Drug Cartel Viciously Beheads Man Of Rival Cartel ISIS-Style On Video

Right now in Mexico there is, according to our contacts, a series of wars between various cartels for control over select regions. Two of the cartels fighting are the CJNG and Los Zetas, both of which are very violent and have been proven to practice cannibalism.

While they are violent against Christians, they are also violent towards each other. This was demonstrated recently as the CJNG executed a member of Los Zetas in the style of ISIS terrorists and filmed the horrible ordeal:

Los Zetas Viejas Escuela, a predominant group in southern Veracruz, on its borders with Tabasco and Oaxaca, and the CJNG have been in contention for the territory for years; however, in mid-2015 the threats and executions between both bands grew considerably. At that time, videos of people severed by hooded men with large-caliber weapons posted on social networks became common.

Phenomenon that was part of the escalations of violence registered since 2010, The aggressions between both criminal groups increased in municipalities such as Las Choapas, Coatzacoalcos, Acayucan, Minatitlán and Cosoleacaque, and everything indicates that the rivalry between Los Zetas and CJNG continues to sow terror in the entity.

This Wednesday, March 20, through social networks, alleged assassins of the CJNG broadcast a video in which they appear beheading a man.

In the bloody images, the individuals claim to be commanded by Comandante Catrina and warn that they are going for Roberto Acevedo, Cucho, Martín Ramírez, Angel Castellanos, La Ajolota and all the extortionists in the area.

Although it is unknown if the recording was taken in Veracruz, in it the CJNG directly threatens Los Zetas Old School, noting that with the people of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias El Mencho, is not played.

As if that were not enough, the criminals claim that the square already has an owner, and execute the man as an example for all those who want to change their mind. **

On February 25, Comandante Catrina jumped into the light of the authorities after he hung a narcomanta in front of Plaza Bella for the mayor of Tecámac Mariela Gutiérrez, whom he demanded to free his people from the Chiconautla prison, located in Ecatepec; however, it is unknown if it is the same character. (source)

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