Paramilitary Organization In Germany Prepares For Civil Unrest In Europe And Plans To Murder Left Wing Politicians

By Walid Shoebat & Theodore Shoebat

“And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.” (Isaiah 3:5) 

So Isaiah prophecied that mankind will oppress mankind. Every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom (Isaiah 19:2). If people are going to persecute each other in mass civil unrest, then you will have paramilitaries. But if we are to be as wise as serpents (devils), then we must understand those devils behind it. If people are to oppress each other in the most horrendous ways, one thing that will most certainly make a most violent presence will be that of paramilitary organizations. Stoked by ideology, and motivated by the envisage of power and grandeur, these armed organizations will strike. This is not difficult to believe, given the fact that during the Spanish Civil War, paramilitary organizations wreaked havoc across the country.

Today, there are paramilitaries in Europe and they are planning for a time of horrendous violence in the continent.

Recruitment for these paramilitaries is being done through an old strategy of want and opinion: create a desire for something, and then dictate opinions through that want. 

The migration crises of 2015 was created thanks to destructive policies by NATO in the Middle East, which pushed people to migrate to Europe. Germany and Turkey absorbed the majority of the migrants, and soon stories of terrorism and rapes were circulating throughout Europe, especially in Germany. The stories sparked a feeling of want for security. Through this want, an opinion of nationalism and national security was created, and this has been escalating into an intensification of tribalism and militarism in Germany. The masonic paramilitary group in Germany, Uniter, used the feeling of want for national security and the opinion of nationalism to generate the conspiracy of Day X, or the killing of politicians and essentially a revolution in Germany. The strategy is nothing new, and at the same time its very effective.

There is a paramilitary organization in Germany connected with that country’s intelligence service, the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV, like the CIA of the US). This paramilitary organization was led by an employee of the LfV named “Andre S.” but who goes by the nickname “Hannibal.” He was a member of the special forces command (KSK) of the German armed forces (Bundeswehr). While he was in the Bundeswehr, Andre was a part of Germany’s Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD). Andre was active in numerous online chats attended by “preppers” who were waiting for “Day X” or a revolution against the government. Part of this Day X was also the murdering of politicians deemed as enemies of Germany.

These paramilitary conspirators organized themselves through chat groups that supposedly do not exist today and they consisted of not only soldiers and police officers, but government officials as well, according to a 2018 report from Taz. These people organized themselves also through their association with the organization, Uniter. In fact, it is reported that three of the men within this paramilitary circle have been accused by the Federal Prosecutor for planning the killing of politicians, activists, and people from “the left”. 

One of the chats that Andre was a part of belonged to one “Franco A.” who, like Andre, was also in the Bundeswehr. In 2016, Franco A. was in Albstadt in Baden-Württemberg where he was preparing for “Day X” with two dozen others in a rifle club. It is not surprising that Germany’s Attorney General has given Franco A. terrorist charges. Franco A. spent time with another armed group but this time with André S. aka “Hannibal”. The Stuttgart Public Prosecutor’s Office is currently investigating Andre for a suspected violation of the Weapons and Explosives Act.

What is interesting is that Andre and at least a dozen other people involved in the conspiratorial online chats were members of a German private security organization called Uniter eV, which was founded in 2012 by Andre S. and others. This dozen or so people were current or former elite soldiers, many from the KSK, and current or former cops. This was revealed by Taz who got access to a members list of Uniter. 

Uniter denied any connection with the paramilitary training, but according to a report from the German publication, Taz, Uniter sent out a letter to its members giving them an apocalyptic warning about the fate of Germany, something that is very fitting for a group training for a scenario of chaos and war in their country. In this letter there is talk of “difficult times” that would come to Europe, “whether internal disturbances or crises at the borders”.

The letter exhorts its readers to prepare for this coming chaos, with “safe residential complexes”, “settlements with self-sufficient character” or “recovery camps abroad”. The letter invites club members to prepare for crisis scenarios in terms of food and communication, but also beyond. The question is: “Where to go, what to do after the public order is no longer there?” According to Germany’s Attorney General, the paramilitary group was in “preparation of a serious state-damaging violence”, so it would not be surprising if Uniter is truly involved in this but are now just protecting their image.

