‘Macron Will Be Put To The Guillotine!’ — How The Yellow Vesters Are Itching To Murder Their Politicians

By Theodore Shoebat, Andrew Bieszad & Walid Shoebat 

As the conspiracy for revolution drives on in France, agitators have taken to their computers to riddle the internet with their fantasies of putting Macron on the guillotine. Yellow Vesters have, reportedly, put up a mock guillotine and said that it is for Macron:


One Yellow Vester has expressed to Macron: “Do you really want to feel on your neck the slight breath of the guillotine in action?” And another has said: “the French having more and more of an appetite for the Guillotine”. 

In researching these Yellow Vesters, one thing that we find is that it is a continuation, or really another stage, of the Counterjihad movement. Numerous Yellow Vest ideologues are pointing to Muslim immigration as what is fueling the revolt against the French government. Looking at the names of these ideologues, what we found was that numerous of them have collaborated with American nationalists.

Sébastien Jallamion, a French police officer, and Christophe Chalençon are spokespersons of the Yellow Vest revolt.

According to a report from the Guardian:

But France’s crisis has more sinister undercurrents, embodied by another gilets jaunes spokesperson, Christophe Chalençon. A blacksmith from the southern Vaucluse region, Chalençon is openly anti-Muslim and has called for a military-led government to be installed – “because a true commander, a general, a strong hand is what we need”.

Reading this quote, it makes one wonder if a military state is the purpose of the riots all along, like how Napoleon took power through the French Revolution.

They both belong to an organization called Andele, the official title of which is: The National Association of Equal Defense of the Freedom of Expression. Jallamion is the president, while Chalencon is the Assistant Secretary of Andele. The official website of Andele was shutdown, but we have the site by searching through the archives.

Sébastien Jallamion

Christophe Chalençon

Perusing through the website one finds immediately that it is a Counterjihad and nationalist Identitarian site. For example it praises Pierre Cassen, a French Identitarian who has collaborated with American counterjihadist Pamela Geller and who founded the organization, Riposte Laïque (Secular Response). In this praise, written by Yellow Vest activist Mr. Jallamion, one can see the racialist sentiment in the words, and really a push for revolution:

“His weapon is the words, those that we draw from the depths of our history, from our culture, from our identity that we regularly feed the dogs… Because it is with the words that the resistance begins, it is with the verb, and epithets sometimes pompous but oh how much conform to this French spirit, the one that characterizes us from Molière to Victor Hugo, while passing by Voltaire, these giants who govern us, who are aware of belonging to a people who have contributed to the history of the world.”

Pierre Cassen

Speaking of “resistance,” “French spirit,” “our identity,” and “Voltaire” as one “who governs us” may seem harmless to the American conservative. But putting these words in the light of the the reality that they are coming from an Identitarian — or really a racialist stance, covered by Counterjihad jargon — and that they praise Voltaire, one of the main ideological thinkers behind the French Revolution, one can get a sense of the ominous motivation. The spirit of sinister revolution continues on, possessing the soul of France, with the legacy of Voltaire still being praised by the current day ideologues who are only conspiring to bring back the abysmal demons that brought about an ocean of blood in that country.  Voltaire, like the Identitarians of today, believed in a form of evolutionism and applied this idea to humanity (and this was way before Darwin). Voltaire once wrote:

“It is a serious question among them whether the Africans are descended from monkeys or whether the monkeys come from them. Our wise men have said that man was created in the image of God. Now here is a lovely image of the Divine Maker: a flat and black nose with little or hardly any intelligence. A time will doubtless come when these animals will know how to cultivate the land well, beautify their houses and gardens, and know the paths of the stars: one needs time for everything.”

Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand, whose mother and sister were both murdered by the French rebels, wrote a brief history on how the French revolution commenced, in which he recounts on the nascent stages that led to the violent torrent, on how it was Voltaire and his fellow sophists who influenced it:

“Voltaire renewed the persecution of Julian. He possessed the baneful art of making infidelity fashionable among a capricious but amiable people. Every species of self-love was pressed into this insensate league. Religion was attacked with every kind of weapon, from the pamphlet to the folio, from the epigram to the sophism. No sooner did a religious book appear than the author was overwhelmed with ridicule, while works which Voltaire was the first to laugh at among his friends were extolled to the skies. Such was his superiority over his disciples, that sometimes he could not forbear diverting himself with their irreligious enthusiasm. Meanwhile the destructive system continued to spread throughout France. It was first adopted in those provincial academies, each of which was a focus of bad taste and faction. Women of fashion and grave philosophers alike read lectures on infidelity. It was at length concluded that Christianity was no better than a barbarous system, and that its fall could not happen too soon for the liberty of mankind, the promotion of knowledge, the improvement of the arts, and the general comfort of life.”

From the cult of Voltaire, came the Revolution. Now today we have ideologues speaking of racial “identity” and “resistance” under the spirit of Voltaire “who governs us”.

What is happening here? A revolt.

It is beginning on the internet and has a modern face, but underneath its branches and leaves there lies its roots: the cult of chaos cloaked as “expression,”; a push for violence and gore masqueraded as a cry for “liberty” and “justice,”; mankind going down to the ways of devils, hidden under the title of “philosophy.” Hence why the Yellow Vest activist Sébastien Jallamion praises the racialist, Pierre Cassen, as “a militant in soul” (“un militant dans l’âme”) and “a rebel” (“un résistant”), striving for an “eternal France transcending all divisions.”

This type of language is not uncommon in tribalist rhetoric. One can see this in Marxist literature, such as that by Che Guevara who called for a “spiritual union between all the people of the Americas”. It is the rebels using nation, tribe or even continental affinity to shore up the masses to fulfill a revolutionary agenda.

In the same post written by the Yellow Vester, Jallamion, it praises Cassen as one who fights against “the Islamization of France”, which is another strategy used by these Identitarians. While Islam is indeed a threat and must be addressed appropriately, it is very dangerous to use the crises of a threat to stoke up the masses to back a sinister motivation. When we write against the Counterjihad, we are not saying that it is wrong to expose Islam (many saints wrote on Islam and debated with Muslims), but rather we are questioning and exposing the motivation.

It would be just like if we were living in the 1920s and witnessing the nascent movement of National Socialism, speaking out against Bolshevism. The average conservative would think that such a movement is good because it is combatting the Marxist Bolsheviks. But if someone were to say that we should question the motives of the National Socialists, that they are using the crises of Bolshevism to bolster their position, that person would be berated with obnoxious questions such as, “What do you want the German people to do? Just get on their knees for the internationalist Marxists?” People must question the motivations of political movements, or else they will become just members of the zombie masses.

Sebastian Jallamion is a contributor for Cassen’s publication, Riposte Laïque (Secular Response) which is heavily Identitarian, being a part of the French New Right movement. On December 2016, Jallamion did an interview with Riposte Laique, in which he speaks of how joined an organization called SIEL, which stands for Sovereignty, Independence and Liberty (Souveraineté, identité et libertés), a major Right-wing organization that is considered to be more radical than Le Pen’s Front National (even though it lobbies for Front National). SIEL is ran by Karim Ouchikh, a French North African who supposedly left Islam and converted to Catholicism, who has been very active collaborating with ethno-nationalist forces.

In the interview with Riposte Laique, the Yellow Vester Jallamion recounted: “I had the opportunity to meet Karim Ouchikh, president of the SIEL, several times, especially during one of the demonstrations of angry policemen, in front of the National Assembly.” Jallamion later says: “We support the candidacy of Marine Le Pen”, and describes his inspiration from Donald Trump, stating: “The election of Donald Trump on the other side of the Atlantic and the disqualification of Alain Juppé in France, however, proved that the mainstream media was no longer enough to influence opinions.”

