Beto O’Rourke Supports Baby Murdering And Organs Trafficking Organization, Planned Parenthood, And Says That The Murderous Group Is “Saving The Lives” Of Women

By Theodore Shoebat

One of the most prominent presidential candidate for the Democrat Party, Beto O’Rourke, recently gave his praise for the baby murdering and organs trafficking organization, Planned Parenthood, saying that the murderous group is “saving the lives” of women in America.

So this degenerate says that this eugenist and social Darwinist death cult is saving lives, even though it has trafficked the organs of the babies that it butchers in its slaughterhouses:

Notice in this video it shows, presenting government documents, that Marry Gatter — a major figure within Planned Parenthood — was overseeing the giving the body parts to Novgenex Laboratories, which is an establishment in the businesses of fetal tissue for “scientific experiments. Novogenix Laboratories, according to journalist Stacy Trasancos, is the company that signed an agreement with women who wanted abortions that their babies’ organs will be used for experiments, and took the organs from Planned Parenthood. Once this was exposed, through the investigative work of David Daleiden, Novogenix Laboratories went out of business.

Novogenix was working with the Max Planck Institute, the most prestigious scientific establishment within the EU, giving fetal tissue to the European scientists for their experiments. The Max Planck Institute used the brains of an unborn baby that was 16 weeks in development (16 wpc). The brains from the murdered babies that were used in this diabolical experiment in Germany were actually obtained, not from Germany, but from California. According to the report from the Max Planck scientists,

“The 16 wpc human brain used for immunofluorescence analyses (shown in Fig. S8) was obtained from Novogenix Laboratories (Torrance, CA), following informed consent and elective termination. Developmental age was determined by ultrasound.”

There is also Floridian Schödel, another figure within the European medical establishment involved with Planned Parenthood. He is the founder of Philimmune LLC, “a consulting firm which provides strategic advice in the development of biologics, vaccines and pharmaceuticals.” Schodel served as a researcher for the Max-Planck Institute for Biochemistry, and he is also a funder for Planned Parenthood, being recognized by the major infanticidal organization as a donor.

Planned Parenthood’s hands is deep in the murdered blood of children. The acolytes for this murderous group will say, ‘But Planned Parenthood made no profit from the tissue.’ Even if this were true, it would not take away the evil realities of these actions. Someone who doesn’t kill for money is not somehow less evil than a hitman. We would just call him a serial killer. The problem with this way of thinking is that it ignores all principles. The principle is thou shalt not murder. The defenders of the baby slaughterhouses say, ‘but profit was not involved,’ as though it is only a transgression if money is involved. Principle does not depend on money; principle is principle, it depends on nothing material, rather it emanates from the uncaused Cause: God.