To Be A Light In A Dark And Violent Place, Rescue Christians Funds The Construction Of A Pharmacy Where Poor People Can Get Free Medicine

By Walid Shoebat

Our organization, Rescue Christians, funded the building of a pharmacy for the poor in the small Mexican town of Apatzingan, which was recently devastated by cartel violence. We worked with a local priest, Fr. Jose Luis Segura Barragan, and he coordinated the construction of the pharmacy, where poor people can receive medicine without having to pay for it, and thus not get drained economically. The medicine was kindly donated by local doctors.

Here is the beginning of the construction:

And this is how it looks like now:

And to know how much money was spent, and for what, here is the list documenting the expenditures:

Rescue Christians will continue to do work in Mexico, thanks to your extremely generous donations. We will be keeping you all updated on the next project that we have in Mexico.

God bless you all and merry Christmas.

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