Anybody Who Praises Tarrant Is A Traitor To The Cross And A Useful Fool In A National Socialist Plan To Infiltrate Christian Churches

In January 2018, I wrote an article about the Daily Stormer’s writer and technical support person Andrew Auernheimer, known as “weev”, who made a video that was quickly pulled from his YouTube channel and the article deleted from the Daily Stormer about how the future of the National Socialist Movement would be to find ways to infiltrate Christian churches and infect them with National Socialism from within, and in so doing to create a syncretism between paganism and Christianity in order to provoke conflict.

It took some research, but we found a copy of the video from the AWM website, who saved it and uploaded it to their blog. We had made a transcript of the entire conversation, which you can read here, but the important parts are noted below:

(backup video link here)

We are going to do what we can now that we have enough people who politically are motivated. We want to do the building of a new church but deeper than that we also want to act as an advocacy organization in general. We want to do the sort of positive Christianity. We don’t want to do this solely for our community. We want the Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, we want southern baptists, we want every single possible group, right, to be energized and to hold our ideas and to hold them and shape them within the context of our own church.

And I’m not, I don’t want to give up thousands of years of Christian culture. But we can’t have verses from the Christian gospels taken out of context to justify sickness and perversion and the destruction of European Christendom. So I’d like to sort of bring the philosophy of Volk Christianity and even of paganism which has always been the root of much of Christian culture.

So we’re going out of this esoteric mode of just posting meme and we’re going to an exoteric mode where we’re going to say in public once again that the European culture and the survival of European civilization is our religion. It’s our faith. We’re going back to that place where we’re going to have our priests and our churches, we’re going to have our people going into other institutions. This is very important. If you’re a Catholic, you need to be an aggressive proponent of our ideology within the framework of the Catholic Church because the Catholic Church has transformed countless times from an ideological-political standpoint over its history. We can integrate some of our ideas into the church, and we can make more of the church look like traditionalist Catholic sects, like the west Ukrainians. (source)

Remember that weev has admitted before he is both Jewish and an atheist. He does not believe in or care about God or Christianity at all. He is no different that Douglas Murray, who will readily invoke the need to defend “Christian values” and the “Christian culture” of the UK while he is an admitted atheist and open sodomite. Both of them are of the same parasitical mindset that will invoke the cross while caring nothing for it, as they view it as a means to provoke the masses in order to generate chaos which they can extract benefit for their own ends from.

I warned that this statement by weev would be something to watch for in the future.

As I look at this shooting with Brenton Tarrant, I am reminded of weev’s writings from this time.

As I wrote in an earlier piece, his gun was covered with the names and historical events of Christian wars against Muslims. However, he declared in his manifesto that he was not a Christian, but a “ecofascist” and given his usage of the pagan kolovrat and schwartzsonne (not to mention his willful murder of innocent people, a sin which according to Sacred Scripture is only one of four that “cry out to Heaven for vengeance”), he shows himself to be a pagan that is merely donning the cloak of Christianity to advance his own ends.

Weev writes for the Daily Stormer, but in an inconsistent way. However, in response to the shootings in New Zealand, weev wrote an article where he described Tarrant as a “defender of Christendom” and portrayed him as a Crusader knight:

Christchurch, New Zealand Mosque Recruited Al Qaeda Jihadists Killed in Drone Strikes

Daily Stormer
March 16, 2019

Christchurch was once a sleepy town. With a population under four hundred thousand, it never had any of the categories of political violence that plague much larger cities in much more populous countries.

Then the Moslems came.

You see, Friday’s events are not Christchurch’s first time being connected to mass murder and violence involving Moslems. That came earlier. Five years ago, Christchurch, and specifically the Al Noor mosque which was targeted by Brenton Tarrant was being mentioned in the news for being the source of not one, but two international terrorists: Daryl Jones and Christopher Havard.

No media anywhere is covering this. They want this story buried fast.


A Christchurch mosque has been linked to the drone killing of New Zealand al-Qaida suspect Daryl Jones.

The parents of an Australian killed alongside Jones say their son was taught radical Islam in Christchurch, where he also met Mr Jones.

Christopher Havard was killed alongside Mr Jones by a US drone in Yemen last year.

His parents, Neill and Bronwyn Dowrick, say their son told them he was first taught radical Islam at the Al Noor mosque.

Mr Havard moved from Australia to New Zealand in 2010. He’s remembered at the mosque by the name of Saleem Khattab.

It isn’t just his parents saying that the mosque had radical speakers. A previous investigation revealed that the Mosque hosted speakers which encouraged active engagement of violence in the struggle of jihad against the infidels.

Jones was killed alongside Australian Christopher Havard, whose parents said he was introduced to radical Islam at the Al-Noor mosque in Christchurch.

