Thanks Be To God For A Miraculous 2018 And The Top Ten Articles Of The Year

Praise the LORD, for he is good; for His mercy endures forever. -Psalm 136:1

2018 was a miraculous year. By nothing less than the grace of God, we were given victory over our enemies to persevere in what became a fight for our survival and the preservation of over fifteen years of work declaring unpopular truths to a world running down the road to perdition.

Many stories happened this year that we covered, but the most eventful happened within our own organization. Around March 2018, information surfaced during a general audit of our records prompted by the persistent refusal of the longtime Director of Rescue Christians and occasional writer, Keith Davies, to pay the writers under his financial oversight that he was misappropriating funds for his personal use. Walid confronted Keith about this with the information, and what followed was a conspiracy that shook our organization to its very core.

It came out that Mr. Davies, who Walid trusted with his charity’s finances, was in a conspiracy with the former webmaster for FFMU and Rescue Christians, Mr. Mosheh ben Avraham (also known as Max Gibson), and a convicted Pakistani scammer with ties to the Muslim League named Farrukh Harrison Saif who was exposed by Rescue Christians. Walid personally instructed Mr. Davies to have no connections with Mr. Saif, and yet not only did he persistently refuse, but continued to secretly send money to Mr. Saif, and then when he was forced to admit he sent money, repeatedly lied about the amounts he sent.

Walid wrote two major articles as an expose, which we have on hold to re-publish pending further legal counsel as we currently are pursuing a case against Mr. Davies. All of the information about the case with complete details has been meticulously documented. It is our desire that, if not for recovery of funds, that on the basis of principle all of Mr. Davies’ actions will be brought out for the court and entire world to see and judge for themselves.

Mr. Davies’ actions came as a shock to all, but there is much positive news that came as well. The overwhelming majority of the money contributed by generous people such as yourself, numbering almost $3 million USD, has been secured in a new account and has been placed into conservative financial investments so that the charity can preserve her current assets and continue to meet her expenses while functioning off of the revenue generated from her investments. Walid has taken the matter personally and is directly overseeing and approving all financial transactions, as this has become his dominant role in the charity’s operations.

Rescue Christians has continued her charity work in helping Christians suffering from persecution at the hands of those who hate the Gospel and its message of mercy and justice. As a part of relocating our operations to the State of Texas and cleaning up the mess that Mr. Davies left following his expulsion from the charity, and in order to meet the drastically increased yet persistently unaddressed Christian persecution in Central America at the hands of drug cartels who openly practice the worst forms of paganism and declare their hatred of the Gospel, Rescue Christians will be reaching out more to our contacts in Mexico and other parts of Central America as part of our charitable efforts. As we reported recently (you can read the story here), Rescue Christians built a pharmacy supplying free prescription medication in Apatzingan, a poor Mexican town which had been destroyed by the pagan drug cartels.

Your encouragement has strengthened us, your prayers have sustained us, and your contributions have directly supported the Christians who are suffering from persecution and whose needs would otherwise go overlooked.

On behalf of us at Rescue Christians, our partners throughout the world, and those whose lives you have touched by your generosity, thank you for all that you do and have done.


We produced over 1,650 articles in 2018. As one may have noticed, there has been a persistent change in the website since 2015, and it is our intention to carry said changes going forward. Make no mistake, we will continue as before to focus on the evils and danger of Islam and Islamic terrorism. However, we will continue to do what we have done for the last three years, which is to place Islam into its geopolitical, historical, religious, cultural, and social context and show how its place functions in the organic machine of society, tracking trends and providing a viewpoint that is original in a mainstream and alternative media that represents only the interests of an elite class consumed with themselves and a desire to make themselves divine.

Below is our list for the top ten articles of the year, ordered by publication date:


Babel 2.0

Man’s desire to become like God brought about his expulsion from the Garden of Eden and incurred the curse of Original Sin that Christ came to set man free from and show him the path to God. Just as those who seek God humble themselves to Christ, those who seek power over all want to follow in the error of Nimrod, building the Tower of Babel to try to become like God. Andrew reports how the governments of the world gathered as one to discuss how to use supertechnology in the future, including artificial intelligence to attempt to re-create the tower of Babel and turn man into a living deity.


Race and the Bible

Following the great flood, the human race was renewed through the seed of Noah and his three sons of Ham, Shem, and Japheth, representing the three races of men. Race has always been a difficult issue for men throughout the centuries, and is used by opportunists of all types to divide men. In this exclusive article, Ted walks through the Bible and the writing of the great Christian saints and thinkers of old, showing that the Biblical paradigm of Noah’s sons provides a spiritual and tangible way to honor all people of all races, and that no man is born without a purpose, and that all men truly are created equal in dignity in the eyes of God and endowed with charisms and functions as unique as they are, truly demonstrating that the Bible is the answer to the racism of the zeitgeist.


The New Darwinists

Darwinism argued that man came from monkeys, proposing that lower organisms, by a series of unpredictable and unexplainable phenomena became higher organisms, and these same organisms then fought for dominance with the strongest surviving and the “weak” dying out. This evil anti-Christian and anti-scientific philosophy has been used to justify the murder and enslavement of men for centuries, and its influence has not died but grown with a new virulence. Andrew explores the twisted world of the new Darwinists, who believe that they will use genetic editing and advanced computer technology to complete what they are calling the next phase of evolution, from human being into an “interplanetary species,” and with it to justify the mass extinction of the rest of humanity in the name of bettering the human race.


