Iraqi Man Beats His Friend To Death, Then Cuts The Body Into Pieces, Covers The Pieces With Spices, And Cooks Them

Violent and disturbing crimes have been on the rise throughout the world. In a recent story out of Finland, an Iraqi man beat a friend to death in what appears to have been an argument. However, what he did next has shocked many people, including Finnish police, as the man proceeded to cut up his friend with a saw, cover the remains in spices and other ingredients, and then cooked him. Some of the pieces of his remains still have yet to be found according to a report:

A 43-year-old Iraqi man in the Kymenlaakso District Court was charged with killing and breaking a graveyard. According to the prosecutor, a 43-year-old kicked and beat a 35-year-old acquaintance to death and then treated the body in many ways.

The act took place in an apartment building on 26 August 2018 in an apartment in Haltijantie 8 A, Kotka. According to the accusation, the 43-year-old hit and kicked the victim to death.

The apartment was quarreled and killed. Downstairs neighbors had heard the noise. The bloodshed of the apartment also referred to a fight.

The neighbors also heard silence and chin. They called the police who visited the door in the evening. However, the 43-year-old did not open the door and the police patrol left.

The 43-year-old was only captured about two months later on 23 October.

The accused denied the charges. According to a 43-year-old, he did not commit violence to a very good friend, but he encountered an unexpected sudden death when they were arguing.

He admitted that he was guilty of a breach of the burial ground.

– He did not know that we could do a forensic investigation to find out the cause of death. He assumed that if his apartment had a body, he would be guilty of a 43-year-old assistant.

– If he knew it, he would have called the police. After the act, she had hit herself and moaned. He was in shock.

They were familiar

According to the prosecutor, the suspect and the victim were familiar. They had met at the reception center six years ago. The investigation itself began as a disappearance when the victim’s spouse reported the disappearance to the police.

The spouse had been in contact with a 43-year-old, but he had not told about the death, but lied to the victim who had met the spouse at the Amira station at the beginning of September.

According to the prosecutor, the 43-year-old was also guilty of breaking the graveyard. The 43-year-old had treated the body in an awakening way. The purpose was to cover up the crime.

According to the prosecutor, on the day after the act, the 43-year-old bought electric saw-saw and waste bags at Tokmanni. He moved the victim’s car to another place away from the Hall of the Hosts.

The 43-year-old had digged a pit into the forest where the body was supposed to be exported, but he couldn’t bear it. In this way he had decided to cut the body.

The victim was cut up
The victim was cut with a knife and saw. The neighbors had heard the sound of sawing from the apartment, and they thought that there would be repairs there.

The 43-year-old told the police that he had lost his legs and hands. Thereafter, they were sawn smaller than the joints.

Thereafter, the body parts were heated with a gentle or oven and the tissues removed.

Bones were washed several times. Some of them were painted with light paint. The bones were also broken and sawed smaller. The bones were placed in forty-five bags that also contained spices and detergents.

The bones were dropped so thoroughly that the bone marrow was removed.

The bags were hidden in the apartment, including the kitchen sink and under the oven. Some man hid in the freezer.

There were 47 bones
In the search, the police found 47 bones. The upper bone was the sclera and the lower leg bones. All other bodies except these bones were missing.

The other parts of the body had been destroyed in an unknown way.

The 43-year-old told me that he had left the apartment to the upper body and head off. According to the man, they had been taken to a waterway in Nurmijärvi.

According to the prosecutor, the story of taking over the upper body is not correct, because there were ribs in the apartment.

The prosecutor pointed out that the accused had worked as a garbage truck driver in the metropolitan area. (source, source)