Israel Fires Shells Into Syria

By Theodore Shoebat

Israel just recently fired shells into Syria, as we read in a recent report from the Jerusalem Post:

IDF forces shelled the Druze town of Hader in the Syrian province of Quneitra, Syrian media reported on Sunday night.
Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that the IDF had struck positions in Syria’s Quneitra district in February, stating that Israel is “operating every day, including yesterday, against Iran and its attempts to establish its presence in the area.”
“We operate in many, many, many ways and many, many elements against the Iranian aggression – against their attempt to arm themselves with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles,” he said. “Time and again we have exposed their terrorist actions in Europe; time and again we have blocked their attempts to entrench in Syria, day after day.”
The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights reported that seven shells struck regime positions in Quneitra, including a surveillance post. Media outlets affiliated with Syrian rebel groups reported that two officers from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had been killed.
Israel has repeatedly warned that it would not tolerate Tehran’s efforts to establish a permanent military presence in the Syrian Golan and has admitted to hundreds of strikes against targets belonging to Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah.
Due to the strikes, Israel has noticed a reduction in weapons shipments, a decrease of funds available to the IRGC’s Qud’s Force Commander Qassem Soleimani for his project in Syria and a decline in militia fighters in the war-torn country.
Nevertheless, officials in the defense establishment believe that the situation in Syria – especially with the Americans pulling their troops from the country and the regime of Bashar Assad regaining control over the majority of the country – is encouraging Iran to act more brazenly against Israel.