Drug Cartel Takes Two Men, Hangs Them By Their Feet From A Tree, Then Blasts Them With Military Rifles While Dancing Happily

The drug cartels of Central America are known for their horrible forms of execution they film for the world to see yet so few are aware of. In a recent slaughter, a drug cartel called the “cartel fantasma” took two men, hung them from trees by their feet, and then proceeds to blast them with military rifles while dancing:

Last Thursday another video was broadcast, presumably recorded in the Sierra de Guerrero, where “CARTEL FANTASMA” presents two men hanging from their feet in tall trees.

During the recording of 1.29 minutes, the group of men carrying long weapons, accuses the victims of belonging to the Southern Cartel and point to work for the criminal nicknamed “El Teniente”, lieutenant of criminal leader Onesimo Marquina Chapa alias “El Necho” . After throwing threats to the opposing criminal group (CDS), the armed men shoot dozens of times at the hanging bodies.

“El Necho” is designated to finance the group of community suspects who entered the Sierra de Bravo since November 11. The United Front of Community Police of the State of Guerrero killed 13 alleged members of the so-called Southern Cartel, one of them ‘El Chaca’, who supposedly entered from different points to the communities of Filo de Caballos, Los Morros, Carrizal.

Airfield and Tres Cruces to seek to recover their territory. Yesterday afternoon, for about two hours, the community police confronted the armed civilians, killing the chief of Izotepec Square, along with 20 armed men, 13 of whom died with him.

In addition, the so-called South Cartel broadcast a video on social networks where five hooded men show weapons of high power and boasts of control in the Guerrero area in front of hanging bodies.

Filo de Caballos, Los Morros, Carrizal, Airfield and Tres Cruces have suffered a fight for more than two weeks between community police and organized crime men seeking to maintain control of the area. (source)