Bloodbath On American Vacation Enclave Of Cancun As Narcoterrorists Slaughter Seven People At A Party

The Mexican party city of Cancun is the place where Americans, especially college students, go to indulge in wanton hedonism. While the area is usually well-protected because tourism is a major source of revenue, even she is not safe from the heinous violence of the cartels. In a recent incident, seven people at a party were slaughtered by narcoterrorists with AK-47’s:

A bloody dawn had Cancún this Sunday, with multiple executions in an address of Supermanzana 219.

Where seven people died in a bullet attack against those attending a meeting, in a situation that caused alarm among neighbors, who said they heard gunfire for a couple of minutes. This was one of the cases with the highest number of shots executed in one place.

In the history of Cancún, a bullet attack at the La Sirenita bar in March 2013 left seven people dead, while another attack provoked by Molotov cocktails at the Castillo del Mar bar caused the death of eight people in a fire, in the month of August 2010.

The multiple execution in Supermanzana 219 was reported around 5:05 hours this Sunday, in an address located in Block 16, on 58th Street between 97 and 99, near the intersection of Talleres and Kabah avenues.

The bodies without life were both inside and outside the house, where experts from the Attorney General’s Office came to begin the removal of the corpses and the casings of two distant firearms, caliber 9 mm and 7.62 that They correspond to a rifle known as a goat’s horn.

The State Prosecutor General’s Office informed that an investigation into the homicide of seven people was initiated in file number 1425/2019. (source)

The photos speak for themselves (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES):

From what sources are available, none of the victims were Americans. However, this is not of relevance as far as the story is concerned because the violence of the cartels affects everybody and it is something all must be concerned about for the good of humanity, regardless if one is American or Mexican.

Mexico is one of the most violent places on Earth. Her violence stems directly from the cartels, which have destroyed the nation and sowed fear into the hearts of the people. However, Americans still vacation in Mexico in large numbers, and even at places like Cancun where this incident happened.

Consider at the same time as this happened that many Americans are very afraid of the threat of Islamic terrorism. Indeed, terrorism and Islam are synonymous for theological reasons, and the threat is real. However, it is not only a fact that much of the terrorism in the Islamic world is either allowed, instigated, or directly funded for political reasons, but the places from which most terrorists would naturally come from due to the large Muslim populations are thousands of miles away.

Some will say that there are large Islamic communities in American cities out of which terrorists come, and this is true and must not be discounted. However, given the large migration of people from Mexico, let alone the rest of Central and South America, there is scarcely even a small town in America regardless of the state or location that does not have at least one person of Mexican ancestry living in it. There are distinct Mexican, Central American, or South American communities in every major city and in most towns in the US. The sheer percentage and numerical size of their communities dwarf anything held by American Muslims regardless of ethnic background. While there is concern expressed about drug cartels and violence coming from said communities, it often times dwarfs the concern shown to the much smaller and less significant Muslim communities.

Yet in spite of the violence coming from her, Americans continue to go to Mexico in swarms with little to no fear of being slaughtered by cartels. Americans continue to dine at Mexican restaurants and frequent Mexican businesses in the US, and there is little to no thought given to the cartels. However, when this is switched with Muslims and Islam, even in small communities, there is immediate fear and concern about terrorism and violence.

I do not want to ignore the real problems with Islam and the Muslim communities that exist and are well-documented. I don’t want to say that the cartels in Mexico are not a problem. Likewise, I cannot say that the answer is to “build the wall” when the reality is that even a wall would not help for the simple fact that the government intentionally encourages illegal immigration for political reasons- if one builds a wall but leaves the gate open intentionally, what good does it do?

What I emphasize here is a matter of perspective and the general lack of balance which exists when it comes to discussing Islam and the threats posed by Islam versus the cartels.

The drug cartels are a serious organic threat more so than Islamic terrorism for the simple fact of proximity to the US, numerical size, and consistent patterns of violence at or worse than what one sees in the Middle East. The terrorists are, however, a greater manufactured threat because of the government use of terrorism for political purposes that has been well-documented, thus making the threat not so much the terrorist actors, but rather the individuals on Wall Street and in the upper echelons of the military-industrial complex who fund and supply them and then their representatives in media who promote said threats to justify specific policies.

Likewise, one must also not forget the direct ties between government operations and drug trafficking, something else which has been well-documented for many years. In this sense, many of the cartels are also “manufactured” too for political purposes.

It is important to discuss evils of all kinds. However, one must not limit one’s discussion of said evils to a particular community or group of people alone, and one must also never ignore major evils directly in one’s own backyard in favor of smaller and more distant evils that are politically expedient.

Islamic terrorism is real, and traveling to Syria or many parts of the Middle East can be dangerous. However, the fact is that when major travel guides and international reports strongly suggest that travel for Americans to Iran is safer than to Mexico, regardless of what politically motivated travel warnings may be published, then one may want to consider that the greater threat is in one’s own backyard and not somebody else’s.