Mosque leaders confirmed Havard stayed there and studied in 2011, but denied radical teaching took place. But a man who attended a converts’ weekend at the mosque 10 years ago said a visiting speaker from Indonesia talked about violent jihad and plenty shared his views. “Most of the men were angry with the moral weakness of New Zealand. I would say they were radical.”

Incidentally, this piece from was wiped from the Internet by the publisher while I was writing this article, forcing me to hunt down an archive link to have a reference for this story. Which means the lying media is not merely in blackout mode on this story. They’re actively trying to cover up the this mosque’s history of producing international terrorists. This censorship effort is happening in real time.

There’s maybe twelve dozen Moslems in Christchurch, and they already produced not one, but TWO one high level Al Qaeda operatives. Two so deeply involved in mass murders and entrenched in territory held by terrorist Sunni militias that they had to die at the hands of a US drone strike. And the AQAP, the Yemeni branch of Al Qaeda that Jones and Havard were involved with? They were the ones that trained the Charlie Hebdo killers, no joke.

These are the people that the lying media has the gall to claim are innocents. 

Let me ask you: how many of the Churches of our readers have created an international terrorist? Can anyone list a single such Church in the United States? In Europe? Can you walk into any Christian church in the Western world and upon conversion be hustled into a violent ethnoreligious conflict in a warzone, in which terrorist militants are in league with the governments of the nations they wage terror out of? Is this scenario plausible for any Christian sect? For any Buddhist? Hindu? Bahá’í? Shinto? Pagan? Is this possible anywhere? The only other religion that produced widespread terrorism in the past century was Judaism, and it happens to be another poison from the Levant.

There’s simply no way a Westerner can show up in any Arabic country, even if he learned Quranic Arabic as part of a conversion process, and somehow integrate into society and get into any kind of covert terrorist militia. The grammar of Quranic Arabic is as different from any Arabic people speak in the modern era as Middle English is to modern English. So much of the vocabulary means something radically different as well. “Ajr” (اجر) in Quranic Arabic is the reward for a good deed but in most Levantine dialects means foot. The Quran according to actual spoken Arabic’s vocabulary is one giant guide to getting feet pix. The vocabulary and grammar between any spoken Arabic dialect and the Quran are so drastically different, classical Arabic training will enable you to survive in zero Arabic speaking countries.

Nobody learns classical Arabic and suddenly can infiltrate a military in Yemen. You need references that state you aren’t a CIA spook that got Arabic lessons in college. You need a referral from Moslems who vouch for your legitimacy. And the only place the two could have gotten it is the laity and clergy at that mosque in Christchurch. They agreed with Islam’s pursuit of violence. They hosted speakers that encouraged jihad. They provided the connections to Al Qaeda in Yemen for them to wage jihad. They were a jihadist recruiting center.

And on Friday they were slaughtered like the feral animals they are, by the first force in the Western world willing to properly fumigate that sort of vermin.

Brenton Tarrant is a hero. He did what the authorities in our countries should be doing to assure the safety and continuity of our civilization and people. It should be the job of our federal police departments to hunt Moslems down and dispatch them with such ferocity. There should not be a single Moslem in the world willing to step into a single square meter of historical Christendom. They should all be so afraid for their lives, so afraid of being slaughtered down to the last woman and child that they stay in their own countries and never come to ours. Because let me tell you– as long as a single Moslem feels safe being on our soil, we will never be safe on it.

This same tiny Moslem community in this same sleepy town also produced a public lobbyist for ISIS.

Tahuhu is one of Christchurch’s fundamentalist Muslims. To some, he fits the description of an extremist.
A member of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, he openly supports Islamic State and claims to be in contact with people on the front lines in the Middle Eastern conflict.
His Facebook page features articles and videos about the group and many of his friends are Muslim converts.

Tahuhu said that if New Zealand did engage in fighting with the Islamic State he would be forced to travel overseas.
“I can’t stay in a country that’s going to be fighting my religion. If my country is going to make me an enemy of my country then I have no choice but to go and move to the Islamic State where I will be welcomed as a citizen . . . and not be persecuted for my religion or my beliefs.”

And last year one of the Christchurch Moslems was foiled after an attempt to commit mass murder for Islam. He was given probation.

A Kiwi teenager radicalised online planned to ram a car into a group of people in Christchurch and then stab them.
The teenager wrote a goodbye note to his mother, then started a violent incident, but has since told a psychologist when it began he “decided not to hurt anybody because he did not have the means to kill enough people”, Crown prosecutor Chris Lange told the Christchurch District Court at sentencing on Thursday.

