Sixteen Year Old Teen Forced To Wear Colostomy Bag For The Rest Of Her Life After Group Sodomy Session Destroys Her Intestines

Just as morality is not limited to any one group, the potential for the perversity of the LGBT is not limited only to homosexuals, but also extends to heterosexuals as well.

For years, I have warned about the proliferation of homosexual ideas into mainstream society. Many of these ideas have come in through pornography and the “adult industry.” The western world and especially the US is very advanced in her degeneracy, so much that she will not so much think there is any problem with supporting pedophiles who claim they are “Catholic,” or men who advocate for sodomizing fifteen year old boys if they are “conservatives,” or who eat feces and drink urine while sodomizing other men if they are “against the Muslims.”

But this does not change the fact that sin always has its consequences. For the LGBT, this has been shown with the proliferation of new forms of drug-resistant HIV and other now incurable STDs that were once curable. It comes in the form of the spread of cancer, such as colon cancer, which is now plaguing the LGBT. Likewise, such punishments are not limited to the LGBT alone, but to all who engage in the practices of Sodom, both homosexual and heterosexual alike.

A recent story out of Australia exemplifies this where a sixteen-year-old woman is now going to be forced to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life on account of an accident sustained during a group sodomy session, where while attempting to participate in anal sex with multiple men at the same time, they unintentionally shredded her colorectal region:

In a tragic case illustrating the sinister effects of online porn, a 16-year-old girl’s bowel was so badly injured during group anal sex that she needs to use a colostomy bag for the rest of her life.

The teen reportedly suffered the life-changing injury while copying scenes seen in violent porn, according to an Australian Broadcasting Company News investigation.

But, sadly, Australia’s national broadcaster was told that the girl’s horrific experience was just one in a string of serious injuries to result from porn-addicted Australians trying to imitate aggressive sex they’ve watched online.

Australia GP and former Royal Australian College of General Practitioners president Dr. Bastian Seidel told the ABC he has seen first-hand how copying behavior seen on porn videos can go dangerously wrong.

“We have seen anal fissures more and more. I’ve seen that more in women, so that’s caused by men having anal sex with women,” he said.

The ABC’s hard-hitting investigation also revealed the horrendous experience of a woman, “Sarah,” whose former boyfriend forced her into having anal sex.

The 41-year-old was left with nerve damage to her bowel and can no longer cope with hugging her mom because she was so traumatized by the rape.

“In pornography, it’s not how it is in real life. It’s just not how it is. It looks like they enjoy it, but it really hurts,” she said.

Copycat abuse
Experts and teachers have all agreed that porn-addicted men are making their girlfriends suffer in an attempt to copy what they see online.

Cyber safety expert Susan McLean, who advises the Australian government and speaks at schools, was among several experts revealing how high school girls were being seriously injured when their boyfriends try to imitate what they’ve watched in porn.

She said their copycat behavior involved using objects and tended to be “quite violent.”

The girls “often feel very powerless to say ‘no,’” McLean added.

The ABC said Australia ranks ninth for visitors to websites such as PornHub behind India, the UK and the US — but also boasts one of the longer average viewing times.

Porn education organization Reality And Risk told the broadcaster its research showed that close to 90 percent of the most popular porn viewed includes physical aggression.

This issue has also been delved into by Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology senior lecturer Meagan Tyler, who said overseas pornographers, particularly in the US, have deliberately made their content more violent.

She said many producers would say the porn they put out is based on demand from their mainly male viewers.

As a result of boundaries being continually pushed, porn was showing “things like double and triple anal … and things like choking as well.”

The broadcaster spoke with Australian pornographer Garion Hall, who said that in America, porn falls under the country’s freedom of speech rules, so they can get away with “producing some pretty extreme stuff”. (source, source)

What this woman attempted to do was to engage in a practice that has become commonplace, which is the fetishization and masturbation into medical wounds that originally began in homosexual circles, such as with the infamous homosexual fetish for contracting deadly diseases, including HIV, in a fetish called “bug chasing.

In addition to this disgusting case, the very fact that at least two men would be willing to sodomize this woman at the same time a sign of how far the LGBT has influenced society because the act is itself necessarily homosexual as in order to do this, both men necessarily will have their genitals directly rubbing against each other. This is a practice common to sodomites, and it does not matter that a woman is involved because the act is necessarily homosexual and so can be described as nothing less that “bi-sexual,” which Jewish American conservative icon Dennis “fifteen-is-not-eight” Prager says is “the norm”:

What one is witnessing with actions such as these is a return to paganism and to what the world must have looked like in the days in which Christ came and leading up to the Deluge. It is just that the Internet has more so enabled what would have been hidden to be exposed.

This woman will suffer for the rest of her life on account of her actions. However, this is the price of sin, as it inherently leads to death and destruction. This is why to oppose the LGBT is an act of moral righteousness as well as charity, because in doing so one is opposing the very path that in the case of this woman leads to physical sickness and destruction, and in the afterlife leads to eternal destruction.

It is not the act of a friend who goes to a man suffering from an addiction to give that man the very thing that continues to keep him addicted. The man may believe you are helping him, but in reality one is enabling him. To be a friend to him is to oppose the thing that is hurting him and to guide him on a better way. The man may believe that you are hurting him or hate him for doing this, but this is because one is doing what is right for him. This or a similar version of this pattern is testified to by all of those who have overcome addiction of any kind.

The western world is addicted to sin, and while this always has been true on some level as far as it concerns the entire world, today it is not only unbalanced but historically disproportionate to other times in recorded history, and for this reason it is for the sake of mercy and justice that Christians must stand against it and have no apologies for their words lest one apologize for following the Faith that one professes to believe in.