Atheist Starts ‘Satanic Prayer Line’ As A Joke To Mock Christian Missionaries, Shocked When He Gets Calls For Real Prayers

Atheists for years have criticized, parodied, or attempted to “expose” Christians and make them look foolish. While on occasion some of the criticism has been warranted (such as with the infamous exposure of the fraudulent televangelist Peter Popoff by James Randi), almost all of the criticism is not good and meant to be anti-Christian and with that revolutionary in nature, such as the infamous mockeries of Diderot and Voltaire leading up to the French Revolution. Too often atheism is simply nothing more than another vehicle to advance an agenda for power that is anti-religion and darwinian in nature.

In a report out of Washington state, an atheist started a ‘satanic prayer line’ as a joke to mock Christian missionary work. However, he was in shock when he began receiving serious calls for people asking him to do exactly what he advertised, including casting spells against people and businesses they did not like as well as in one case to intercede to procure an abortion according to a report:

A “Satanic prayer” hotline that was set up in Washington state as somewhat of a joke is reportedly being inundated with lots of calls.

Local intercessors, however, insist it’s better to stay focused on what God is doing, not what the devil is doing.

In a Saturday episode of NPR’s “This American Life” radio program, host Ira Glass recounted the activity of The Satanic Missionary Society, where, like Christian prayer hotlines, callers can phone in and leave voicemail messages requesting prayer.

The satanic prayer hotline, hosted on a blog, was launched by a man in Olympia, Washington, named Chris Allert, who doesn’t believe in God or Satan. Annoyed by Christians who wouldn’t stop evangelizing, he began the prayer line out of curiosity to see who would call. He soon found out people were taking prayers to Satan really seriously and was not sure what to do with that, Glass explained.

Those who call this hotline reportedly have the option to have their messages posted on the internet so others can pray to Satan on their behalf. With almost no publicity, voicemail messages soon started arriving, most of which ended with “Hail Satan.”

“Hello, satanists everywhere. I’m calling to put a hex on the 1230 Club in Olympia, Washington,” one message read, “[b]ecause they start blasting the music really early every night.”

“Please make the 1230 Club go out of business, but make sure everybody that works there goes deaf, like, from playing their music so loud first. Hail Satan,” the prayer request continued.

Another caller asking for satanic prayer requested help to acquire his first-ever job. Yet another called in to complain that he had been robbed and wanted whoever stole his belongings to suffer for it.

A teenage girl, called in with a “sticky situation’; she believed she might be pregnant.

“And I need you guys to pray against the pregnancy. And if there is a baby inside of me, for Satan to kill it. Because I can’t have a baby right now. So I’m turning to Satan, and he is the only answer I have right now. So I’m just overwhelmed. So call me when you get the chance. So thank you so much. Hail Satan, right? OK, thank you. Goodbye,” she said in her message.

Other callers reportedly call in as a joke, or when they are intoxicated.

Patrick Walton, lead pastor at the International House of Prayer NW, headquartered in Federal Way, Washington, is not moved by the satanic prayer hotline, and says the best thing is to stay tuned into God, not getting bogged down in fighting the devil.

“Our simple answer would be, we pray prayers from the Bible, what we call (and many others) apostolic prayers, or prayers that the apostles prayed. We also pray prayers from the Old Testament as well,” he said in an email to The Christian Post on Thursday, when asked how they intercede in light of the overt presence of demonic activity in the region.

“We see these prayers are Godward in nature, mainly, if not all positive, and not asking for devils to be overthrown, but that God would change people, by way of changing the atmosphere,” he added,

Walton stressed that his comments not be taken as an official statement on behalf of the ministry but is generally “in a nutshell” how they see their prayers and intercession working in their environment.

“We don’t get into rebuking the devil, squirting oil everywhere, and shouting really loudly. We try and pray from the Bible, maintain a culture of devotion to Jesus and the whole of the Bible, and we ask, as Jude did, that the Lord would rebuke Satan,” Walton added.

“We don’t get involved in speaking directly to Satan. We keep our conversation going toward God, and we see this as a biblical pattern.” (source)

The atheist mockery of God does not negate God’s existence. If anything, by dislodging Christianity it makes a vacuum into which other evil beliefs, philosophies, and ideas can enter.

All forms of occultism are on the rise in the Western world, especially satanism, as the presence of Christianity in all forms continues to disappear. This is especially shown in politics, where satanism is being promoted as the future of the political right in America as well as in Europe, where satanists are openly leading major political parties, and even governments in South America are backing demonic “churches”.

The future for the Christian, as far as missionary work is, will increasingly be the famous leftist saying to “think globally, act locally” because the influence of Christianity is and will continue to decrease in society because most people don’t want it. In the words of Sacred Scripture from John 3, after Jesus famously declares “God so loved the world that he gave* his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him might not perish but might have eternal life,” (John 3:16), He says

And this is the verdict, that the light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to light, because their works were evil. For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works might not be exposed. But whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God. (John 3:19-21)

I have warned that the US has invited judgement on herself because of her actions. Ted also has warned likewise:

The famous Chinese War philosopher Sun Tzu said that the wise general is one who knows when to attack and when to retreat.

The answer is clear as to what counsel one must follow in the future.

Christianity was reserved to the catacombs of Italy for centuries. She left the catacombs when it was time for the world to receive the Gospel. But the world, having received the Gospel, has chosen to reject it in favor of power. The world is returning to the days of antiquity in her philosophy but with modern tools. Likewise, it is for the prudent Christian to realize that just as Christianity came out of the catacombs, so must she return to them, taking hope in the promises of Christ and rejoicing at the knowledge of how salvation is at hand, and that Christ the babe who came with mercy is readying His return, this time as a man filled with wisdom, bringing succor to the righteous and executing the sword of justice against the wicked.