if they are Muslim, are outraged.

The fact is, the Prime of Pakistan attacked Christ and Muslims are outraged. Hopefully these Muslims will look to Christ more and leave their heresy and come to Christ.


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