Catholic Journalist Ordered For Interrogation By British Police For “Misgendering” A Sodomite During A Television Debate

It was once said that the “sun never sets on the British Empire.” The sun set a long time ago, and the nation has been continuing to drift into darkness of its own creation, as the nation has for the greater part abandoned Christianity and God and returned to paganism, and embraced as such all of the errors of the old pagan world and continues to increase in doing as such.

One of these sins is that of homosexuality and its cousin of transgenderism. The UK has embraced them and put forth laws allowing people to be arrested and prosecuted for “hate crimes” for saying even the smallest of things about the LGBT, including criticism on a religious basis.

One such case has made news where a Catholic journalist for a well-known Catholic Newspaper in the UK was ordered to report to police to be “interviewed” about “misgendering” a sodomite while in a debate on TV according to a report:

A Catholic journalist in England is being told by police that she might have committed a criminal offense because she “misgendered” someone and will soon be interrogated under caution.

The authorities contacted Caroline Farrow, who writes for the U.K.-based Catholic Herald, after a September appearance on “Good Morning Britain” where she debated Susie Green, who heads the transgender advocacy group Mermaids.

During the interview Farrow argued the position that single-sex spaces in children’s schools and in other places of public accommodation should be maintained and noted, among other things, that females do not have penises.

What prompted the police action, however, was that Farrow allegedly referred to Green’s child, who is now called “Jackie,” a biological male who underwent a surgical procedure in Thailand several years ago to remove his genitals, with incorrect pronouns on Twitter.

“I do not know what I am supposed to have done but the police told me that ‘you appeared on ‘Good Morning Britain’ with Susie Green and made some tweets misgendering her daughter,'” Farrow said in an interview with The Christian Post Tuesday.

“I have to go and be interviewed under caution, a taped interview where I will be shown offending tweets which supposedly constitute the offence of Malicious Communications. If you look up the offence you’ll see that I am not in breech. I haven’t threatened or said anything that I know to be untrue or is indecent or grossly offensive.”

Farrow could not recall precisely what she said that was supposedly so awful about Green to warrant police action.

“I think I may have said something about her taking her son abroad for surgery. Which is true. She did. But I guess she is baulking about him being called a son. But at what point did he become a daughter? Because surely at the point she took him to be castrated he was a boy?” she said.

Meanwhile, Farrow has been regularly harassed and threatened by transgender activists. One trans activist even doxxed her ex.

At Farrow’s request, The Christian Post is not linking to one particular harasser’s website, but she relayed to CP that he has written about doing sexually explicit and violent things to her, kicking her teeth in, holding people’s heads under water until they sustain brain damage, and published photos of sex toys he says she needs.

This person has also published photos of her children and their schools and made all kinds of accusations against her husband, a Roman Catholic priest, putting her whole family at risk.

“And the police do nothing,” she commented.

“I have pointed out to the police that I am a Catholic journalist and commentator, and it is my religious belief that a person cannot change sex. That we are in the middle of a national conversation about what it means to be male and what it means to be female,” she explained on Twitter Monday about what she told police.

If she does not go in for the interview she was informed she will be arrested, she said.

The Catholic journalist is “furious” and did not get much sleep last night.

Her story mirrors that of women’s rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Minshull, a mother of four who was also interrogated by police over a year ago for remarking on Twitter about Green’s child. The Mermaids leader was reportedly upset that Keen-Minshull used the word “castration” to describe the surgical procedure where Green’s testicles were cut off and his penis inverted to construct a fake vagina, and reported her to authorities.

Keen-Minshull, who also goes by the name Posie Parker, commented on her Facebook page Monday that she was recently interviewed by police a second time for two comments she had made about Green.

“Apparently Susie [Green] wields unimaginable power over the police,” she mused.

“As far as the transgender ideology stretches I believe it is one of complete submission. Those that even raise questions are silenced with threats and accusations of bigotry,” Parker told CP in an interview last year weeks after her initial police interrogation.

“We all have the capacity to be offended and offensive. We have to decide whether we want to criminalize this offense,” she added, noting that “in a world of billions I would hope the liberty of free speech is one we would extend to all, not just those we agree with.” (source)

Centuries ago, the English government destroyed the Church and forced her people into exile. Many practiced in secret, but many fled for other nations.

Many people talk about the hope of a UK that returns to Christianity. However, this cannot happen while the support of Sodom is so strong, as the two cities are diametrically opposed. One leads to the new Jerusalem that points the way to the Heavenly Jerusalem. The other is the way of Sodom and her sister cities that were destroyed in a fire that scientists have proven was hotter than the sun.

Sodom and Islam can co-exist without a problem because, while many people believe the lie that “Islam hates gays,” the opposite is the reality. Islam loves sodomy and allows for sodomy and transgenderism so long as it is done in the boundaries of Islamic law. Its opposition is not based on principle, but on praxis, thus making the Islamic opposition one of a fight similar to the squabbles between Democrat and Republican in the US and not one of actual philosophical difference.

It is not a surprise given this history that the British government continues to persecute the Church. If such behavior continues, which it would not be unsurprising if it did, then Britain could easily continue into her own cycle of self-destruction, fighting against the only true chance she had to help herself from the abuse caused by her own hands.

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