Pentagon Openly Admits Plan For Long-Term Occupation Of Syria For Oil, Meanwhile The Syrian People Are Having A Fuel Shortage

Oil is the life-blood of the American economy- stop the flow of oil and her ability to function stops. Because of this, she will attempt to concentrate as many oil and potential oil reserves for herself, and will use force to do so.

The invasion of Syria is already a scandal, since it has resulted in the genocide of her and Iraq’s Christian population, the mass displacement of peoples leading to the refugee crisis in Europe, and is the overthrow of a legitimate, sovereign nation for no reason other than selfish gain. Now plans have been announced by the Pentagon for a long-term occupation of Syria for her oil resources, while at the same time the Syrian people are suffering from a fuel shortage:

A high level Pentagon official has admitted that US forces will be in Syria for “the long haul” and coupled his statement by declaring the territory contains “a lot of the oil resources and arable land.”

The unusually frank remarks were made this week by Michael Mulroy, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East, while addressing a conference at the D.C. based Center for a New American Security (CNAS), months after President Trump appeared to have caved to his advisers, reversing course earlier this year from his stated goal of a full and rapid US troop exit from Syria.

Mulroy said “we have a very capable partner” — in reference to the primarily Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) — and quickly noted the US-trained SDF happens to occupy key regions in eastern Syria with “a lot of the oil resources and arable land,” and added that, “we are there with them”.

The Pentagon official further vouched for the think tank’s new feature policy recommendations on Syria which call among other things for continuing to “maintain a presence in over one-third of the country.”

Referencing the CNAS’ new policy report entitled “Solving the Syrian Rubik’s Cube,” regional Iraqi media outlet Kurdistan 24 reported:

Nicholas Heras, one of the study’s co-authors, spoke with Kurdistan 24. He explained that of the six scenarios considered in the report, “The option that we supported is that the United States should continue to maintain a presence in over one-third of the country” and “should invest more, both in terms of financial resources and personnel to stabilize” that region of Syria.

Earlier this month the SDF and western coalition forces declared total defeat over ISIS after fully securing the last ISIS holdout town of Baghouz.

Meanwhile, the majority of Syria’s population is now under the Syrian government, now reeling from the worst fuel shortage in the nation’s history as a result of new oil sanctions targeting Damascus and its ally Iran.

Even with the Islamic State’s territorial caliphate now long gone, major oil and gas sites like al-Omar oil field in Deir Ezzor province in Syria’s east remain controlled by the SDF and its US backers, something which Damascus has repeatedly condemned before the United Nations as an illegal violation of its sovereignty. (source, source)

But this is more than just oil.

Consider the map below. The green dots are “American occupied,” as in with military forces either there as an occupying force, having a sizeable US military presence, or are American allies in the Middle East, and the red dots are “American enemies”:

The red dot in the north is Russia. The red dot in the east in China.

Notice all of the green dots, and how Iran is right in the center.

Iran has been the long-term target of US foreign policy. Trump and his cabinet of neocon war hawks have done much to advance war with Iran, but he is not alone in this, as many presidents of the past have been working towards this end. To his credit, Obama put a stop to the advancement of war with Iran during his term in office.

People speak about Iran as a major threat, but the reality is that she is not a threat at all. She historically has been no more than a regional power save for one brief historical period. She simply does not have the technology, logistics, economy, and infrastructure to compete as a major world power, and to say that Iran is a serious threat to the US means that she would be a serious threat to Russia and China as well. Clearly, she is not a threat to either, and both are much closer to her than the US, so it does not make sense that she would be a threat to a nations in another global hemisphere.

Likewise, there is the survival aspect. Iran has survived centuries of invasions, mostly from Central Asia. She has seen history come and go, and she has endured. She is not going to do anything to allow herself, as she is able to, to be destroyed by another empire, which is really what the US is save for holding the formal title of “Empire.” Even the most well-intentioned of actions may be manipulated by the US into a “threat” to justify war, and she will not allow this to happen, let alone attempt to do something of a violent nature that would invite an invasion.

The plans for a war with Iran will continue, and without any regard to the people.

Syria is a member of OPEC. This means they are a net-exporter of petroleum products. Oil is a major part of their economy and it provides for the sustenance of their people.

There is never a reason for the Syrian people to have an oil shortage because there is so much of it in their nation. The only way that such a crisis could exist in Syria is if the oil flow was being unnaturally stopped by a genuine conflict, or if it was being taken from them by somebody else.

This report confirms the latter. Syria’s oil is being robbed from her using American military power as the bludgeon, and in preparation for a greater conflict.

It is mafia warfare on a global scale.

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