Obama Did Not Pay For Your Mortgage, Trump Did Not And Will Not Build The Wall, And Andrew Yang Is Absolutely NOT Going To Give You $1000 A Month

The cheering for Andrew Yang among many former Trump supporters should be of concern to the entire US. The issue is not so much one of what kind of socialism, but what emphasis, for the difference between national socialism (Nazism) and international socialism (Communism) is but one of emphasis. The former emphasizes blood and soil, and latter emphasizes economics and class, and both directly overlap many times and can be indistinguishable as the are simply points of emphasis withing the same philosophy.

The support for Obama was driven by Socialism. One may remember the infamous interview with a lady at an Obama rally who said that she is voting for Obama because she believed that in doing so, she would never have to work again and he would “put gas in my car”:

This is an example of blatant socialism. She believed that OBAMA was going to give her free money and stuff.

That never happened to her or anybody else. However, what did expand was general welfare for the public. One may remember the expansion of the government phone plan, known as the “Obamaphone”:

Now welfare in itself is not per se a bad thing. For while there are many abuses of welfare, it has also helped many people, and the amount spent on welfare is small in comparison to say, to the amount the US spends each year in Afghanistan or Iraq. Indeed, the current welfare system was engineered in such a way so to make the government the sole supplier of welfare and actually to strip power from the churches by enforcing a strict separation of church and state and as a result, to prepare the way for socialism over a century ago. As such the problem is less charity or welfare in itself, but what said welfare stands for as a philosophical principle, in that the people are told and encourage to vote for the expropriation of wealth from others for their own benefit, for once this idea has become instilled in the public mind, which it has been now for a long time, then a nation in its current form is over because most of the times, the people will simply transfer all of the money to themselves without any regard for the care of the country at large.

This process began a century ago, and was greatly exacerbated by the irresponsible actions of the Boomers. While all generations are to blame in some way, it is unmistakable that it was under the “Boomer” generation that much of the great wealth and prosperity which America had they kept for themselves and passed along the costs to their progeny through a series of short-term beneficial but long-term destructive actions including but not limited to the expansion of loans, excessive expenditures, outsourcing, and money modification so to enlarge profits in the name of sheer greed. Their children, who for the most part were Millennials, have been the first generation to seriously bear the costs of these actions, and now for the most part find themselves with tens of thousands of dollars in debt that cannot be legally discharged through bankruptcy (student loans) and as a result are unable to buy homes, and given the economic changes brought about by the realignment of the job market through outsourcing and downsizing and creating a cutthroat corporate culture more so than what it already way, Millennials find themselves broke and miserable.

While some economists complain that Millennials do not want to work, and that they are “killing industries,” and they are just sitting around eating avocado toast, it ignores the reality that the Millennials are a demoralized, impoverished, and desperate generation looking for small bits of sanity it a world where the future they had was, in many ways, stolen from them and they were abandoned to fend for themselves. A similar pattern is repeating itself with GenZ as well, but given that they are younger and are yet to acquire large amounts of debt, they have the ability to choose a slightly different path so to avoid the same fate. However, they are no less angry.

The millennials are looking for a savior, just as many people were under Obama. However, when Obama was elected for the first term, the oldest of the millennials was 26 and for his second term, 30. Now, the oldest of the millennials will be 38 for 2020, and 42 for 2024. They are not young anymore, and are taking their place in society with GenZ from the Boomers and GenX. Their anger and sadness has not decreased, but only increased because many of them have never been married, nor had children, nor been able to purchase a home, something most of their parents already did by this time.

So when a man comes along, a fellow millennial, and says “Here, I will give you a thousand dollars a month,” it sounds pretty good. The memes on 4Chan that are appearing illustrate this:



Now I criticized Obama for people viewing him through a socialist light, and specifically that Obama “will pay my mortgage.” Many people- mostly Boomers -voted for Trump because he made some promises that on the surface seemed to be very good. As I have explained before, while the border non-crisis is directly tied to political manipulation and government policies as a part of global military operations, the fact is that people have legitimate and righteous concerns about safety in that area, and as such the main reason why people voted for Trump was for him to BUILD THE WALL.

