Mexican Cannibal Drug Cartel Takes Two Men, Beheads Them, Then Dismembers Their Bodies, Cuts Their Genitals Off And Shoves Them In Their Mouths

The CJNG is an infamous drug cartel from the state of Jalisco that practices ritual cannibalism for its initiation for new members. They are known for committing horrible crimes throughout Mexico. In a recent incident, the cartel put to death two member of a rival cartel by beheading them and then chopping up their bodies, cutting off their genitals and shoving them into their mouths according to a report:

During the last three days, several decapitated and dismembered human bodies have been left on public roads and roads in Irapuato and Salamanca.

Along with them have been placed cardboard with several messages that make reference to the dispute between the New Generation Jalisco Cartel and the so-called Santa Rosa Cartel for criminal control in the central and southern region of the state. The morning of this Saturday, the bodies of two men in these conditions were abandoned on Hidalgo Street in Colonia La Luz.

Neighbors of the colony called 911 to report the remains, which were scattered on the street. Two posters with messages attributed to organized crime were left on the site. Personnel of the Single Command went to protect the site, which was also staffed by the Attorney General’s Office to collect the evidence and transfer the human remains to the Forensic Service.

On Friday, another man was killed, beheaded and dismembered, and his remains scattered in the middle of the asphalt road of the Querétaro-León highway, near Salamanca.

The man’s head was found on the lane heading to Morelia on the Morelia-Salamanca stretch, while the rest of the body was in the left lane, at kilometer 87 of Queretaro-León, as reported to the motoring authorities. They circulated through the road on Friday morning.

In the place they also found a blanket with a message from a criminal group of the entity.

In Irapuato, another human head was placed on the San Luis Avenue of the Tinaja de Crucitas community, at the exit from Irapuato to Pueblo Nuevo.

The head corresponded to that of a man whose identity is unknown.

Next to the head, a message was also placed on a card, in which alleged adjustments of accounts between the aforementioned cartels are reported. (source)

The video does not show the execution, but there was a photo of the results after the video (WARNING: ABSOLUTELY NOT SAFE FOR CHILDREN):