Online Memes Are Already Using The New Zealand Shooting To Promote A Race War

For years, has warned about the dangers of Islam as well as the dangers of using the legitimate threat of Islam as a means to revive the evils that plunged Europe and the world into war during the 19th and 20th centuries. These include nationalism, paganism, occultism, and darwinism. One cannot “fight the Muslims” while at the same time promoting philosophies that are mutually evil, for one evil does not substitute for another. To be a Christian is to fight all evils, and one does not partner or take as a friend one evil in the name of fighting another.

This has been the man focuses that we have emphasized, for while there are “better” political sides than others which one can at times work with, the fact is that the Faith comes before any political party. To say otherwise is to promote a contemporary version of idolatry.

Something I have noticed in light of the recent shootings in New Zealand is an increase in calls for “race war” and the mass murder of Muslims in the name of advancing and protecting national interests.

The examples are many across a variety of messageboards, but many are concentrated throughout the “Politically Incorrect” (/pol/) and “Random” (/b/) boards on 4Chan. Two of such examples are below:

In the above image, the character is supposed to be carrying the exact weapon, complete with the same markings, and the manifesto the shooter had. In the bottom one, this is a still from the shooting video with a “breaking news” title superimposed over it.

This is not something that is isolated to just this board and the people who post on it. There are many people who are becoming inclined to support or have now professed their support of violence using the shooting as the reason:


One can read one of the threads discussing this here, or here.

Notice how the anger crosses all generations. It is not just a “millennial” or “boomer” or “GenZ” thing, but encompasses all of them. This is not to say that Islam is not a threat- but rather to say that one problem is not solved by creating another problem, which in this case is mass murder.

One should remember that the willful murder of the innocent is only one of four sins in the Bible along with the sin of Sodom, the oppression of the widow and orphan, and the deprivation of the working man of his justly earned wages, that cries out to Heaven for vengeance.

There are also many questions with this attack, for as we have noted, the circumstances are highly suspicious and suggest something much larger at work. The poor use of Christian imagery and allusions to Christian history was absolutely overshadowed by the blatant paganism and nationalism used by the shooter, and the more one looks into the case, the more suspicious are the circumstances.

It is a consistent pattern that throughout history, crises are manufactured in order to precipitate another crisis or series of crises, of which the ultimate end is it the acquisition of power. The “refugee crisis” of 2015 and 2016 was a quintessential example of this, which we at exposed was directly manufactured by the governments of Europe and the US working with major corporations for the purpose of causing social stress in order to compel the people of the nations to become nationalistic and eventually to parlay said militarism into nationalism. You can read our stories on it here and here.

There is a threat from Islam, but one must not look to Islam and the end because the purpose of said terrorism is not simply to terrorize people, but it is to use it to bring about the conditions for a war and eventually, to attack the Church, for the antidote to the problems of today and the only force of moral opposition throughout history that has stood against this has been the Church.

In the previous two world wars, the Church has been spared much violence. Indeed it is not without historical precedent that the Church was physically attacked and even invaded to some extent throughout Christian history. However, given the open prevalence of homosexuality and the unwillingness of so many in the hierarchy do deal with the issue, as this is a serious sin with deadly consequences, it would not be a surprise that the Church was attacked in a grave way, as many great saints and even holy popes have prophesied in the recent past.

And make no mistake either, this is not the “end” of the Church, for Christ promised that the Church would not be overtaken by the gates of hell. What it does mean is that, very possibly so, we are currently seated at the threshold of a new era of Christian persecution, not in the Middle East, Africa, or Asia, but this time in the Western world as a collaborative effort between Muslim and pagan.

There is much to distract one’s attention right now, but the main focus of all should be not on the particular events, but on self preparation. This is not to say to ignore what is happening, but rather to place it into context of the greater trend towards a Third World War.

If this was in Russia in the years between 1905 and 1917, or Germany between 1923 and 1939, one could be aware of what is happened but at the same time would know directly that one has little power to change what is going on because while tyranny does come from the masses, once it reaches a certain level of support there is little that a man or even a small group can do to stop it. Rather, it is for the man with prudence and foresight to simply prepare for what is coming, and to help those nearest to him to do so as well.

These shootings are not a sign of a “revival” of any kind except that of the savage evils of the past century. They are the “warning shots” of a coming major world war, that likely will not be right now, but in a decade will likely be much greater.

Keep your eyes on what is ahead and prepare.

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