Major UK TV Personality Tells People To Shame Muslim Man Until He Kills Himself Because He Opposes The LGBT

Piers Morgan is a major television figure from the UK who is known to support the LGBT. Following the announcement by the tiny nation of Brunei announcing a penalty of death by stoning for homosexuals, Morgan said that he wants people to “shame” the Sultan until he “stones himself to death”:

Don’t boycott the Sultan of Bigotry – let’s turn him into the Sultan of Gayness and make him stone himself to death from the shame.

A few weeks ago, I co-presented my UK TV show Good Morning Britain live from the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.

We were hosting an Oscars special, and one of our guest star panellists was celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Now, Perez is not exactly a shrinking violet.

In fact, he’s one of the most flamboyant people in America.

And true to form, he turned up in a spectacular Indian-themed blue and silver sequinned suit with matching turban, and a purple dyed beard adorned with sparkles.

His contribution to the show was hilariously over-the-top and entertaining.

It was also very, very camp.

Perez, and I don’t think I’m breaching his legendary love of privacy here, is a gay man.

What made his appearance on my show relevant to this column is that the owner of the Beverly Hills Hotel is the Sultan of Brunei.

And the shocking, outrageous reality is that from today, if Perez turns up in Brunei and has sex with another gay man, he would risk being stoned to death. LEGALLY.

It’s staggering to even write those words in 2019.

How is it possible that any country on modern Planet Earth would bring in new laws making homosexuality an act punishable by being killed in such a barbaric way?

Yet that’s exactly what the Sultan of Bigotry has done today.

The Brunei despot, keen to strengthen his reputation as a strong-arm Islamic leader, has enforced a draconian, despicable new penal code on his predominantly Muslim people that makes offences including sodomy, adultery, rape, robbery and insulting the Prophet Mohammed now carry the maximum penalty of death.

Lesbians won’t be stoned, but if caught having sex they will be whipped with 40 strokes of a cane and/or face up to 10 years in prison.

Thieves will have limbs amputated.

It’s the same kind of appalling medieval mind-set that we’ve seen embraced by ISIS as it sought to create its global caliphate of hell.

Only this time, the perpetrator is not a loathsome terrorist group, but the leader of a country who has been feted around the world by everyone from the Queen of England to the President of the United States.

Obviously, the Sultan of Bigotry has to now himself be punished for his disgusting actions.

But how best to do that?

I don’t agree with the well-intentioned campaign started by George Clooney, and now supported by other stars including Sir Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres, to boycott the brute’s nine five-star hotels in America, Britain, France and Italy.

First, the Sultan’s one of the richest people in the world.

Profits from these hotels barely register as a pinprick on his gargantuan oil-fuelled fortune.

So yes, boycotting them will grab a few headlines, and some people will stop going.

But a similar campaign five years ago, when the Sultan first introduced basic Sharia Law, soon fizzled out, and the principled stars that called then for a boycott quickly fell on their principled swords and returned to the hotels.

Second, the hotels are staffed with thousands of decent, hard-working employees who have done nothing wrong and, I’m sure, share our revulsion at their owner’s behaviour. Some of them will be gay themselves. I don’t want to see them unfairly punished, or lose their jobs, because of decisions made in a country thousands of miles away.

Third, any such boycott would face accusations of obvious hypocrisy. For example, the Saudi Arabia royal family owns numerous five-star hotels around the world. They too preside over terrible anti-gay laws. Do we boycott all their hotels now as well?

No, I’ve got a much better idea.

Clooney says ‘you can’t shame murderous regimes’.

But I have a cunning plan to do just that, only in a way that would work so much more pleasingly than any financial slap on the bejewelled wrist.

Rather than stay away, let’s go the other way and flood the Sultan of Bigotry’s hotels with as many gay people as can possibly fit inside them.

I urge wealthy gay men and women to buy up every room, book every table for breakfast, lunch and dinner; reserve every reception suite for private parties, work receptions, meetings and charity fundraisers; take every appointment at every spa; fill up the gyms, preferably in bright pink lycra; mill around the pools dressed like Perez Hilton; demand Diana Ross’s ‘I’m Coming Out’ is played on a 24-hour loop in every lobby.

Oh, and let’s have at least three gay weddings a day, every day, every month, in every hotel. Make the Sultan of Bigotry’s collection a magnificent monument to gay marriage.

In short, I urge the gay people of the world to rise up and hit him where it will REALLY hurt him: his reputation.

For the pathetic truth is he’s a pint-sized bigoted Neanderthal that wants his people to think he’s a giant, imperious, ‘sexually moral’ powerhouse by stoning gay men to death, and hideously whipping and caging lesbian women.

Imagine how humiliated and small he would feel if his hotels became the very epicentre of gay pride and culture; if every inch of every place he owns from London to Paris to LA reverberated with joyous celebration of living, breathing, fornicating homosexuality.

Then imagine if social media blew up on a daily basis with endless photos and videos from this non-stop global gay orgy of fun and frivolity – all with ecstatic messages personally thanking the Sultan of Bigotry for his hospitality?