It is a fact that numerous Uniter members have been involved in this training, and we know that Uniter has warned its members to prepare for a storm of violence in Europe. So a connection between Uniter and the paramilitary activity is not far-fetched. Moreover, there is a very important detail that must be factored in in this inquiry, and that is Andre S. (“Hannibal”) was not just a member of Uniter, but was the founder of Uniter, sat in its board of directors and was the head of the organization. While it is said that Andre resigned from Uniter in 2017, the organization’s register, according to Taz, had him registered until recently. So its obvious that Andre was active in paramilitary training while leading Uniter. This former special forces soldier was also a member of Germany’s intelligence agency, the LfV. Did the LfV not know that an employee of theirs was preparing a revolution in Germany, or did they turn the other way, or did they want these rebels trained? And how can Uniter distance itself from the actions of its leader when the organization was founded by the leader?

Another interesting detail is that in the online chat group conversations, the dozen or so conspirators do not distinguish their group from Uniter; they saw themselves as one and the same.

Also, Uniter has about a thousand members many of whom are German paratroopers and members of the SEK or the Special Operations Command of the German police force. There were reportedly about 200 people within this paramilitary circle, and all of them were either former military or current members of the armed forces. As one German report details, within Uniter:

“according to testimonies, a conspiratorial network of approximately 200 former and active Bundeswehr soldiers has been formed. Numerous interrogations under the file number GBA 2 BJs 205 / 17-5a draw the picture of a sworn troop, which is allegedly not to shy away from the targeted killing of political opponents. According to clues to the investigators, the elite fighters had also created secret warehouses for weapons, ammunition, fuel and food – on the German border with Austria and Switzerland. The reason: independence from other resources for the ‘day X’. In houses equipped with expensive security technology, known in the military jargon as safe houses, families should find shelter, according to the witnesses.”

In 2018 there was a detailed report published by Taz revealing the gloomy spot of this paramilitary organization’s training. In June of 2018, Andre S. moved to a dreary building called “building 13”, which sits on an old military barracks site in Moshback, Baden. He moved to room 123 on the first floor of the building, which was surrounded by burned cars between concrete blocks. Here, numerous paramedics and officers prepared for disasters, such as earthquakes. But these fighters did not train only for natural disasters, but for political disasters as well, such as assassinations. Andre S. arrived here not by himself, but with 24 other men from all over Germany. The host of the training ground, Bundesverband Rettungshunde (the Federal Association of Rescue dogs), was supposedly ignorant of the motives of these 25 men and did not know that they arrived to train with weapons. They were a part of the “defense” unit of Uniter and they were being led by Andre S. (“Hannibal”).

A group photo of the armed paramilitaries was obtained by Taz. On it they could see armed men in camouflage, standing behind André S. Taz asked several arms experts about the photo and one of them said: “These are definitely real, sharp weapons.” Another said that while they could be “very, very good airsoft,” he thought that it’s very likely that they are real weapons: a Schmeisser AR15, perhaps, another a G36 or the civilian version of the HK SL8. Even the way that these men held their weapons indicated a professional background in killing.

In 2018, the Parliamentary Control Panel, which is responsible for the control of Germany’s intelligence services, questioned German intelligence in a meeting for the Bundestag as to why neither the Military Shielding Service nor the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV) intervened earlier to stop this conspiracy. Even Chancellor Angela Merkel was questioned in this parliamentary meeting. Strange excuses came out from government offices. For example, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office stated to the Bundestag that it does not know exactly who is a member of the paramilitary circle. Germany’s Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD, of which Andre was a member), said that it does not investigate organizations, only individuals. 

The Paramilitary’s Secret Society

There is something else that is very interesting about this group, Uniter: its founder, Andre S. (“Hannibal”) was a member of the Masonic Lodge and in fact founded the organization with a fellow Mason. In 2012, Andre collaborated with an insurance specialist who was a member of the same Masonic Lodge he was a part of in Halle. Andre proposed to him that he wanted to start an organization to help German soldiers and he wanted him to deal with the insurance procedures for the non-profit. When they founded the group they did so with a former member of the Stasi, which was the state security service of Communist East Germany. Having a former member of a Communist police force caused friction within the group and the whole organization quickly disintegrated. But Andre continued on anyway. He spoke to his wife about founding an academy and opening a coffee business to earn money.