It isn’t just some freak coincidence that Brenton Tarrant shot up a Mosque that happened to be the source of a bunch of active terrorists and their supporters. You can throw a rock at a random mosque and hit someone with connections to terrorism. If a Moslem is not an active terrorist himself, he is at least a moral supporter of terrorism. They all have connections to terrorism, because they all support terrorist organizations.

And they all deserve to die.

(source, source)

As I wrote in my previous piece, the historical records as narrated by the Muslims themselves, speak of the average state of life under the Crusaders as both just and merciful moreso than even under fellow Muslims. Nobody denies that there certainly were those who came or acted with evil intentions (such as Raymond of Chatillon), but the majority were people who believed in their Catholic Faith and overall attempted to live it with some degree of adherence to its teachings.

Tarrant is anything but a Crusader knight. If he is something, he is a modern version of the pagan barbarians that Crusader knights fought against during the Northern Crusades to the Baltic states.

Christians should take careful note of what weev and other men such as him are doing.

These people are not friends of Christ, but are modern day traitors to the cross who invoke its name for their benefit.

The Bible speaks of “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. These people ARE the wolves. You are listening to them speak.

These wolves have been infiltrating discussion boards and are working hard to present Tarrant or his actions as “justified”, and in doing so to try to tie the opposition to Islam to support of his actions.

Mass murder of innocent people cannot be justified. Even the Spanish, who expelled Muslims in mass following the Reconquista and then with the Moriscos in 1609, did not commit such mass murder against them, which the history of the Inquistion itself testifies well about. The Church sought to convert these people, not slaughter them for the sake of their existence.

To that, the times when war was waged against particular groups, such as the Albigensians, it was not simply because they existed, but because they were actively engaging in actions that were unquestionably vile and whose existence was provable beyond a reasonable doubt over a long period, and having consistently rejected attempts to show mercy, so forced the hand of justice upon them as it is narrated in Sacred Scripture.

It is also true there were times when Christians acted in ways that were objectively unrighteous. One such example of this was the attack on the Jews of Lorraine by a Count Emico during the days of the First Crusade. The local bishop, who was horrified at what was happening, personally stepped into to help protect the city’s Jewish population from what was an objective evil taking place:

At the beginning of summer in the same year in which Peter, and Gottschalk, after collecting an army, had set out, there assembled in like fashion a large and innumerable host of Christians from diverse kingdoms and lands; namely, from the realms of France, England, Flanders, and Lorraine. . . . I know n whether by a judgment of the Lord, or by some error of mind;, they rose in a spirit of cruelty against the Jewish people scattered throughout these cities and slaughtered them without mercy, especially in the Kingdom of Lorraine, asserting it to be the beginning of their expedition and their duty against the enemies of the Christian faith. This slaughter of Jews was done first by citizens of Cologne. These suddenly fell upon a small band of Jews and severely wounded and killed many; they destroyed the houses and synagogues of the Jews and divided among themselves a very large, amount of money. When the Jews saw this cruelty, about two hundred in the silence of the night began flight by boat to Neuss. The pilgrims and crusaders discovered them, and after taking away all their possessions, inflicted on them similar slaughter, leaving not even one alive.

Not long after this, they started upon their journey, as they had vowed, and arrived in a great multitude at the city of Mainz. There Count Emico, a nobleman, a very mighty man in this region, was awaiting, with a large band of Teutons, the arrival of the pilgrims who were coming thither from diverse lands by the King’s highway.

The Jews of this city, knowing of the slaughter of their brethren, and that they themselves could not escape the hands of so many, fled in hope of safety to Bishop Rothard. They put an infinite treasure in his guard and trust, having much faith in his protection, because he was Bishop of the city. Then that excellent Bishop of the city cautiously set aside the incredible amcunt of money received from them. He placed the Jews in the very spacious hall of his own house, away from the sight of Count Emico and his followers, that they might remain safe and sound in a very secure and strong place. (source, source)

This does not mean that the Bishop was somehow “less” or “more” of a Christian because of his actions. It means that he is a Christian and a good bishop who was fulfilling the duties of his office to uphold the Catholic Faith, of which as part is upholding moral truth in the face of evil. It does not matter that the people here were Jews and of the serious and real differences between the two groups, because as the Catholic Faith imparts the true and perfect moral teachings that give salvation to all men who believe, it is for the man who has faith to submit to them and practice them for the sake of righteousness.

He who supports Tarrant must be called out or ignored and left to silence (i.e. “do not feed the trolls”).

One cannot serve the God of all the human race and the god of blood-and-soil a the same times, for the two are intrinsically opposed to each other.

The former leads to life, but the latter leads to death.

*It appears that the Daily Stormer has recently disabled archiving services for its articles. This is not inconsistent with patterns of behavior seen before, as doing such prevents people from saving them for future reference. 

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