Married Sodomite Rapes His Mentally Disabled Stepson Twice A Day For Years

While sodomites often are associated with the “L,” “G,” or the “T” in “LGBT”, the “B” is occasionally forgotten but remains equally important and relevant, as one can be married and a sodomite.

Such was the case of a man in Virginia who was found guilty of raping his mentally disabled stepson twice a day for years. When he was convicted and sent away for the rest of his life, he began screaming at the judge and racially insulting him according to a report:

He was sentenced Monday to 36 years in prison for molesting a mentally disabled man and abusing his ex-wife.

But before leaving the courtroom, Robert Jones, 59, wanted Circuit Judge Kenneth Melvin to know what he thought of him. In an expletive-laden tirade, the previously convicted sex offender called the veteran jurist a racial slur at least eight times, attorneys and other witnesses said.

“He just started spewing all sorts of insults,” said Lt. Col. Marvin Waters of the Portsmouth Sheriff’s Office, explaining at least four deputies then escorted Jones, who is white, from the room.

Defense attorney Barrett Richardson, who dropped Jones as a client following the hearing after claiming Jones had tried to spit on him during an earlier meeting, confirmed there was an outburst but declined further comment.

Melvin, a former state delegate appointed to the bench in 2009, also declined.

Jones was convicted Oct. 17 on one count each of forcible sodomy and domestic assault and battery. At the same time, he was acquitted of nine other sex crimes amid questions about when the alleged abuse happened.

Melvin, not a jury, decided the case.

Jones was arrested in April 2016 on multiple felonies relating to the repeated abuse of a now 34-year-old mentally disabled man.

According to court documents, the victim — who is described as having the mentality of an 8-year-old — claimed Jones forced him to perform sex acts on him as often as twice a day.

Following his arrest, Jones told police the sexual contact was consensual. He said he believed the victim had the mentality of a 15-year-old boy and was capable of making his own decisions. (source, source)