Thousands Of People In Moscow Are Evacuated After A Wave Of Terrorist Threats Hit The Country

Photo of evacuation in Moscow, thanks to RT

By Theodore Shoebat

Thousands of people in Moscow were evacuated after a wave of bomb threats hit Russia, as we read from RT:

Numerous photos of evacuations have been posted on social media after Russia was targeted by a massive wave of anonymous bombs threats which saw thousands leave buildings as a precaution.

Warnings of explosives planted in the Russian capital, the Moscow Region and elsewhere in the country started to arrive early on Tuesday via telephone and email, Russian news agencies and social media reported.

There has so far been no official confirmation of those reports from law enforcement agencies. But a source in the emergency services told the RIA-Novosti news agency that almost 40,000 people were evacuated across the country after bomb threats against more than 150 buildings. Not a single explosive device has been found so far.

Almost a hundred of the targeted buildings were in Moscow, including several universities and schools, the 302-meter-tall City of Capitals tower in Moscow City, malls, hotels, stadiums, a church and administrative buildings. Public servants from the local government in the Moscow region also had to be evacuated.

A police source told Tass news agency that the bomb threats originated from phone numbers and IP addresses located outside Russia. Some reports claim that they came from Ukraine.

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