But then came the year 2015, the year of the so-called migration crises. Andre began to create chat groups in the messenger program, Telegram (a favorite of activists because supposedly its messages cannot be surveilled) to discuss “day x”. In these chat conversations Andre made warnings about the Russians, Islamic terrorists and refugees. In a business email Andre wrote that “the violence and the dangers increase significantly and are also present on our doorstep,” and spoke about a project to build “gated communities”. In the chat groups they discuss safe retreats, so-called safe houses where initiates meet, should the order of society collapse. Involved in these chat groups were active soldiers and reservists, police officers, SEK officials, lawyers and firefighters. They also categorized the chat groups based on geographic location: North, South, West, East, Austria and Switzerland. The North Chat even had members who were conspiring to capture and murder politicians, activists and leftists on “Day X.”

In a Uniter meeting one member, Franco A., asked if he could work with an arms parts dealer because he wanted weapons. At one point this same Franco was in Andre’s home. In 2017, when Franco got arrested on terrorism charges, Andre ordered all of the chat rooms to be shut down. In 2016, Andre relocated Uniter to Stuttgart and began requesting for investments in the billions. “Our investments start at 10 million and reach into the billions,” he writes on LinkedIn and tells, for example, of an investment in a PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) recycling factory in the United Arab Emirates in the amount of 14.4 million euros.

But by 2017, Uniter took a radical shift in its ways. The organization became more mysterious, and became really a secret society. The whole group became a part of the Lazarus Union, a religious order based in Austria, in which initiates are knighted, attire themselves with cloaks and get blessed with swords. Like the Masonic Lodge, members could elevate themselves in the ranks of the cult by going through “degrees,” and in the words of the Taz report: “they give lectures to each other through secret societies.” Former members of Uniter have also testified that newcomers, with hoods over their heads, are led into Masonic temples, by torchlight rituals. Uniter also conducted workshops and invited people to participate in them, such for example a knife fighting course. Within Uniter when someone graduates from command training he receives a badge. On it one can see a wolf, which bares its teeth. The image fits them, for it is indeed a pact of wolves.

The question lingering in our minds is: why does a non-profit organization that poses as a charity see it necessary to have secret meetings with swords and hoods, and to have paramilitary training with its own command structure and hierarchy? We know that the founder of Uniter, Andre S. (“Hannibal”), was a Masonic Lodge member when he created the organization and collaborated with an insurance specialist, who was a member of the same Masonic Lodge that he was a member of, to create the group. We also know that Uniter conducted initiation rituals in which newcomers, with hoods and around glimmering torches, would be led into a Masonic Temple. So it is not far fetched to say that the group is Masonic in its nature. We also know that paramilitary members of Uniter spoke about “Day X” in which they would murder politicians. So on top of being Masonic we also know that they are conspiratorial and revolutionary in their nature.

Masonic ideology is not severed from revolutionary violence. The two, in fact, go hand in hand when you look at the history of the Masonic Lodge in Europe. Let us inquire into some this history.


Just as the Uniter paramilitary cult has a hierarchy of degrees that members aspired to obtain, the Masons as well had degrees and it was based on their own mythology with Biblical figures. This myth went something like this: King Solomon commissioned one Adoniram to preside over the payments of the workers building the Temple. There were three thousand workmen and they were divided into three teams or classes: Apprentices, Fellow-crafts, and Masters. Each class was given their own hand signs and words so that the members of each class could recognize one another. The words and the signs were to be kept secret within each class so as to prevent people from posing as a member of a team that they did not belong to. One day, three of the Fellow-crafts wanted to know the secret word or sign of the Master class so that they could pose as masters and gain a master’s salary. When the time came for Adoniram to shut the gates of the Temple, one of the conspirators approached him and pressed him to reveal the secret word. Adoniram refused and was struck with a violent blow to his head. He fled to another gate, only to be met by the second Fellow-craft who asked him for the word. He refused again and was struck again. Adoniram fled to the third gate only for the same thing to happen, but this time he was murdered by the third Fellow-craft.

