Kurdish Nationalists Are Killing Assyrians While The West Praises The Kurds As Our Allies

By Theodore Shoebat

While Western political and media outlets want you to think of the Kurdish nationalists are our friends, what they never talk about is how Kurdish militants are murdering Christians. As we read in a report from Anadolu:

Despite the continued killing of Assyrian Christians in Syria, journalists, writers and politicians continue to promote the YPG/PKK terror group, an Assyrian activist said Monday.

“The YPG is killing Assyrians, many journalists and activists are blind and deaf in front of the truth, they don’t want to see behind the scene,” Caroline Envia Khamo, who lives in Sweden, said in an article she wrote for the country’s national broadcaster SVT in Stockholm.

“Many of our people, like the Assyrian leader David Jendo who questioned the method of the YPG, were killed and tortured after being kidnapped,” Khamo said, noting that the terrorists were committing arbitrary killings, and confiscating property and lands of the Assyrians.

She recounted how Assyrian schools that did not accept the Kurdish language education system were attacked by the YPG/PKK: “Unfortunately, it is impossible to read these events in the Swedish media, such as the killing of Assyrians by the YPG and the oppression their schools are exposed to.”

Khamo noted that various international organizations had reported on demographic changes in the region perpetrated by the YPG/PKK, touching upon a report on Assyrians under YPG/PKK rule.

“Many attacks on Assyrians were revealed [in the report]. Unfortunately, many politicians and journalists in Sweden didn’t see these reports and fell under the fake spell of those who promote the YPG,” she said.

“As a Swedish Assyrian, I expect to see a condemnation against the YPG terrorists’ administration from Swedish politicians,” Khamo added.

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