There Is No ‘Invasion’ Of Europe Happening- Major Study Confirms That The European Navy Are The Ones Who Are Working With NGOs, Companies, And Even Social Media To Traffic Countless People From Africa And The Middle East Into Europe At Taxpayer Expense has maintained that the “refugee crisis” taking place in Europe is not actually a crisis at all, but it is part of a manufactured plan on behalf of western governments, and specifically Germany, to destabilize their own nations with groups of people who cannot be assimilated in order to justify a return of ethnonationalism which then can be parlayed into the institutionalized support of eugenics as part of destroying Christianity and Christian morality to usher in the advent of a new pagan order not unlike those of the world of antiquity.

Our concerns were confirmed after a report came out in December 2016 (source, source) which showed that the “migrant crisis” was being directly facilitated by major NGOs, companies, and organizations funded by money from the European and American governments:

The list of organizations is formidable. These are not just obscure entities, but major organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children. A cadre of nations are involved including not just European nations such as Germany, Italy, and Holland, but also nations such as Belize, the Marshall Islands, and Panama, and there are even some boats who act as veritable pirates, providing no identifying information in direct violation of international laws of the sea.


These are the “children” that groups like Save The Children are helping

This is possibly the biggest human trafficking operation in modern history taking place right before our eyes. The very governments meant to protect the people the claim to represent along with like companies also who say their goals are to look out for the good of their societies have sold their souls for money and are destroying their own nations for the almighty pursuit of an easy profit. (source)

In a follow up story to this same initial investigation from GEFIRA, they have uncovered further evidence of collusion, except this time with the European Navy is shown to be giving active protection to the smugglers as well as the companies and organizations contracted to perform smuggling operations, and that they in turn are working with the direct collusion of Facebook, who is providing the space for smugglers to advertise their operations and connect smugglers to the European Navy.

In Europe, social media like Facebook and Twitter are removing posts and blocking authors opposing mass migration from the Third World as hate speech. The hostile attitude to literally hundreds of thousands of Africans from Nigeria, Morocco or Ghana flooding Italy, Sweden or Germany is considered extremist behaviour by them. At the same time Facebook and Twitter are instrumental in the biggest human exodus in modern history. Social media have not been limited to a communication or marketing function for a long time. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter contribute to the creation of the political situation, as the events related to the Arab Spring or Kiev’s Euromaidan. Social networks have also become a channel that helps to organize the transfer of Africans to Europe.

In 2017 a quarter of the people on the Earth have a Facebook account, of which 68% are under 35 years of age. Also in North African countries, this portal is very popular among almost half of the population, above all among people below 35 years of age. It so happens that the age of 89% of people entering Europe from Libya according to official data does not exceed 40 years, which leads to the assumption that the same age group most often uses the social networking site discussed above.

Facebook has become the smugglers’ channel for reaching out to people interested in getting from Africa to Europe. How does it happen? Firstly, smugglers create accounts and pages on Facebook where they advertise their services and give their phone number, as well as recommend contacting them by WhatsApp application, which guarantees the encryption of messages. Secondly, in order to authenticate their message, they publish pictures showing preparations for the journey. Thirdly, they publish photos and reports of people who made it to European countries, which is supposed to build trust on the side of potential clients. Important information is also contained in comments under posts. Thanks to them you can find out, among others, who used the smugglers’ services. In this way, through the grapevine, the rumours are spread about planned relocation.

Facebook posts confirm that the European Navy play an important role in one of the largest exoduses in modern history.

The ads inform about the participation of battleships or NGO vessels in “rescue” actions. Several times there was also information that the only thing smugglers had to do was reach the place where the navy ships would appear in a few hours. Such messages leave many questions about the involvement of NGOs or naval forces of European countries. The previous analyses of Gefira team have revealed an important role played by NGOs in the operations of transferring illegal immigrants.

There have been reports before that NGOs offer help in a way that is not transparent enough. The European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) also indicates that cooperation with non-governmental organizations is ineffectual. The map above shows the locations of rescue operations carried out by the organization Doctors Without Borders, of which the vast majority took place near the Libyan territorial waters. The rescued people were mostly transported to Italy, not to African or Maltese ports which are definitely closer. We might ask whether a Swedish ship participating in the rescue of a boat with German passengers located 20-30 kilometers off the German coast would transport survivors to Sweden or Germany?

Doubts arise concerning the role of Frontex, whose ships transport immigrants from boats drifting near the Libyan coast directly to the centers located in Southern Europe. The “Sophia” operations involving battleships also arouse suspicions. The navy’s aim is to combat smugglers in the Mediterranean and rescue illegal immigrants. The observation of smugglers’ profiles on social networks reveals the connections between rescuing immigrants and their transport by smugglers.

