Refugees Need To Go Home, They Should Not Come To America

In December 2016, I wrote an article, which you can read here, based on the research of GEFIRA, which showed that the entire “migrant crisis” was manufactured by the governments of Europe, who gave lucrative contracts to international charities, NGOs, and other organizations to actively traffick human beings en mass into Europe. I explained in another article, which you can read here, that it was financially and logistically impossible for these people to travel to Europe in the way that they have. In January 2018, I repeated my position that I stated earlier by another study from GEFIRA that showed further proof of the trafficking, so much that traffickers were directly coordinating pick-ups and transfers with the European Navy on Facebook. You can read that story here. This is why it is incorrect to say that there was a “refugee crisis,” but rather a government-organized population transfer.

The situation happening right now with the “migrant caravan” is the same story of Europe, except the difference is one of the peoples being trafficked due to geographical considerations. While it is Africans, Middle Easterners, and some South Asians for Europe, it is Central and South American people for the US. One can find nearly the same stories about “refugees” that one could find in 2015 and 2016, with the difference being for the most part only in names and places.

Looking back now, it appears that the European “crisis” in Germany was an “gamble” at instigating a crisis, which has worked. The violence from the “refugees” that has been permitted has brought about a resurgence of nationalism, calls for militarism, and social instability that has gone far beyond Germany.

Former European Commission Member Bernard Connolly warned in 2009 that powers in Europe wanted a return of nationalism that could be translated into militarism in order to make Europe “relevant” in world politics again:

From the presentation by Bernard Connelly

What one is seeing in Europe is what Connolly warned about- the creation of a crisis in order to justify a European revival/re-expansion that means a return to war. It is already happening with Germany.

In response to the crisis, I warned in my previous writings that people who want to migrant to Europe should seek another nation, or stay where they are because the increase in nationalism means an increase in xenophobia and, if conditions become serious enough, potential deportation and death. Even for those who have lived in Europe for decades, it is merely enough to not “look European” that could result in personal violence by a nationalist mob or government.

During the Second World War, German nationalism lead to the deaths of millions of Slavic people living within and near Germany. While there are differences, Slavs and Germans are both Europeans and look very much alike, so much that one cannot always distinguish between them. Yet the hatred was so serious that millions were put to death by the German Reich.

If this is what Germany did to her fellow European neighbors who look like her and share many common cultural items, what is going to happen with people who don’t look “European” at all, let alone speak and European language or have a completely unrelated cultural background?

While America is different than Germany, it is a known fact that both eugenics as well as formal racism have been a long established fact in the history of the country. I speak not even of the obvious problems faced by Africans and Asians, and even the racism towards people from southern and eastern Europe, but of the vitriolic hatred of the Anglo-Protestant government against fellow Anglos and Irishmen who were Catholic.

This is an image from a 19th century book showing how the Irish are supposedly “inferior” to the English because they are a “mongrel” race related to Africans. This is nothing but outright and ridiculous racism, and if the principle alone were not enough, the very genetics that modern-day eugenicists love to cite prove that the Irish, Scots, and English are of the exact same gene pool.

Such ideas are not “scientific,” but the common use of claims of “science” to justify hatred and eugenics. However, they have a long history in the US.

One should not forget that the US had “eugenics societies,” “eugenics buildings,” and routinely sterilized people against their will, often times who were poor and immigrants, in the name of defending “the Anglo-Saxon way of life,” wanted to stop “idiots” from reproducing. It is a long-established fact that the American eugenics programs were greatly supported by the German National Socialists, who modeled many of their own eugenics programs after the American programs and even sent delegations to the US to study them.

Germany may have carried out the murders of World War II, but the US is just as guilty because we gave them the knowledge to do this, we knew they were doing these experiments and we did not stop them, and after the war we protected the murderers as a part of Operation Paperclip, and gave them large salaries with the government to work on the same projects they did for the German government.

Eugenics is reviving in the USA- one only needs to look at the calls for “immigration restriction,” and the legitimization of pro-eugenics language used in popular culture. This does not bode well for the future.

Once upon a time, the US put Japanese people in internment camps for being Japanese. What is to say the US will not do the same again, or even worse this time, given how Christian morality continues to decline and homosexuality, which has a consistent pattern of violence associated with it, has become veritably enshrined into the culture?

There are many people from around the world who want to come to the US to escape what are very terrifying places and situations that they did not cause and do not want to be a part of. However, increasingly so many of these people may want to consider another location, or perhaps not to come at all. For as nationalism increases in the US and people see them as being “threats” to “their way of life,” there is the potential for the same people to be in the same or worse danger than that which they fled from, except instead of drug cartel terrorists it would be the mobs of shaved-head and tattooed Millennials and Gen-Zers running the trains and trucks to “internment” camps just as Germany did not even a century ago.

A great film about the use of anti-immigrant propaganda. Most notable part is from 3:20 to 5:45

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