Violent Fights Break Out At Cheesecake Factory Restaurants Across The Country As Americans Slug Each Other For Free Cheesecake Slices

The Cheesecake Factory celebrated its 40th anniversary by giving away a free piece of Cheesecake to all who came in. However, the mobs of hungry Americans asking for cheesecake quickly got out of hand, and brawls ensued at locations a cross the country so much that police had to be called in according to a report:

Arlington County police and medics have responded to Clarendon after a promotion for free cheesecake got out of control.

Police were called to the area of the Cheesecake Factory at 2900 Clarendon Blvd earlier today for a report of a large crowd and heavy traffic in the area. Around 1 p.m., another dispatch went out for a fight in progress at the restaurant, though officers did not find an active fight when they arrived.

The culprit: the Cheesecake Factory is giving away free slices of cheesecake in honor of its 40th anniversary, but only to those who order on Doordash. The result, according to an Arlington County Police spokeswoman: an unruly crowd of delivery drivers inside the restaurant, trying to pick up orders, and a rash of double parking around the Clarendon area.

The scene was “a little hectic” and officers were working to bring order and “calm the situation down,” ACPD spokeswoman Ashley Savage told

During the fracas, according to Savage, one person refused police commands to leave the restaurant and a struggle with officers ensued. That person was arrested and is expected to be charged with disorderly conduct, Savage said. He requested to be transported to a local hospital by medics for evaluation of possible injuries.

There are social media reports that the promotion has caused chaotic scenes at other Cheesecake Factories across the country. (source, source)

Cheesecake is delicious, but it is not worth attacking and hurting somebody else over, even if it is free.

This willingness of somebody to use violence against another person over a free lump of sugar and fat, especially in a nation with some of the highest obesity rates on Earth, and not to mention proportionately speaking the highest overall incomes on earth, is not an isolated incident. The mid-20th century tradition of “Black Friday” exemplifies this same attitude, where every year at least one person dies and hundreds more are hospitalized over injures received from trying to get low-priced deals offered by major corporate stores on what is ironically the day after Americans celebrate being thankful for the good things they have:

While consumerism has existed for a long time, it was not aways as extreme even as recent as 35 years ago:

The actions of Americans at these events, whether it is Black Friday or another store promotion when “free stuff” is being given away reminds one of another form of behavior:

When the Muslim refugees were brought into Europe at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016, people were rightly shocked at what was objectively selfish, disordered, evil behavior that is common to savage animals and not to human beings. I documented continually (you can go back and look at my older articles) the numerous cases of “refugees” destroying free food and donations, fighting those who tried to help them, cursing at people for no apparent reason, defecating in the streets openly without same, and then laughing at police or those who tell them to stop.

The behavior was completely inexcusable.

However, in all fairness, one sees plenty of these same behaviors in the USA, except it is not per se “in public” as in it is always obvious to see, but it is contextualized to certain cases where it is then all too common, the most notorious of which is the retail industry.

The concept of “retail hell” is very real, and the stories of the same “migrants” can be found almost directly in those who work the low-paying, miserable, soul-enervating drudgery that defines retail businesses. It is not uncommon to find demanding customers who want something without having to pay for it, open attempts to steal, destruction of property for no apparent reason, people relieving their bodily functions in and on said businesses and not in the toilet bowl, and then proceed to resist with impunity any request from the employees and try to call “corporate” to have said employees fired for doing the job they were assigned to perform.

There is little difference between the ungrateful attitude of the “migrants” that one has seen and has been documented and the attitude of too much of the American public as her morality and civility has clearly declined over the last sixty years, and the overlap shows itself more so with each passing year.

It is important to say that not all people think this way, and that not all behave in such a manner. What matters is that it is a general pattern of behavior that is tied to the overall trends of society that one can see, and because it has become so common, it is gradually absorbed into the culture as an unspoken but “acceptable” form of behavior. It is unsurprising that this comes at a time when the demands on persons in the American workplace and the pressures also continue to rise, and yet wages are either stagnant or falling as well as the overall ability of a man to build one’s career in any given job, as it would seem that as one of many parts, the pressures by employers on their employees extend beyond the work environment and continue to affect others, including how they treat others.

One says that America is the most prosperous nation in the world, but at what cost? The social and moral enervation of the public in pursuit of profit for the wealthiest of the wealthy? The decline of religion, family, and culture and the rise of a pseudo-culture and social ethos masquerading as a poor substitute promoted by the work environments in the name of social acceptability?

It is important to criticize other peoples in other nations for their evils, as all evils must be identified, stopped, and dealt with. However, there is no evil that is exclusive to one person or group, and as it knows no boundaries, one must also maintain constant guard that one does not embrace they very evils he sees others committing.

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