Jallamion then spoke of the people rising up against the French “oligarchy,” affirming that: “This is also the French genius: the capacity of the people to react to write their own history, sometimes late, sometimes brutally, but always with unwavering determination. Our oligarchy is becoming aware of it.” In other words, the French people, just like in the French Revolution, have the will to violently revolt against the government and the oligarchy are fearful of this. 

On December 8th of 2018, Jallamion wrote an article for Risposte Laique in which he said that the French police are not strong enough to protect people and their property in the chaos, and that dialogue between the rebels and the politicians is now impossible:

“The revolt of the “Yellow Vests”, which from the outset was treated by the contempt and rigidity of the Head of State and Government, has reached such a stage that any dialogue now seems impossible between the current executive and interlocutors. … the struggle ahead will be long and difficult, and will probably go through other tragedies than those that have occurred so far. It is better to prepare for it, and to remember that the police, already out of breath, can not hold indefinitely to protect people and property”

On December 7th, Anne Schubert wrote an article for Riposte Laique, stating to Macron: “The worst awaits Your Glory and his bourgeois.” After this sentence Schubert posts a photo of a guillotine:

There is a lot of talk by this mob of doing violence against the government. The rhetoric and propaganda being used to fuel this does not just list a “climate tax,” but a number of other reasons, a big one being immigration. For example, on December 4th, a Yellow Vester named Louise Guersan wrote an article, published by Riposte Laique, expressing his rage against Macron with the threat of revolution and, of course, of putting the president on the guillotine. The rebel gives his reasons for the revolution, and puts a focus on immigration:

“It is more and more like a Revolution. Ten days ago, I used the term “insurrection”, but today it is clear that we have gone beyond this stage. The Revolution seems now launched, in two axes: on the one hand it does not take place only on Saturdays but every day. I found in my small town of Avallon 8000 inhabitants, with general meetings, actions of occupation, departures in Paris while maintaining the presence here.”

He then speaks of how Macron has worked “to drown the people of France who terrifies you under the wave of young men of Africa, uneducated, profiteers, Muslims, rapists and conquerors. You dump the billions of euros out of our pockets to water all the scum of the world, are you crazy to this point?” What is the solution for Macron? He must leave or suffer the guillotine: “Do you not see that it is time for you to bow your bow and leave while there is still time? Do you really want to feel on your neck the slight breath of the guillotine in action?”

On December 1st, 2018, the Yellow Vester Louise Guersan wrote another article (again published by the same Riposte Laique), declaring his movement to be a revolution against the French government, and that it would ripple across the continent as a ‘Europe spring,’ and that the targets of the revolution will be the police, the politicians, judges and journalists:

“The future targets of the Revolution were identified as I read on many blogs: police, magistrates, perceptions, prefectures and official media. The people of France are on the move … and will soon drag the other peoples of Europe against the Brussels institutions whose heads of state are the puppets. It is not yet the Revolution, but it is more than a popular revolt. The Revolution is not far away. Today is only the beginning of the great spring of the peoples of Europe.”

Guersan, not surprisingly, takes inspiration from the French Revolution, and not just that, but the Russian Revolution as well:

“It is obvious that the power does not want to give way. It will not give up. And will be reversed. Like Tsar Nicholas II who shot the hungry crowd in front of the Summer Palace in 1905 and ended up shot. Like Louis XVI who brought foreign troops to Paris in July 1789 to control the people and was guillotined. The rulers have forgotten that they are only there to serve and not to be served.”

Guersan is simply reflecting a fantasy that is rife amongst the rebels, to relive the Revolution, which means flooding the streets with blood. On November 29th, 2018, Sigismond Odon, another Yellow Vest advocate, wrote an article in the form of a letter to the French government, in which he talks about how the French mob has an urge to use the guillotine:

“But if you refuse to listen to reason, I predict the worst for you, for the nation, for Europe, the French having more and more of an appetite for the Guillotine as their belts tighten and their safety is jeopardized at all levels.” 

