Hindu Nationalists Call For The Forced Sterilization Of Muslims And Christians

Forced sterilization is a staple of eugenics movements. The USA, which has a very long history of eugenics going back to the 16th century. It inspired many eugenicists movement of the 20th century such as the National Socialists, declared in the infamous Buck v. Bell case that the government can forcibly sterilize people. To that it is safe to say that eugenics never died in the US, but simply assumed different and periodically dormant forms before it could re-appear under different names but the same evils in such a way as to be accepted by the people.

In a recent story out of India, Hindu nationalists are calling for the forced sterilization of Muslims and Christians because they are a “threat to Hindus”:

As India continues to go to the polls in what is set to be the biggest democratic election in history, Deva Thakur, vice president of the radical Hindu Mahasabha Party, has called for the forced sterilization of Indian Christians and Muslims. The radical leader also called on Hindus to have more children in order to counter the rise in India’s Christian and Muslim populations.

Speaking to reporters last Saturday, Thakur explained that Christians and Muslims are a threat to Hindus and “have to be forced to undergo sterilization.”

Thakur and the Hindu Mahasabha Party are no strangers to controversy. In the past, they have used religiously divisive language to stir up anti-minority sentiments in their campaign to establish India has a Hindu nation.

In particular, Thakur’s recent sterilization statement speaks directly to a fear held by radical Hindu nationalists that India is being overrun by Christians and Muslims. Speaking to Asia News, John Dayal, General Secretary of the All India Christian Council, explained, “For Thakur, the population of Muslims and Christians is growing day by day. To rein this in, the [government] will have to impose emergency [measures] and Muslims and Christians will have to be forced to undergo sterilization so they can’t increase their numbers.”

“[Hindu radicals] raised a racket when the 2016 census showed the Hindu population under the 80% mark,” Dayal recalled. Although this was a drop less than 1%, it was enough to fuel fears that Muslims and Christians in India would eventually overtake Hindus.

In an election already marred by religiously divisive rhetoric, Thakur’s sterilization statement belies the dark consequences of radical Hindu nationalists coming to power. For many religious minorities in India, it is hoped that the current elections will bring change to the country and bring in a government that respects religious freedom and the rights of minorities. (source)

To the contrary, Hindus are a massive threat to Christians in so far as physical safety is concerned. Ideologically speaking, Christianity is a threat to Hinduism because it specifically threatens the power of the Brahmins and the Kshatriyas, the top two classes who collude with each other and have colluded for thousands of years to rule India by using the false Hindu religion, which is a creation of the Aryans, as Christianity says that a man’s worth comes from his submission to the will of God, not from his race or birth. Many of the converts to Christianity regardless of the form in India have come from the Dalit (outcasts) and Shudra (laborer/commoner) classes because they are the most oppressed in India.

Islam likewise poses a threat because while Islam is a false religion, Islam still teaches that a man’s stance before God as well as his humanity comes from his belief in and practice of Islam. While there are theological problems with this, such as how Islam is able to deny the humanity of non-Muslims and only Muslims have full humanity per Islamic theological teaching, Islam still does not discriminate between race or caste, as all Muslims are considered equal in terms of their dignity before Allah. Even this is a relief for many Hindus from the racialism of Hinduism, and is why there are so many Muslims in the subcontinent, remembering that the three major nations- Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh -all come from the same admixtures of peoples.

Hindu nationalists want to wage a genocidal war against Muslims and Christians in the name of establishing a Hindu ethnostate based on racialism. They want to wipe out Christians and Muslims alike. Those who support this movement, which is referred to as the Hindutva, are copying their former English overlords and the Americans by using anti-immigration politics as well as criticism of the open degeneracy of Islam to justify their political advancement.

Nobody can deny that Islam is evil, but so also is Hinduism, and one does not solve one evil by replacing it with another.

The Hindu nationalists are shameless, even going so far as to use the Church bombings in Sri Lanka to foment anti-Muslim sentiment while they also are plotting the demise of the very Christians they would appear by their statements to defend.

Just like the nationalists of Europe, the Hindu nationalists care only for power and nothing for the good will of their fellow man, including fellow Hindus.

Christians who are living in India right now would be wise to heed the current warnings just as certain people did when the National Socialists took power in Germany in the 1930s. For those who have already left and have family or friends in India, or for those who cannot leave, one would be wise to make contingency plans NOW because the Hindu Nationalists are making plans to do to them what the National Socialists did to the slavic peoples of Eastern Europe and many Jews, or what the Bolshevik movment did in Russia and Ukraine did to many a farmer and man of good will.

It is said that the Hindu nationalists want to act under the cover of a major global conflict. As the world moves closer to war, one would be wise to keep a close watch on India and not to forget the Christians who are living there, for while there will be many people who will be in need of help, there will be many over there who will be without help in a time of serious need.

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