Now politicians can betray their campaign promises. It happens all the time. But the wall was a serious one, and this time Trump seems to have overstepped his boundaries because his refusal to build it has gravely angered his base. Interestingly, the border wall prototypes that Trump put up scarcely a month after being in office have been proved to be just political props, as they were recently ordered to be removed:

Eight prototype designs of President Donald Trump’s proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border will be demolished in San Diego, U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed Friday.

The border-security agency has not released details about its timeline for the demolition, but construction crews have begun work in the area to replace wire-mesh secondary fencing with taller, 30-foot-tall bollards.

Questions over the future of the eight structures — four made of solid concrete and four of mixed materials — had been unclear.

CBP had decided to keep the prototypes, which Trump visited in March, at the eastern outskirts of San Diego, just dozens of feet from the older, corrugated metal barrier that separates that city from a working-class neighborhood in Tijuana.

After Trump’s high-profile visit to the area last year, the structures became the most identifiable and tangible symbol of the president’s oft-repeated campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Since taking office, Trump has abandoned his idea of build a solid concrete barrier along the entire length of the border, and now wants see-though metal slats in certain areas.

Despite his claim that wall construction has already started, most of the barrier projects completed under his presidency have been replacement projects.

The demolition of the prototypes would mark the end of a sometimes-confusing $5 million process to solicit input and designs from the private sector to build additional barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border.  (source, source)

This is not to mock the president, but to note that Trump’s major promise, THE WALL, he chose to fail on.

People voted for Obama to get free money. He didn’t give it to them. In fact, Obama printed money and continued to cause a collapse in the currency’s value.

By the way, in all fairness, money printing began with Bush II under the TARP bailouts, making him one of the largest money printers in American history.


Now here comes Andrew Yang. He promises to give $1000 USD to each person per month, and people like this.

Let’s put it in terms of a somewhat controversial issue- the US funding of Israel.

Al Jazeera news, which is not favorable at all to Israel, puts US expenditures to Israel at about $3 billion a year now, with a total of about $135 billion given since 1947. This is a lot of money.

Now let’s consider the Yang plan.

There are approximately 194 million Americans over 18, which are the ones who would receive the money from this plan. This means at $1000 a month and over 12 months in a year, the federal government would spend $2.33 trillion dollars.

The US federal budget is already $4.1 trillion dollars, its highest ever.

Now sit back and think about this plan. Whether one likes Israel or not, regardless of what one thinks, here one has the Daily Stormer, saying that the way to “save America” is to take the money going to Israel and give it to Americans through the “Yang Plan”. In other words, he is saying “Let’s take away $3 billion a year from Israel so we can spend $2.3 trillion over in the US.”

That is bad math that even the crummiest of politicians cannot foist over the eyes of their constituents.

Regardless of what one thinks about Israel, the fact is that the US spends very little on her in comparison to what she spends on everything else. The idea that each person will get a $1000 check from the government- which would take up over 50% of all national expenditures, is a fantasy and will likely not happen, and if it does happen, it will result in an immediate collapse leading to a hyperinflation of the US currency because printing money devalues the money itself, especially when it is done in large amounts.

What Yang is advocating for is not “saving” America and making people rich, but the stealing and destruction of wealth through hyperinflation that will lead to a small rich class and a massive poor class, and the utter destruction of society.

Yet people do not want to see this. As the memes on 4Chan state, they want free money.

There is no such thing in life as free money. There are things like stealing, robbery, and legalized theft- all things which many people who have a lot of money did in order to get wealthy, including Trump. However, the idea that one will just “give” money away is a recipe for disaster. If anything, it will lead to the horrors of the old world, including “reeducation camps” for those who refuse to comply.

Obama did not give you “Obama money.” He gave you Obama debt.

Trump did not give you a wall. He gave you more debt coupled with nationalism and an inclination to socialism.

Andrew Yang is not your savior. He is not going to give you $1000 a month. If anything, he is going to take it from you and create the conditions for putting you to work in a mine somewhere in Wyoming or Alaska.

History does not repeat, but it is a song that rhymes.

Beware of the next verse and its tune.

This is a real bank note, worth about 40 US cents.

If Yang gives people a thousand dollars a month, it will be similar to this, because a policy of money printing will only devalue the currency.