According to the information published on smugglers’ Facebook profiles, the cost of being transferred to Europe is $400 per person if the journey starts from Tunisia or $1000 from Libya (data from March 2016). Families can have discounts. The extent of this business is illustrated by numbers. In July 2017 11,5 thousand people arrived from Libya in Italy (that number was twice as high in the same month a year earlier).8)If the black-market price amounts to $1000, then in one month smuggling organizations (and other entities involved) can earn up to $11.5 million. The scale of these actions makes one wonder if they are not coordinated. It has already been revealed that „refugees” had phone numbers of non-governmental organizations to announce their arrivals.

An intriguing situation occurred at the beginning of last month. On 2nd of December, an announcement on the smugglers’ Facebook profile appeared that a “trip” from Libya to Italy was planned, which would be on 6th of December. On 7th of December an update appeared indicating that the smuggling under preparation would start on the same day. The post was published in the afternoon, so it could be presumed that the operation began in the evening or at night. A day later, i.e. 8th of December in the early afternoon, Frontex published on its Twitter page the information that the ship Olympic Commander was involved in patrolling sea borders and saved 78 people. Of course, there is no proof that these people were taken from the boat referred to above, as there is no proof that Frontext knew that there was a ship coming. People smugglers had broadcast a message in advance that they were leaving a port in Libya and then would be picked up by the European navy and NGOs. Now there arises the question whether we are dealing with a genuine rescue operation or an illegal and dangerous transfer at high seas. (source)

None of this is good. The fact that countless people have been brought over to Europe who have no job prospect, no marketable skills, no or close to no language skills, and have been given and are being given perpetual welfare benefits is a breeding ground for crime and degeneracy among the people trafficked in and a source of perpetual and seething anger from the Europeans, which is then compounded by the violence that has veritably become a signature pattern of so many of the people who have been brought over. People have come to hate the refugees because not that they are simply from foreign nations, but because of what so many have done, as there does not go by without a day of discussion of some crime, destruction, or another form of severe degeneracy that comes from this particular group.

Now as much violence as has come from the “migrants,” the additional facts to consider are that the German government has used absolutely no standards with which to sort out people who might be legitimate threats to a society and that with very few exceptions, “migrants” who commit even heinous crimes have their charges dismissed without question. In any normal situation, this would be incredibly stupid, since it means that ANYBODY can immigrate and bring with them their criminal histories, possible diseases, and any other serious problems for a society. At the same time, the German government is NOT stupid- as per their own immigration requirements, they require extensive financial holdings, health screenings, salary requirements, skill levels, and knowledge of German for anybody from the USA to immigrate. It does not make sense that people so far removed from these standards, such as the “migrants,” would be allowed in, unless there was a greater plan.

The rise in the talk about “nationalism” as a solution and simultaneously, the fawning adoration being given to Hitler as well as the renaissance of 19th century language about race/IQ/genetics is not an accident, and it is not simply people who are “waking up” that are saying this. This promotion of a new racism is as intentional and directly supported by the same people who are causing the “crisis” because as they have created a “problem” (the migration issue and the subsequent social disorder ensuing from it), they are now presenting the “solution” in the form of nationalism/racism/darwinism.

I emphasize this is not to downplay the real problems that are happening in Europe right now being caused by many of those newly brought over to Europe and have been for about two years now. They are serious and need to be addressed, but the bigger issue is with the Financial and Industrial sectors who in turn direct, represent, and constitute the governments of Europe and the world. They are using the “migrants” as expendable pawns in a game of global geopolitics and are intending to sacrifice them at a future point, for as one can already see, the anger that many Europeans have even over people who simply appear to be foreign owing to the chaos of the last two years is palpable. It is why Christian refugees who are seeking asylum for religious persecution need to AVOID Europe, because it is only a matter of time before the populist anger translates into political changes, at which point the anger of the people will be taken out on anybody who appears to be a foreigner.

Likewise, it is equally important to ignore the talk that is being promoted about “genetic differences” and “race realism” because all of this has nothing to do with an actual discussion of real differences between people just in the same way that the true purpose of the “counter-jihad movement” has nothing to do with Islam. In the case of the “counter-jihad movement,” its purpose was to leverage popular support for nationalism using the inherent disorder of Islam. In the cause of the “migrants,” its purpose is to build on the anti-Islamic attitudes supporting nationalism as a solution in order to then normalize racism and darwinism while working in conjunction with other movement, such as the “manliness movement” with Jack Donovan.

Also, ignore the talk about Germany “shutting down social media” such as Facebook and Twitter, because it is as much a front made to distract people as is the so-called conflict between Germany and Hungary or Germany and Turkey. The fact is that all of these governments are working together because those who run them share the same interests.

The issue to watch is the promotion of eugenics and darwinism, and then all of the forms under which it will be sold, for just as the Georgia Guidestone point out, there are a group of people in this world who would destroy a large part of humanity in order that they might be able to have more power for themselves in the moment.