Just As Germany Signs Major Border-Opening Agreement, Suddenly Major Charities That Traffick Refugees Are Back To “Rescuing” People

In December 2016, I put out an article showing how major international charities, NGOs, and aid groups were involved in trafficking human beings into Europe. This was the basis of the “refugee crisis,” as there was no “mass migration,” but a government-organized population transfer. This same conclusion was later shown to be true again in January 2018, where in a follow-up piece I showed how the groups were directly coordinating the transfer of human beings with people smugglers and the European Navy.

Recently, Germany decided to open its borders up to more “refugees” in spite of popular anger, which directly fueled the rise of nationalism. A discussion about this ensued on 4Chan, in which some people noted that major groups that aid refugees, in light of the recent signing of the UN agreement by Merkel, are now advertising more “rescue” outreach efforts online:

This is not to say that one should be against helping people at all. However, it is to note that the same curious pattern appears to be repeating again, where third-party groups are contracted out by government to facilitate population transfers via lucrative taxpayer-funded contracts, and the purpose of bringing said people is in order to say “look at these people invading, this is why we need to revive nationalism.”

Just as with the “migrant caravan” from Mexico and the 2015 refugee crisis, the same is repeating again not by unintentional mistake, but as before by intentional manufacture for the purpose of continuing and amplifying the effects of what has already been realized in less than three years. Germany, once one of the most refugee-friendly nations on Earth in terms of her attitude toward such people, has now become violently anti-refugee and with that is experiencing a resurgence of nationalism that is continuing to grow. This result is desired, because the end is not nationalism but militarism, leading to renewed attempt at empire and with it a renewed call for war against her neighbors and, without a single doubt, directly action against the very people that she brought in for political reasons. Like an animal that was raised just to be slaughtered, so are the refugees being brought in just to be butchered in the name of political gain.

People look at history and ask themselves how a man like Hitler, Lenin, or Mao gain the power they did. These same people will say “never again” and boldly proclaim that “I would never do such a thing, I would kill Hitler/Lenin/Mao.” However, such is but a fantasy because the individuals project themselves into a particular historical situation in time without looking at the timeless principles and actions the garnered the same results throughout the ages just with different faces, cultural trappings, and places. Those same people who said they would never do such a thing, if they had the technology of today but lived in the past, if they were in Germany would take photos of the Fuhrer with dumb catchlines such as “Taking a photo of our great leader! #HitlerSelfie”.

History will look back one day in amazement that in 2003 the common man said “Never again, never forget, welcome all people around the world,” and in the span of less that 20 years those same people then said “Kill all inferior people to purify the race, Hail Victory.” Yet the fact is that history is being lived right now, and that this future is only passing as it is by the acceptance of the same philosophies of the past that allowed them to rise, the only difference being the sociocultural vestments in which they are dressed but having the same essence.

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