American Actor Declares That ‘Trump Fooled All Of The Flyover Americans’

Actor Alec Baldwin, who is famous for his bombastic statements, said recently that Trump fooled all of the “flyover Americans,” referring to people living in the large area of the US between the coasts and major cities:

Actor Alec Baldwin blasted President Trump for not changing his personality since taking office and for fooling “all these flyover Americans” into backing his candidacy in 2016.

Appearing on PBS’ “Amanpour & Co” on Monday night, the “30 Rock” star began by saying how everyone who has had the job as president changed while serving “except” for Trump, who he predicted would be “the only man in American history that the presidency of the United States has had no effect on.”

“After he won, which was horrifying to me, because if you’re a New Yorker, you’re onto Trump – he’s not the host of ‘The Apprentice’ who’s fooled all these flyover Americans that he’s this crack businessman,” Baldwin said. “We kind of know he’s something else. But even so, when he won, I thought to myself, he’s gonna change. Give it a year, and we’ll see a different Trump.

“And no. He’s the same now, which – this is the real tragedy – he’s exactly the same today as he was back in November of 2016.”

Journalist Walter Isaacson pressed Baldwin on the “resentment” many people feel toward left-leaning coastal elites in New York and Hollywood after he referred to “flyover Americans,” noting that such resentment “leads to a Donald Trump.”

That was something Baldwin acknowledged.

“When I say flyover Americans I mean that – that’s a show business term in terms of demographics and I don’t mean that with any pejorative sense. I mean, I live in a world where nobody watched ‘The Apprentice.’ Nobody I know in who lived in New York or L.A. or in the world had ever watched ‘The Apprentice,'” Baldwin told Isaacson. “‘The Apprentice’ was a tedious, kind of silly show that was on the air – that was a triumph for them and for [the executive producer] Mark Burnett and all those people. They made a lot of money. But the idea that you’d show an edited version of this kind of hyper-stylized reality show and say that’s who that guy is – this is acting!”

The Emmy-winning actor, who won both acclaim and notoriety for regularly impersonating Trump on “Saturday Night Live,” recalled reading an article about people in a state like Kentucky or West Virginia who “admire” Trump for being hated by “northeastern elites” and how 2016 was their “chance to say ‘F.U.’ to the rest of the country.”

Baldwin called that “numbing.” (source, source)

Baldwin is known for making pejorative statements, but there is nothing pejorative about what he has said here. Trump really did deceive people.

One can say what he wants about him. However, the fact of his actions from the earliest days of his presidency makes this clear. His own Twitter account, which he has become famous for using, testifies to this:

Trump is not an “American hero.” He had the potential to be if he followed through on even a few of his basic promises. However, he has not. Instead, what has ensued is a poor copy of a reality television show coupled with a further submission to the military-industrial complex than ever before, including under both Bush or Obama.

Was it Obama advocating for a war with Iran? No, he stood against a war with them, while Trump wants a war with Iran.

Was it Obama who has significantly lobbied to give nuclear weapons to the Germans and Japanese? No, it was Trump who did this.

Was it Obama who placed all of the PNAC war hawks with direct ties to the CIA from the 1990s and early 2000s into his administration? No, it was Trump who has done this.

Did Obama ever pretend to be of a different political affiliation than what people voted for him expected? No because it is clear that Obama, like him or not, was clear about his intentions, good and bad. Trump to the contrary has lied to the public, and then debased further the status of the presidential office by reducing it to a reality-TV show spectacle,

Does Obama have a list of failed “businesses” based on questionable ideas he left behind? No, but Trump has many questionable businesses which he has been associated with.

Some say that Trump needs another chance. But did Obama need another chance? Indeed, many said that Obama should not have one and based on good reasons. Would the same reasoning apply to Trump?

People supported and voted for Trump because they truly wanted to “make America great again,” but this has not happened for the people, and Trump does not have the ability to defend himself well because his policies have directly contributed to the general and continued decline of the nation.

He was given a fair chance, and he showed through he is. Many of the people who gave him this chance in good conscience were people in “flyover country”. These people were largely deceived, and many are upset about it.

Trump is likely going to win the next election based on current patterns. If this happens, then those who voted for him before have no right to complain about his future actions, for as the saying goes,

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me

At this point, it is a word to the wise to ignore the general political talk and rather to make a careful note of current economic policy, as it appears to be leading towards a crash in about five years, or just around the time of Trump leaving office and at which time it is likely that a Democrat will be elected. It is almost the same pattern as that of the five years under Bush II in 2003 to Obama’s election in 2008.

Politicians are reflections of the people in society. The current social trends towards degeneracy are reflected in the actions and desires of the country at large, and the politicians are going to mimic that because they want to get elected. This is why socialism is coming to the US, because Democrat or Republican, it is what the people want, with the only difference being the form which it takes.

Change begins with the individual, not with elected fools who lack morals and make no attempt to hide that they do.

Stop supporting people who do not care about anybody save for themselves. If one wants to help with real change, it begins in local communities with people you can directly influence.

Sometimes the words of an actor can be correct. To the wise, take this incident as a lesson learned, and the current economic patterns of the next five years as a motivation and respite from real trouble to get ready for, even if it happens later, an inevitable crash that will lead to a serious currency crisis and could precipitate a war abroad.

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