Twelve Israelis Arrested In Colombia For Running A Child Sex Human Trafficking Gang

The lands that constitute much of Israel is often referred to as the “Holy Land,” but in a modern context the phrase would seem to be an oxymoron. Aside from the many and well-documented issues, not the least of which is the fact that she is one of if not the most pro-LGBT nation on Earth, she is also a major hub of trafficking in women for sex slavery, with many of them being kidnapped from Russia, Eastern, Europe, or Central Asia and sold to Israeli gangs who force them to work in brothels. Many times these are not merely adult women, but also small children who are forced to be raped many times each day for the benefit of the pimps controlling them.

This is not a new phenomenon either, but a well-documented one. There are thousands of sex slaves still in Israel, and while the US State Department has urged Israel to crack down on it, far too often the actions taken are done in word but not applied in practice.

In a recent story from Haaretz, twelve Israelis were arrested after it was discovered they were running a child sex slave trafficking operation in Colombia:

Law enforcement authorities in Colombia suspect 12 Israelis of running a sex-trafficking network alongside two Colombians. The office of Colombia’s attorney general said eight of the suspects have been arrested, including six Israelis.

The alleged sex trafficking ring provided Israeli travelers with “tourism packages” that included prostitutes, some of whom were minors, who received between 200,000 pesos ($63) to 400,000 pesos ($126) in return for sexual services.

Among the charges against the members of the trafficking ring are murder, conspiracy, human trafficking, trafficking in minors, drug manufacturing, providing prostitution services and money laundering. The leader of the ring in an Israeli named Mor Zohar, media in Colombia reported, while one of those arrested is a Colombian police officer.

The attorney general’s office said 150 billion pesos ($47.3 million) of property has been seized during the investigation, including hotels, hostels and other tourism related businesses.

The investigation began after the murder of Israeli Shai Azran in Medellin in June 2016. The police in Colombia suspect the murderer was Assi Ben-Mosh, a 44-yaer-old Israeli who has operated in Colombia since 2009. Ben-Mosh was arrested in 2003 in the Netherlands on suspicions of leading an international drug trafficking network.

Colombian authorities tracked Ben-Mosh’s activities in the South American nation and found that he owned a hotel in Santa Marta, Hotel Benjamin, and offered “tourism packages” and organized parties at which drugs and sex services were allegedly sold – in cooperation with Zohar.

The network is suspected of operating in a number of cities in Colombia, including the capital Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena and Santa Marta. (source, source)

And for those out there who are concerned with the existence of such “slave trafficking” networks, I can say for certain they do exist and are VERY real, and are easy to find with not an incredible amount of effort.

The following are screenshots of links taken from the Darknet. All of them were made with a simple search using well-known search engines or websites used by many normal people of good will.

I have NOT clicked on the links shown, nor made contact with anybody through them. I am showing the existence of these things to illustrate how serious evils that rightly shock and horrify people are closer than one can imagine. 

I put in a simple search on a major, well-known, respectable Darknet search engine for “slaves” and the following was what I received:

To that, I also looked at the equivalent of Backpage for the Darknet, and I looked under the “for sale” area- keep in mind that I DID NOT EVEN PUT IN KEYWORDS TO SEARCH for this one. The following came up almost immediately:

Now, I have no proof these are tied to Israel or Israeli networks at all.

I show these because the fact is that this is just the surface of what really exists out there, and how it took me seconds to find just these two things.

These are real advertisements for selling people over the Internet. This should not be looked as at “odd” because it happens frequently. Slavery has never died, it just as assumed different forms today so that it is less immediately apparent then in the past, but remains the exact same in its potency and evil nature. It is the same with the concept of Nazism, which is really just applied Darwinism with a socialist approach to economics. National Socialism does not necessarily mean people walking around in brown shirt carrying torches yelling words in German, but it could be a man with a funny haircut in a suit talking about “IQ” and “race and intelligence,” or a Jew who claims he is a “defender of culture” by promoting murder .

Networks such as those above in this story are not “fake”, nor are they random. They are around us, and they even may be right next to major things that one does not suspect. However, they are real and must be taken seriously.

The best analogy to describe this is that of a large rock in one’s yard. The rock may look like a “normal” rock, and it could be clean and sits there. However, if you grab the rock and flip it over, one immediately sees the worms, slugs, centipedes, ants, termites, and all kinds of interesting bugs that are alive beneath it.

The same is with life. What one sees around oneself is not always what actually happens, and to that, in some areas where there is a lot of dysfunction that is easy to see, it may actually be better than in a “nice” area because instead of being hidden, the dysfunction is in the open where all know and are able to better avoid it.

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