The Masons took this story as the background for their system of degrees. It was the goal of the Mason to reach each rank with the purpose of finally discovering the secret word of Adoniram. Just as the German paramilitary cult Uniter used swords to bless its members, so did the Masons use swords to bless initiates. For example, in one rite in which one is brought into a rank, the initiate is brought into a Lodge by being led by a rope by one of the “brethren” who holds up a drawn sword as though he is going to run him through with it. Within Masonic theology there was a strong rooted judaizing. In the first degree of the Masonic Scotch Knighthood, one was elevated to the rank of “High Priest” and received a benediction in the name of the “immortal and invisible Jehovah”. While there is nothing wrong with referring to the name of Jehovah, the judaizing motive was definitely within the occult circle. Within the Rose Crucis or Rosicrucian degree of Masonic circles, they believed that Christ was the enemy of Jehovah and that He had destroyed the priesthood of Jehovah. According to Barruel, these occult Masons change the meaning of the acronym that Pilate placed on the top of Christ’s cross, INRI (which stands for Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, or Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews) to the Iew (Jew) of Nazareth led by Raphael to Iudea (Judea). This was to represent Jesus being led by a Jew named Raphael into Judea, and it was to denote that Christ was not divine but just a common Jew led by a man named Raphael to be punished for His crimes.

There was also the degree of Kadosch, a Hebrew word that means holy. Within this rank, the followers were to recognize that the grand object of Masonry was the destruction of every altar and every temple, and to erect temples dedicated to “Equality and Liberty,” the words of the Enlightenment of which Freemasonry had a strong influence. The overturning of Christ’s Church for the cause of Masonry was articulated in one German Masonic book entitled Denen die es Verstehen, or “To those who can understand.” In this book it reads that the mythological story about Adoniram was invented by rabbis to take away the Divinity of Christ: “As it is drawn from the Chaldaic Paraphrase, and taken from a fable invented by the Rabbins to rob Christ of his divinity and power.” The fact that the Masons would take a story that was used against Christianity as their mythology really evinces their antichrist scheme.   

Geometric occultism was also frequented within Masonic circles, a sign of the Kabbalistic influences on the cult. For example, there was one Masonic lecturer who went by the name of Brother Veritas who gave a lecture on geometric occultism. The lecture was preserved and referenced by Jacques-François Lefranc, a priest who was murdered in the reign of terror for refusing to declare allegiance to the revolutionary constitution. As the lecture stated: “By the square we learn, that God has made every thing equal — the Cubic Stone,  that all your actions are equal with respect to the sovereign good.”

The devotion towards “the Cubic Stone” is reminiscent to the Kaaba of Islam which is a giant cubic stone which the entire Islamic world worships. The reference to a holy cube is very common within occult circles. The most famous occultist, Aleister Crowley, inspired by a demon, wrote of a cube in a circle: “I am the axle of the wheel, and the cube in the circle.” The Kaaba is exactly a cube in a circle of people circumambulating around it. The religious fixation on a secret “word,” as well as the use of geometric forms for ritual, is rooted in Kabbalism. Crowley knew this and was a serious kabbalist who saw the secret “word” as “Tetragrammaton”. As he wrote in his book, Magic in Theory and Practice:

“Every wise magician will have constructed (according to the principles of the Holy Qabalah) many such words, and he should have quintessentialised them all in one Word, which last Word, once he has formed it, he should never utter consciously even in thought, until perhaps with it he gives up the ghost. Such a Word should in fact be so potent that man cannot hear it and live. Such a word was indeed the lost Tetragrammaton.”

What is interesting is how both Crowley and the Masons hated Christ with all vicious enmity, but yet both adulated and fixated upon Jewish occultism. While they hated Christ they followed the occult teachings of the ones who rejected Christ. In the Masonic Lodges of the Rosicrucians in 18th century Prussia, the Kabbalistic system was most popular. Kabbalism also surged in popularity within the Rosicrucian Lodges of France just a few years before the French Revolution. There was also Persian occultist influence. This is seen in a book of Masonry that had come out in 1796 entitled, Telescope de Zoroastre, which was written anonymously and dedicated to a certain prince who the author did not name. The book demonstrated its Manichaean dualism by affirming that there were two gods, Oromasis (Ahuramazda) or the god of truth, and Arimanes (Ahriman) or the god of the lie. The first was joined by a spirit called Sallak while the other was joined with Sokak.