What is the reason that Odon gives for this anger? Immigration. As Odon writes:

“It will not have escaped you, citizen, that hordes of illegal immigrants flood Europe and our country without borders; they are violent, without education, the opposite of our refined culture where the respect of others, of the woman, of the law, is our common base, and you are delighted to adhere to the foul text of the UN on immigration in December. These illegals benefit, from every point of view, from a better treatment than our fellow citizens”

So what we are seeing is a plan for murder under the pretext of Muslim immigration. The Yellow Vest movement is really just a continuation — an escalation — of the Counterjihad movement. What is interesting is that the Counterjihad was officialized as an international movement in 2007, in the Counterjihad Brussels Summit (which was organized by Flemish Nazi Filip DeWinter), the same year that Riposte Laique was created. The parallel between these French Identitarians and the Counterjihad cannot be found just in their rhetoric. There is direct collaboration between the two.

One of the central organizations of the Counterjihad is Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE), which was founded by Pamela Geller and her Danish partner, the neo-Nazi collaborator Anders Gravers Peterson. In 2011, SIOE organized an event in Strasbourg, France, for July 2nd of that same year. If you look at the list of the invited speakers one will find not only Pamela Geller, Anders Gravers Peterson and Robert Spencer, but the French Identitarian Pierre Cassen, the founder of Riposte Laique, the very website being used by Yellow Vest organizers and fomenters.   

Photo taken from official SIOE website, describing the event in France to which French radical Pierre Cassen was invited

And here is the list:

Other speakers that were invited to this event was the now deceased Pavel Chernev, a nationalist Bulgarian who was the leader of SIOE Bulgaria, who we have written on extensively. Chernev was a violent mafia style attack thug for Volen Siderov, a virulent antisemitic political leader in Bulgaria who gained the notorious title of “the Bulgarian Hitler”. Chernev was the political leader of the group, Orthodox Dawn, which mimics Greece’s Golden Dawn’s racist activities, indiscriminate harassment of immigrants as the IBTimes revealed.

Another activist who was invited to Geller’s event in France was Fabrice Robert, President of the Bloc Identitaire, a central organization for the racialist and pagan movement, the Identitarians. Tommy Robinson is also working with the Identitarians (hence his work with Austrian Identitarian leader, Martin Sellner), and Robinson is a major figure within the Counterjihad and is also backed by people within the US government, like Paul Gosar and Sam Brownback. What this shows is an overlap between nationalist forces in the United States — such as the Counterjihad and the immigration focused organizations — and the European Identitarians. What we are seeing here is an international network for revolution. 

Fabrice Robert

Fabrice Robert’s website, Les Identitaires, has been promoting and pushing the Yellow Vest movement, all the while propagating the Identitarian nature of the revolt. On November 19th, Les Identitaires published an article by Thierry Dubois, on how immigration is the main source of anger (or really the main source of propaganda) of the Yellow Vests, and how the revolt could become one driven by the Identitarian cult. The article, like others from the Yellow Vests, takes inspiration from the French Revolution. It also mentions the Jacquerie peasant revolution of 1358. As the article reads:

“the great medieval jacqueries, the Revolution of 1789 … many major upheavals began with rising prices. The movement of yellow vests hides another problem, much more important and that could quickly become the heart: that of identity.”

The Jacquerie was a revolution of the peasants against the nobility that was extremely violent. As the chronicler Jean le Bel documented:

“peasants killed a knight, put him on a spit, and roasted him with his wife and children looking on. After ten or twelve of them raped the lady, they wished to force feed them the roasted flesh of their father and husband and made them then die by a miserable death”.

That the French Identitarians are looking to this horror as an inspiration reveals the demonic fantasies that these people have in mind when they speak of revolt in the name of “the working class.” France has a history of savage revolution, and the fact that they still glorify this shows that they indeed can continue this reputation. One can see this in what took place on February 15, 1580. On the eve of Mardi Gras, a mob of peasants and artisans, who were a part of what was called the League of the Commoners, danced in the streets of the Protestant town of Dauphine, crying out: “Before three days, Christian flesh will be sold at sixpence a pound!”

