Watch The Video Of Devil Worshiping Drug Cartel That Practices Cannibalism Battling For Control Over Town That Rescue Christians Is Helping

Rescue Christians has been working with locals in the town of Apatzingan, Michoacan, Mexico to help the people affected by the drug cartels. We have helped to build a pharmacy for the poor there and are currently working on another project to aid the children whose families have been destroyed by the cartels (details will be forthcoming).

Our work is in haste, as the cartels are returning with full force to the area. Such was reported yesterday where a major fight between two cartels happened outside of the town that was caught on video:

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) caused panic in Apatzingán, Michoacán, after it demonstrated its armed power in the streets of the municipality; the recording of the event is already circulating in networks.

The events occurred at dawn on Monday, March 4, when neighbors from different areas reported a convoy of trucks with the initials of the CJNG painted on the doors. According to several witnesses, the caravan of armed men paraded through the colonies October 22, Palmira, Duende, Satélite, Las Graditas, Niños Héroes, Lázaro Cárdenas, Adolfo Ruiz Cortines, Lomas de Palmira, Los Arquitos, La Pradera, El Varillero , Francisco Villa, and in the center.

At some points firearms were even detonated, but apparently they were only shots in the air and not part of a specific attack. Neighbors of the Colony Adolfo Ruiz Cortines said that on Sunday night, before these events occurred, armed individuals greeted the people and informed that whoever had nothing to do in the street, would be safeguarded at home.

In the satellite colony, witnesses reported that several trucks were mobilized during the shooting, but did not confirm a confrontation between rival groups or the authorities.

According to several local media, the detonations started at 00:30 hours on Monday and ended 30 minutes later, so the residents called emergency numbers.

More than half an hour later, agents of the Michoacán Police and members of the Army toured the streets of Apatzingán to identify those responsible for the shootings, but they did not find any suspects.

For its part, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) conducted an inspection in the affected colonies and later reported that no evidence was found of any criminal group; Likewise, visits to hospitals were carried out and the entry of wounded people was not registered.

Although social media spread the rumor that it was a confrontation in which six assassins of Los Viagras were injured, according to the Security Table for Peace, it was only a strategy of the CJNG to raise awareness of its presence in Apatzingán. (source)

This video is a public exhibition of the reality that our contacts on the ground have conveyed to us previously.

From what our contacts have told us, Apatzingan is currently in a state of tenuous peace because the fighting is between drug cartels for control. Two of those cartels, as the article notes, are Los Viagras and the openly satanic and practitioners of cannibalism CJNG cartel.

The issue right now is not so much affecting the townspeople itself, but what will happen in the future from what we have been told is that whichever cartel “wins” the “war” going on right now will attempt to take over the town and try to reproduce the same horrors as before.

There are many good Christian men and women, most of them poor farmers, who live there and are preparing to take up arms against the cartels as part of the autodefensas militias, something which Ted has covered in his documentary Hell Across The Border:

These people are willing to fight the cartels. They do not expect help from the government. While this is good, many of them will likely be injured or killed, including their families and friends.

There are Christians all around the world who need help from persecution. While Mexico has a long Christian history, the fact is that with the rise of the drug cartels and the paganism they are inseparably linked to, they are directly persecuting Christians of good will as well as anybody who stands against them out of their hatred for the faith and a desire to return Mexico to her pagan past, which includes the horrors of human sacrifice and cannibalism.

This is not in some nation far away either. These are Christians in the Western hemisphere, at just 789 miles from the major US port and border town of Laredo, TX:

But let’s say one is further away. Americans always hear about how “politicians in Washington” are “far removed” from what is “really going on.”

The distance from Washington, DC to Apatzingan is 2,488 miles:

Now compare that with the drive from Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA- two major American cities.

The distance is 2, 637 miles, almost 150 miles more:

Let’s take this even further. Consider a drive from Presque Isle, ME to Apatzingan, which is possibly the furthest point to the city in the US that one could take from that city. The distance is 3,291 miles:

Now let’s compare that again with the distance from Seattle, WA now to the other major American city of Miami FL.

The distance is 3,299 miles- still eight miles more than to Apatzingan:

The fact is that the distance from practically anywhere in the US to this little town in Mexico is closer than points between some major American cities. There is more physical distance between them than to Mexico.

What happens in this town matters because it is in the US’s backyard, and Christians are being slaughtered right now there and that slaughter is only going to get worse.

One does not have to look far to find Christian persecution. It is already here, it is going to worsen if nothing is done about it, and because it is so close, it is also easier for people nearby who want to help to be able to help.

Once again, THANK YOU to everybody who has supported and to those who continue to support our work with these and the many other persecuted Christians we have helped. Without your generosity and encouragement it would not have been possible, and as noted before, we are actively working on more plans to help these people that we will be informing you of as they develop.