Ahuramazda was the lord of the good “genii” or jinn (demons) and Ahriman was lord of the evil jinn. But within the Masonic teaching, these jinns were “never bad company for mortals.” Such a teaching is paralleled with the Koran which speaks of a legion of jinn (demons) who converted to Islam: “a group of the jinn listened and said, ‘Indeed, we have heard an amazing Qur’an.’” (Surah 72) The Rosicrucian Masons who believed in the jinns would follow them as teachers of occult secrets which would infuse into them a spirit of prophecy.

Now, not all of the Masons were bent on overthrowing government. It was really an elite faction of the Masons who were deep in occultism and focused on revolutionary action. There was a soldier who was part of the infamous French Regiment of La Sarre, who was a Mason. He was involved with his Lodge but was not conspiring to overthrow the government. But he was an eyewitness to a speech given by a Mason named Sinetty, who was entrusted by the Masonic Lodge to oversee the Lodges of the northern provinces of France. In this speech, Sinetty exclaimed that “the time was come, that the plans so ably conceived and so long meditated by the true Masons were on the eve of being accomplished; that the universe would be freed from its fetters; Tyrants called Kings would be vanquished; religious superstitions would give way to light; Equality and Liberty would succeed to the slavery under which the world was oppressed; and that man would at length be reinstated in his rights. … He soon perceived that we were not Masons of his stamp, and left us to go and visit other Lodges. After having laughed for some time at what we conceived to be the conceits of a heated brain, we forgot the scene till the Revolution” (See Barruel, Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, part 2, ch. 24, pp. 371-72, ellipses mine).

It was not as though the whole of the Masonic Lodge was involved, but rather it was a Lodge within the general Lodge. Secret societies were involved behind the curtains of the French Revolution. Voltaire, a Mason and philosopher whose work would influence the French Revolution, wrote in a letter in 1761 about the importance of organizing as a secret society like the Freemasons in order to accomplish his agenda to “crush the wretch,” the wretch being code for Christ:

“Let the philosophers unite in a brotherhood like the Freemasons, let them assemble and support each other; let them be faithful to the association. Then I would suffer myself to be burnt for them. This secret academy will be far superior to that of Athens, and to all those of Paris. But every one thinks only for himself, and forgets that his most sacred duty is to crush the wretch [Christ].”  (Letter 85, quoted in Barruel, Memoirs, p. 1, ch. 17, p. 157)   

Voltaire, who would later join the Masonic Lodge, was instrumental in the influence behind the French Revolution, even though he did not live long enough to see its occurrence. Condorcet wrote that “the first author of the great Revolution, which astonishes all Europe, which infuses hope into the hearts of nations, and disquiet into courts, was, without doubt, Voltaire. … Had he not broken the yoke of priests, that of tyrants could have not been shaken off”.       

The Masons’ activity in revolutionary action even had their own propaganda office which was detailed on and explained by the British historian Christopher Girtanner. Girtanner lived amongst the schemers of revolution in France and studied the movement carefully. He would eventually put his findings in a seven volume book called, Historical Information and Political Remarks concerning the French Revolution. In his account Girtanner writes of a propaganda office which schemed to get the people on the side of revolution. He wrote:

“The Club of the Propagandists is widely different from that of the Jacobins, though both frequently unite. That of the Jacobins is the grand mover of the National Assembly; that of the Propaganda aims at nothing less than being the mover of all human nature. This latter was in existence as early as the year 1786. The Chiefs are the Duc de La Rochefoucault, Condorcet, and Syeyes.” 

By Syeyes he is speaking of Emmanuel Joseph Syeyès, and by Condorcet he is referring to the Marquis of Condorcet, and both of them were Masons. Girtanner explains the strategy of the propaganda and its funding:

“In 1790, the general fund of the order amounted to twenty millions of livres (900,000L) in specie; and according to statements made, they were to be ten millions more before the end of 1791. … They have two degrees that of candidate and that of initiated. Their whole doctrine rests on the following basis, want and opinion, are the two agents which make all men act. Cause the want, govern opinions, and you will overturn all the existing systems, however well consolidated they may appear.”

