The Dance Video Argument With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Most Likely An Experiment In Public Psychology

Alexandria “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortez was elected in 2018 to the House of Representatives and has made news headlines for her tendencies to extremism. She is an advocate of extreme socialism, she has been documented on record making extremely vacuous statements, and she has extreme facial expressions that many have noted:

However, recently a video of her dancing in college came out and made media attention after an anonymous tweet attacked her for the video, which set off a barrage of claims by Democrats criticizing Republicans for making such a statement, and Republicans responding that they could care less about the video:

Here is a picture of the original tweet that started the argument:

I don’t want to discuss the “argument” that erupted and was promoted between “liberals” and “conservatives” because it is essentially pointless. What I want to know is who specifically made the tweet because nobody knows who the person is in a tangible sense.

The handle suggests the tweet was made by somebody tied to the hacker group “anonymous,” and to that it adds for its Twitter handle “AnonymousQ1776”. For those who are unfamiliar, “Q” or “QAnon” is the handle of a 4Chan user who claims to be a high-ranking government official who would give intelligence briefings on 4Chan’s /pol/ board, with “Q” referring to the “Q” grade clearance for information considered above Top Secret. He would reference various real historical events and provide interesting and insightful commentary but nothing of a substantial nature beyond claims that would prove to entice people to further look for his posts.

“QAnon” attracted many people, some Millennials and GenZers but mostly Boomers, who would go to Trump rallies holding signs with “QAnon” written on it, and some people have been able to benefit from writing about the supposed connections of this person, whoever he is, in exposing the “deep state.”

The “1776” number clearly refers to the year that the US was formed as an official nation.

There are several important observations to be made here.

First, it is that the “Anonymous” group itself has been strongly alleged to be a government intelligence front group. Anonymous has worked in collaboration with FBI informants before, such as with hacking Brazilian government web servers in 2014. It bears a semblance to the fact that many of the neo-Nazi and neo-nationalist movements that have become popular in the US have figures that come from families tied to the CIA and military intelligence, such as Richard Spencer, or who are confirmed FBI informants, such as Christopher Cantwell.

Indeed, it is very curious that a leader for Anonymous would hack not just Brazil, but three more foreign governments who all just happen to be disliked by the US government- Iran, Pakistan, and Syria -while serving as an FBI informant. Clearly, the government did not mind that he did this, because if the average US citizen did this, he would be arrested and in significant trouble with the law.

The overlap between Anonymous and military intelligence becomes even more important if one considers a master’s thesis written by Christopher Eidman and Gregory Green from the US Military’s Naval Postgraduate School in June 2014 entitled Unconventional Cyber Warfare: Cyber Opportunities In Cyber Warfare. In this thesis, Eidman and Green write of Anonymous’s involvement in the “Arab Spring,” which was a series of confirmed revolutions orchestrated by the CIA in order to subvert the governments of North Africa to precipitate what happened a few years later, which was the “migrant crisis” that has been used to promote nationalism and now militarism, noting that:

This is highlighted by the events surrounding the Arab Spring when at the conclusion of Ben Ali’s reign in Tunisia, Anonymous continued to assist in revolutions throughout the Middle East and elsewhere. Further analysis may be warranted to determine the optimal model to organize, build, employ and transition for UCW operations (Page 72)

What is to say that “Anonymous” work in the “Arab Spring” was actually a cyber attempt to repeat the Gladio model? Instead of giving weapons to “stay behind” groups which are comprised significantly of criminals, and surely whose charges of some members would be overlooked so long as they provide their services to the government, what is not to be said the same say, with hackers caught for hacking crimes and then told to either work for the government or face prison time?

Likewise, if Anonymous was so interested in the free propagation of information, why is it that the targets they select just happen to be those which coordinate with US interests? Why have there not been any serious Anonymous attacks against organizations that would be of interest, such a Israel, the Vatican, or major banks such as the Bank of International Settlements, or even the Japanese government or German government? Is it that these governments are so powerful and Anonymous really is not that strong, or is it that they are simply being told to attack or withhold by another unseen actor, which just also happens to target enemies of the US and avoid “friends” of the US at the same time?

Second, there is the issue with the term “Q”. Indeed, as a historical note and in construction mathematics, “Q” refers to the flowrate for water, which is the product of a runoff coefficient calculated by the type of soil in the area, the rate of rainfall, and the drainage area. This yields the mathematical formula, called “The Rational Formula,” that states Q = CIA, which while it has yet to be proven, is a possible explanation for the origins of the verified “Q” level clearance being “Above Top Secret,” as it would be a play on this particular formula to designate specifically intelligence meant for the CIA alone.