The Azerbaijan Connection

Azerbaijan is a tiny nation on the Caspian Sea coast and locked between Russia, Turkey, and Iran. But this former Soviet republic holds some of the largest supplies of oil in the world and is a vital crossing point between Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East, so much so that the fate of both World Wars was determined over her and many documents about her oil reserves going back to the Second World War still remain classified. Andrew provides an unrivaled geopolitical, cultural, economic, and religious analysis of Azerbaijan that shows how just as in the past, this tiny nation will determine the fate of Europe’s future and how Germany is aggressively working with her Turkish ally to set the course of events to her favor.


Of a saint, Pope, and the sodomites

There is no organization online that is as bold as we are is holding men accountable to the sodomite agenda, most importantly the Church because judgement begins with the house of God. The sodomites have infiltrated and are attempting to pervert the Faith for their benefit, and many Catholics of good will feel rightly stressed about it. However, God will see to it that His Church is cleansed from the filth within her, and will do so by fire if necessary. In this article, Andrew explores the confirmed prophecies of a saint and a pope that warn of a the massive slaughter of priests and bishops at the Vatican, and connect it to the impending justice of God on the sodomite agenda.


The Jewish roots of Nazism

For decades it was taboo to suggest there was any connection between Jews and the National Socialists of Germany. In this exclusive and must read piece, Ted confronts what no website dare say and definitively shows that the creators of National Socialist philosophy were directly instructed by Jewish experts in the Kabbalah. He gives names, places, books, dates and times, and shows that not only did Jews provide the intellectual basis for National Socialism, but many Jews themselves were at the heart of the Nazi movement and were honored by the highest ranks of the Nazi Party.


Protestantism, eugenics, and the John Templeton Foundation

Silicon Valley is directly tied to some of the worst forms of human experimentation, including the use of murdered babies to advance eugenicist ideals. Yet it is not just atheists and transhumanists who are doing this, but American Protestants. In this exclusive piece, Ted investigates the John Templeton Foundation, a major Protestant group that publicly promotes Christianity while her hands are tainted with the blood of murdered babies and supporting the very ideals of National Socialism.


The Second Great Schism

The Eastern Orthodox Churches split from the Catholic Church over the issue of nationalism. The same nationalism which lead to their split has continued to divide them and later, to subjugate them under the rule of the Ottomans. The Orthodox Churches are currently facing the worst split in their history since the Schism of 1054, except this time it is between fellow Orthodox Churches, with the majority of the Orthodox Churches turning against and isolating the Russian Orthodox. In this story, Ted shows how the split was aggravated as a joint American, German, and Turkish project to continue to isolate Russia in preparation for waging war against her.


Bannon’s Ghost

Steve Bannon is evil, and when Ted warned he was going to promote nationalism and militarism many people said we were wrong and should not criticize him. However, Bannon’s own actions has not only proved this assessment correct, but his actions following his departure from the Trump administration expose him as a globalist revolutionary who is working with many groups, including the “counter jihad” movement, to promote National Socialism and drive the world to war.


Russia, Freemasons, And The New Paganism

For years, people have commented on the blatant occult imagery in Astana, the capitol of Kazakhstan and the newest national capitol in the world. However, nobody could explain the significance of it, or why it is located in a remote area of Central Asia. In an exclusive investigation, Andrew revealed shocking evidence tying geopolitical, social, economic, and religious trends that expose a plot of voltarian proportions to suppress Christianity and create a one-world government and religious order.


In addition to the top ten articles, Ted has made a concentrated effort to produce videos as a regular part of his writing, producing over 200 videos. Here are, selected by Ted, his top five videos:


“Polish Death Camps”

In January 2018, Jewish groups predominately in the US began accusing Poland of “anti-semitism” for a law that would make it a crime to call the death camps opened and administered by National Socialist Germany and her supporters “Polish death camps.” Ted breaks down how the Polish law is not only historically accurate, but how those complaining against it are seeking to revive historical anti-Polish discrimination to use for their benefit in the future.


Jewish National Socialists

When people think of National Socialists, they commonly imagine a German man persecuting Jews. While this aspect cannot be denied in terms of its historical accuracy for many, the National Socialist movement was far more complex. In this video and referencing the ongoing “Polish death camps” political crisis in Poland stirred up to a great extent by American Jewish activists, Ted discusses the well-established but never-discussed historical fact that not only were many Jews found in large numbers in the National Socialist movement, but they rose to great power and aggressively persecuted non-Jews and Christians who opposed the German National Socialists.


A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Ben Shapiro in 2018 has become a household name among mainstream conservatives. But is he really the person who he purports to be, or is there a hidden agenda to his statements? In this video Ted provides a study of Shapiro’s statements and associations, and demonstrates that while claiming to be a man seeking the best for America, his actions are those of an agent provocateur promoting war and the advancement of the military-industrial complex.


The Spirit of Judas

In the New Testament, Jesus’ disciple Judas infamously betrayed him to the power of the Pharisees for thirty pieces of silver. This tragic historical event is a lesson on the influence of money, and how many will abandon principle and even destroy themselves for the gain of even a small profit. In this video and drawing on his own experiences in fighting to speak honestly in a conservative movement dominated by wealthy people who value the gain of profit and their own ends over that of moral principle, Ted talks about the influence of the modern money-changers and how just like with Judas, they will try to use their money to get people to sell their principles for temporary gain.


Prager the False Prophet

Dennis “fifteen-is-not-eight” Prager is a long-established name in conservative circles. But while he will talk about the Bible and Christian morality in his political monologues, Prager hides a darker agenda as evidenced by his support of homosexuality and pedophilia he first revealed on the Dave Rubin show. In this video, Ted shows how one of Prager’s true agenda items is the continual advancement of the LGBT agenda to the detriment of the Bible.