They led a revolt against the wealthy and took over the town. Their leader, Jehan Serve, sat in the mayor’s office dressed in bearskin (like an ancient barbarian), consuming meat that was passed for human flesh. His followers dressed as priests and cried: “Christian flesh for sixpence.” The rich people in the town were so horrified by these threats of cannibalism, that they ambushed these rebels with arms and slaughtered them in a massacre that lasted for three days. From this, one can see the spirit of revolution that would manifest fully in the late 18th century.

Today, the French mob is not exactly just complaining about taxes, but about paying taxes for migrants. The Identitaires’ website published an article that states: “Anger goes beyond the price of fuel. It is part of a broader and noble feeling: that of dispossession. More than mere purchasing power, these French want more power at all. They want to have their say. Pay taxes, yes: but for whom? Our children or migrants? Our old or the suburbs?”

So, in the nationalist side of things, the riots are not just about taxes, but about paying for people who are not French. These Right-wing rebels do not mind welfare, just as long as it is for those of French stock. This is about a race war, or a revolution in the name of racial identity. And why would American zionists like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer collaborate with these very nationalist rebels — like Christine Tasin and Pierre Cassen — who are helping to ideologically direct this mob?

Christine Tasin, President of the association Résistance Républicaine (Republican Resistance), is another nationalist activist who was invited to speak at Geller’s SIOE conference. On Tasin’s website there is a post authored by Tassin with a guillotine, reportedly made by Yellow Vesters:

One protestor reportedly said that the guillotine was a “Gift of the yellow waistcoats in Paris”.  There is more talk of guillotine’s on Tasin’s website. There is one post entitled, Should we add Macron to the guillotine list of the French Revolution?” The body of the article says that Macron’s “outrageous behavior” “renders a service to the French patriots” because it “invites more than ever to fight it, to be without concession and without pity.” It then demonstrates this absence of pity by saying: “Who knows, maybe one day, a revolutionary tribunal will add Macron to the list established by a site that lists the guillotines of the French Revolution.”

These are the people who Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and the Counterjihad movement are supporting. These people are not what they claim they are, but are nationalist revolutionaries, or really, professional troublemakers. The mentality of these rebels in France fits well with the minds of the Counterjihad. In a 2011 recommended reading list he wrote for Crisis Magazine, Robert Spencer recommends a 1973 French novel entitled, Camp of the Saints, by nationalist Jean Raspail. The book’s story is a Counterjihad wet dream: refugees invade France and a race war ensues. In the novel the president of France orders the army to open fire on any incoming refugees with this speech:

“Certain forces abroad in the world today know this only too well: those dark forces bent on destroying our Western society, ready to plunge forward in the wake of the invader, behind the convenient shield that our guilty conscience provides them. My friends and fellow countrymen, I have, therefore, ordered the army to open fire, if need be, to prevent the refugees from effecting a landing.”

The book is also an inspiration for Steve Bannon (who, not surprisingly, interviewed Robert Spencer in 2016). On October of 2015, Bannon wrote, regarding the migrant situation in Europe: “It’s been almost a Camp of the Saints-type invasion into Central and then Western and Northern Europe,” and in 2016 Bannon said: “The whole thing in Europe is all about immigration … It’s a global issue today — this kind of global Camp of the Saints.” “It’s not a migration,” he said later that January. “It’s really an invasion. I call it the Camp of the Saints.” “When we first started talking about this a year ago,” Bannon said in April 2016, “we called it the Camp of the Saints. … I mean, this is Camp of the Saints, isn’t it?”

So what do we see here? We see a revolution in Europe, being advocated for by rebels, both European and in the US. They will say that it will be ‘the people versus tyranny,’ but if they move forward to make their fantasy into reality, we will realize the truth of Joseph de Maistre’s words: “But of all monarchies, the hardest, most despotic, and most intolerable is King People.”