He would go absolutely nuts, wouldn’t he?

I mean, losing a few million dollars from a boycott means nothing to a man reportedly worth $50 billion, who earns $100 a SECOND from oil revenues and investments, spends $21,000 on haircuts, has 600 Rolls Royces, and whose 1788-room palace is universally acclaimed as the single most vulgar royal monstrosity in the world.

But turning him into the Sultan of Gayness would be a punishment so unbearable for him that he might, ironically, end up stoning himself to death just to end the excruciating misery and shame such a label would bring. (source, source) is no stranger to criticism of the LGBT, for based on observation and personal experience, one of the consistent tactics employed by the LGBT is to attempt to shame people into silence for pronouncing that Catholic teaching that homosexuality is a sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance and as a sign for all time brought down the wrath of God upon the cities of the plain of Middle Ghor, where the cities were destroyed by a force as powerful as a ten megaton atomic bomb.

The Sultan of Brunei is a Muslim. However, this is a Muslim who is, at least publicly, attempting to enforce the provisions of Islamic law as the philosophy given by Islam teaches them.

Islam is evil, but one cannot say that the Sultan is inherently wrong. To the contrary, the Sultan is attempting to be a faithful Muslim and oppose what is objectively a great evil. Having noted this, there is more positive that can be said about him than the majority of so-called “Christians” in the world regardless of their denomination because so few Christians actually attempt even in the slightest to live out the Faith to the logical conclusions she puts forth.

Does one wonder why Islam has spread with such vigor? It is because the people actually believe in the religion and attempt to practice it as it is taught. It does not matter that it is wrong in this sense, not from the standpoint of objective truth or morality, but of principle, for they are willing to be “shamed” and even die for what they believe it, even if it is wrong.

Then there is the issue of Morgan’s encouragement of suicide. The idea that somebody should “kill yourself” or “kys” (as is stated on 4Chan) is a horrible and violent thing to encourage. However, Morgan does not seem to have a problem saying this when it applies to people who oppose homosexuality.

Using the same logic, should Christians- that is, those who claim to be Christian and actually follow what Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition speak of concerning homosexuality for thousands of years have consistently stated -should just “kill themselves”? Does the LGBT feel an “obligation” to try to “shame” Christians into suicide for opposing what is a sin that “cries to Heaven for vengeance”? Apparently so, because the principle is not that the Sultan should commit suicide because he is a Muslim, but because he is opposition to homosexuality (remembering also that Islam, in spite of what many believe, permits homosexuality going back to the example of Mohammed).

This one leader of a tiny irrelevant sultanate may be singled out because of his opposition to the LGBT, yet this is all the more reason that Christians need to be gravely concerned, because the level of hatred that he is showing to this one man is murderous because of a belief, and a belief that Christians also share, that homosexuality is evil and worthy of death.

If this sultan will be attacked, then one must expect that Christians will be attacked in the same way. Not only will they be encouraged to “kill themselves,” but because of the social level of acceptance that the LGBT possesses the people of society will find no problem disenfranchising Christians from their jobs, denying them loans or housing, and other forms of discrimination that while prohibited by law may not necessarily be enforced because the force of law is only as good as the will of those charged with enforcement to carry out the provisions.

Are you a Christian? Do you believe in what Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition teach? Then it would be wise to consider acquiring skills and working towards various forms of self-employment. To recall our own Walid Shoebat and the metaphors he has used, think about what kind of “falafel cart” would fit your talents and inclinations, and work towards making it a reality. It does not obviously have to be a literal “falafel cart,” but somebody who is proficient say at repairing cars, doing plumbing, selling fruit, or providing insurance through a self-employed agency are just a few examples of many more, for one’s pursuits are limited by one’s creativity and situation that is unique to each person’s life circumstances.

The Sultan of Brunei is one of the wealthiest men in the world, yet the LGBT will not spare attempting to harass, embarass, and make him turn to self-harm. This is proof of the manifest evil that is the LGBT, and why their actions are, as the Bible says, the rotten fruit of evil compounded upon evil that has been allowed to rot into a decayed morass of filth whose stench reaches the heavens and begs for the vengeance of God for the sake of justice as well as mercy to those who are forced to be around the filth created by their selfish, destructive, and poisonous actions.

If they will treat a man such as he like this, one must expect as an average Christian to be treated the same, and in fact far worse, for the sultan can escape to his palace and nation, and if someone should go to Brunei and he is identified to be a threat, a simple order from his guards will put an end to the person’s life. The average Christian, however, will continue to find himself further isolated within his own nation and community, singled out as a pariah for following the teachings of God revealed to men in good faith and hope. He cannot retreat to his palace, for his neighbors can drive up to his house and if they so will, treat them they way that people throughout the US treated European immigrants and the descendants of the slaves for centuries.

It is a formula for the legalized enforcement of injustice, and Christians must prepare now, thinking ahead to what the future will bring and how to handle themselves, for the LGBT makes no secret of their murderous intentions for anybody who would prevent them from indulging their blasphemous actions.


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