Observe the strategy: want and opinion; cause the want, govern opinions. This can be paralleled with the strategy of causing a situation that appears problematic, and then using it as propaganda so as to cause certain opinions. Create the problem and then create the solution in order to generate consent to the policy you want to implement. The migration crises of 2015 was created thanks to destructive policies by NATO in the Middle East, which pushed people to migrate to Europe. Germany and Turkey absorbed the majority of the migrants, and soon stories of terrorism and rapes were circulating throughout Europe, especially in Germany. The stories sparked a feeling of want for security. Through this want, an opinion of nationalism and national security was created, and this has been escalating into an intensification of tribalism and militarism in Germany. The masonic paramilitary group in Germany, Uniter, used the feeling of want for national security and the opinion of nationalism to generate the conspiracy of Day X, or the killing of politicians and essentially a revolution in Germany. The strategy is nothing new, and at the same its very effective.

There were also homosexuals in this conspiracy of revolution (as they are wont in getting involved in such insidious things), such as Philip de’Orleans. While he was jealous of the throne, D’Orleans also, in the words of Barruel, “delighted in ruin and devastation,” “deadened every honorable sentiment of his heart,” and “callous to all good actions if he saw no direct means of directing them to evil purposes,” reminding us of the words of the Apostle when he described the subjects of Sodom: inventors of evil things (Romans 1:30). D’Orleans was initiated into the Occult Mysteries in which he pronounced the antichrist creed: “Hatred of all worship, hatred of all kings” (see Barruel, Memoirs, p. 2, ch. 14, pp. 383-84) It is no wonder that D’Orleans voted in favor for beheading the King, Louis XVI.

The Revolution that these particular Masons conspired for consisted of both nationalism and the systematic slaughter of innocent people. It was a nascent form of the type of evil that would dominate Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. Barruel made quite the observation when he wrote in the spirit of Catholicity:

“Let us call up in evidence against the Sect those brigands and sophisticated murderers which it decorated with the high-sounding title of Patriots, and which it stimulated to bloodshed and methodized murder by the fanaticizing sounds of people, nation, country.” (Barruel, Memoirs, p. 3, ch. ix, p. 478, emboldening mine)

Here Barruel is detailing the face of the murder machine of the Reign of Terror, with its orchestrating of systematic murder under the praises of tribalism and nationalism.


A Lodge within the Lodge that conspires for revolution did not cease to exist. During the Cold War there was in fact a certain Masonic Lodge that schemed for Right-wing paramilitary activity. This was the Propaganda Due Masonic Lodge, or the P2 Masonic Lodge.

During the Cold War this organization was headed by the dedicated Italian fascist, Licio Gelli. At the age of 17, Gelli joined Mussolini’s Black Shirts and fought on Franco’s side during the Spanish Civil War and then later joined the Herman Goring SS Division. But by the end of the Second World War, Gelli fled to the American side where he would get recruited for NATO’s anti-Communist Gladio operation. In 1953 he joined the Masonic Lodge, and three years later he joined the P2 Masonic Lodge for which he would set up an anti-Communist parallel state within the Italian government in cooperation with the CIA. Gelli was recruited by Frank Gigliotti, a Protestant minister and Masonic leader who was quite close to the US government. It was through Frank Gigliotti that Gelli was recruited for American operations. According to an internal report by Italy’s anti-terrorism unit, “it was Ted Shackley, director of all covert actions of the CIA in Italy in the 1970s … who presented the chief of the Masonic Lodge to Alexander Haig”. Haig was a US general and the military advisor for president Nixon. According to the same Italian report, Henry Kissinger “authorized Gelli in the fall of 1969 to recruit 400 high ranking Italian and NATO officers into his Lodge”.

Licio Gelli

The Due Propaganda Masonic Lodge was implicated for numerous murders and scandals during the 1970s and 1980s, particularly for the kidnapping and murder of Prime Minister Aldo Moro in 1978, the Sindona and Banco Ambrosiano financial scandals, an attempted 1970 coup, and the horrific 1980 Bologna massacre in which 85 people were slaughtered in a calculative bomb attack.

In 1975, the P2 Lodge was supposedly dissolved. But this was only for the public. The organization still secretly operated itself under Gelli’s direction. The P2 Masonic Lodge provided Gelli with many connections at the highest levels of government power. He would conduct meetings with fellow P2 Masons at the Excelsior Hotel on the Via Veneto, one of the most elegant and expensive streets in Rome. The suite in which the meetings would take place had two entrances so that P2 members who were entering could not see those who were leaving. Within these meetings Gelli developed a project, called “Plan for Democratic Rebirth”, which was his utopian vision of a new Italy, purged of destructive left-wing influences. Even nearing death, Gelli was loyal to the fascist cause, declaring in a 2008 documentary: “I fought for fascism, I am a fascist and I will die a fascist”.     