QAnon, as noted before, provides interesting questions and analyses of events, but nothing of special interest. Aside from failing to provide new and unique predictions that could not have been seen without genuine “inside” intelligence, QAnon has been alluding to outright fraudulent “conspiracy theories” that few believe and would seem to discredit a person because they are objectively stupid, such as the “Reptilian Conspiracy” and anti-Vatican tropes.

What QAnon seems to be is a variant of Operation Mockingbird, which was the original CIA term for a media propaganda and disinformation campaign that targeted the US population and has existed since the early days of the organization and for all purposes has continued without cessation. While the program originally focused on television, radio, and student university groups, it now naturally would encompass the Internet as it is the next frontier of media.

It is important to say that one cannot definitively “prove” that “QAnon” is CIA. He could be a fat guy in a mobile home somewhere in Florida eating frozen pizza slices, wearing nothing more than a pair of dirty white socks, underwear, and a baseball cap as he sits in his Doritos-stained computer chair and trolls the nation. What is curious is that his actions, whoever he is, seem to reflect a pattern of “educated disinformation” meant to make people feel intelligent and educate them partially while deceiving them and they do not realize they are being deceived.

Third, the “1776” is another clue, and it is not because of a desire to be patriotic, but because of the fact that the calls for “1776” have been echoed and promoted by nationalists and people who seem to be agent provocateurs. One of the most famous public figures who spoke constantly about “1776” was Alex Jones, a “conspiracy theorist” who in spite of his talk against “the globalists” and shown himself since at least 2015 to openly promote nationalism, on a far less discussed subject has extensive connections to the CIA that have been repeatedly shown and proven to be true and even admitted to by Alex Jones himself.

It is true that there are problems with “globalism,” but at the same time “nationalism” is also not a solution because it is simply taking the other side of an extreme to garner power just as those who do in promoting excessive “globalism.” The promotion of nationalism has been at the center of the CIA’s mission since her inception as immediately following the end of World War II, she began promoting, creating, and arming nationalist groups all throughout Europe as part of the creation of a “stay-behind” army in order to establish a “hedge” against the USSR. This program, known as Operation Gladio, later went to encompass the entire world, including the creation, funding, and support of Islamic terrorist groups such as among the Chechens and famously with Operation Cyclone during the American-instigated Soviet-Afghan war from 1979 to 1989.

Nobody knows who is behind the handle “AnonymousQ1776.” It could be anybody as there is not enough evidence to ascertain who this person is from what sources have been available at the present time. However, the very handle directly refers to a group, an “individual,” and a date that are associated with outright American nationalism or with persons who have either direct connections or potential associations with military intelligence.

If that was not enough, “AnonymousQ1776” also makes repeated tweets against Islamic terrorism, against the Democrat party and in favor of Republicans and “conservatism,” supports the LGBT, and claims he is against socialism, and promotes Charlie Kirk, who is financially tied to the American Jewish Conservative CEO of military-industrial contractor Robert Shillman. This is seen from his tweets:


There is something very strange about “AnonymousQ1776,” and especially his tweet that he made. Regardless of who this is, the fact is that his account does not even seem to be that of a genuine person on Twitter, but some kind of propaganda outlet which was able to use said tweet to generate what has become a social experiment in reactions to the Ocasio-Cortez dancing footage. It may have been planned by this person or not, or perhaps by another. It does not really matter how it happened, but what matters is that the tweet has been able to generate a storm of mixed emotions that ultimately have worked to promote a favorable image of Ocasio-Cortez, who may be an open socialist but as such whose love for the advancement of government power is something that both political parties have worked towards while claiming to oppose it.

As far as Ocasio-Cortez is concerned, she is also somebody to be watched. She may be empty-headed, devoid of intelligent or independent opinions, and embrace the worst advancement of government on the people in the historical sense, but she is also young, a woman, a “minority,” and has been aggressively promoted by the same individuals and families who fund both political parties. Hillary Clinton almost won the presidency, and she was old, ugly, and sick with her obvious colostomy bag poorly hidden underneath her clothing.

Nobody in politics rises without the consent of those who finance it, as politicians in the US are selected before they are elected.

Obama was a nobody congressman who was promoted through his party by the donors quickly and eventually won two terms as President.

Watch out for her, because she is a potential face that may be advanced as a candidate for President, not in the current election, but possibly in the election of 2024 or later.