Christian Pastor Imprisons Teenager In His House And Sodomizes Him For Seven Days, Tells Police That He Does This Regularly And Threatens To Murder His Victims

Dennis ‘fifteen-not-nine’ Prager and Michael ‘sixteen-is-OK’ Voris both have expressed and alluded to lowering the age of consent. However, the context in which they are expressing said desires suggest hidden and even malicious reasons for doing so.

Prager outright says he believes that sodomy between a man and “fifteen year olds, not eight year olds” is normal and “the Bible says” it.

Michael Voris is more cunning, as he is a known homosexual who in spite of his claims of renouncing his past ways continues to invite the open sodomite and pedophile advocate Milo Yiannopoulos onto his show, at which time they just “conveniently” discuss lowering the age of consent. This is in spite of the fact too that the majority of the priestly homosexual sexual abuse scandal involved men preying on teenage males.

Sin is sin and no amount of verbal gymnastics can change that. Likewise, it is known that the LGBT movement is the biggest advocate for lowering the age of consent because they want to normalize pedophilia in the truest sense.

The sodomite lust for young men is as insatiable as alcohol is for a drunk or drugs for the drug addict. Many will go to great lengths and risk their livelihoods and reputations to indulge their fantasies.

While there are examples of this all over the world, one such case took place in Nigeria recently. A homosexual and Christian pastor, who admitted that he stopped finding women attractive after he was introduced to sodomy a decade ago, held a teenager hostage in his house for a week where he repeatedly sodomized him. When he was arrested he confessed to police that he would do this regularly with teenagers, and would pay them money to get medicine for any “injuries” to their anuses that he inflicted by his perversions, and threatened to murder them if they told their parents according to a report:

A man identified as Seyi Adelana, has been arrested for allegedly sodomising a 17-year-old boy at the Igbogbo, Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

The 28-year-old suspect was said to have locked the boy in his house for a week and had sex with him through the anus.

When the boy’s parents couldn’t find him for a week, they dashed to Igbogbo Police Station to report him missing. The victim, however, was tracked to Adelana’s house.

According to the police, the suspect used to have sex with boys through anus, after which he would give them N2,000 to take care of their pains. He was also alleged to have often threatened to kill them if they divulged the illicit sexual act to their parents.

The state Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, while parading the suspect, said: “It’s unfortunate that such a man is involved in such an act in this era. The victim’s parents, after lodging a complaint on January 3, that the boy was missing, organised a search party.

Four days after, being January 7, the boy was found in the house of the suspect at Number 11, Itumaro Street, Igbogbo, Ikorodu.

“When the boy was debriefed at the Gender Unit of the Police Command, he explained that the suspect kept him in his house and had anal sex with him. The victim also disclosed that another boy was abused. The suspect has confessed to the crime.”

The police said that the suspect told them that he was introduced into the act in 2006 by a friend who is late. Adelana said that since his initiation, females had stopped being sexually appealing to him. Edgal said: “The suspect would be charged to court after investigations.” (source, source)

Did he find the passage in the Bible that Prager claimed on the Dave Rubin show which says that “men are as happy with boy as with girls?”

Did he take counsel after listening to Voris’ interview with Milo and hearing that “sixteen” is a good age of consent?

Neither is true. The fact is that what this pastor did is simply average sodomite behavior found all around the world regardless of culture because while times and places change, the nature of man does not, just as the nature of sin does not change, as God is absolute truth and absolute truth is always absolute.