In April of 1982, Milan magistrates conducted a criminal investigation on the P2 Lodge. The villa of Licio Gelli in Arezzo was broken into and files of the P2 Lodge were discovered. Until that point, such files were unknown. There was a parliamentary inquiry into the P2 Lodge led by Tina Anselmi, in which it was found the members list for the P2 Lodge. High ranking members were found to be a part of this secretive organization. 52 were high-ranking officers of the Italian Carabinieri paramilitary police; 11 were presidents of the police; 50 were high level officers of the Italian army; 37 were high-ranking officers of the finance police; 70 were influential and wealthy industrialists; 10 were presidents of banks; 1 was the president of a political party; 14 were prestigious judges; and 38 were members of parliament (see Ganser, NATO’s Secret Armies, ch. 6, pp. 73-74). Antonio Bellocchio, a member of the Anselmi commission, concluded:

“We have come to the conclusion that Italy is a country of limited sovereignty because of the interference of the American secret service and international freemasonry” (From an interview with Willan, quoted in his book, Puppetmasters, p. 55)

So called Right-wing agents were secretly planning for the next world war in Europe. From May 3 to May 5, in the year 1965, there was a conference held in the Parco dei Principi hotel in Rome, organized by the think-tank, the Alberto Pollio Institute. One of the speakers declared in the conference: “the third world war is already under way, even if it is being fought at a low level of military intensity”. The speakers repeatedly referred to a secretive Right-wing paramilitary network. This, as it would later be revealed, was Operation Gladio. A large amount of support for Gladio in Italy was coming from West Germany, not surprisingly given the fact that it was at this point recently under the Third Reich. For example, a mission that was backed by West Germany was Operation Tora Tora, which was an attempted coup in 1970 to overthrow the Italian government and replace it with a state headed by the Italian Nazi, Junio Valerio Borghese. One of the supporters of Operation Tora Tora was Italian businessman Remo Orlandini. In a meeting with SID (Italian intelligence agency, Servizio Informazioni Difesa), Captain Antonio Labruna asked Orlandini about who was backing the operation, to which Orlandini responded: “NATO. And [West] Germany. At the military level, because we don’t trust the civilians.” (See Ganser, NATO’s Secret Armies, ch. 6, p. 77)

Ultimately, what this demonstrates is that there was a secret society coordinating paramilitary activity in Europe during the Cold War. Today we have, reportedly, a paramilitary group in Germany that replicates a secret society and was planning a coup. The former was using the threat of Communism for its propaganda, the latter was using the migration crises. 

Paramilitary activity is not just taking place in the esoteric sense, but in the political activism realm as well. Back in 2016 Tatjana Festerling, a former member of PEGIDA who also used to be a leader of the Alternative for Deutschland Party, was under investigation for working with a Bulgarian paramilitary organization called “the Bulgarian Military Veterans Union – Vasil Levski”. She in fact was acting as a recruiter for the paramilitary group. Like the Uniter paramilitary group, Festerling was using the migrant situation to market to potential recruits in Europe. She went online to write the exhortation: “Men of Europe – this appeal is addressed to you! Without you this will not work for the Fortress of Europe!” In a speech for LEGIDA (the Leipzig branch for PEGIDA) she called for men with combat experience to join the ranks of the paramilitary group:

“So men, who has a few weeks time, who has military or police training, who is open-minded and wants to learn, who is willing to spend the night in poor male communities in tents in the bush, and who wants to make European new friendships make their way to the Black Sea and support the European allies locally”

Paramilitaries have been active in Europe, and they are continually growing in numbers. The migration situation has proven to be an effective means of recruitment, and they reflect a dangerous trend which could presage something more sinister. Prior to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, both Left-wing and Right-wing paramilitary groups were getting prepared for a bloody conflict. The presence of paramilitaries, and a substantial recruitment towards them, appears to be a sign of that which was prophecied:

“And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.” (Isaiah 3:5) 

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