Report States: ‘Americans Are Not Having Enough Children, We Need Immigration To Maintain A Large Enough Population For The United States.’

By Theodore Shoebat

An interesting report was released today by Think and was written by Evan Horowitz. It talks about how in the United States Americans are not having enough children and thus immigration is necessary to maintain the needed sized population for the country. The report reads:

There are basically three reasons for this slowdown in population growth: Women are having fewer children; Americans are dying in greater numbers as the super-size generation of baby boomers start to cross that threshold; and we aren’t making up the difference via immigration. In fact, the number of new immigrants has flagged during Donald Trump’s presidency.

The net effect of our slow-growing population is a dimmer economic and political outlook for Americans of all vintages, including working-class voters who may cheer the president’s varied efforts to reduce illegal border crossings and curtail legal immigration as a return to an earlier era of U.S. glory but in fact might be trapping themselves in a less prosperous future.

Consider that an ebbing population also means a slow-growing workforce. In fact, the only reason the working age population is expected to grow at all is because of new immigrants, according to projections from the Pew Research Center. Otherwise, the total number of 25- to 64-year-olds in the United States in 2035 will be 18 million lower than the number in 2015. That shortfall means the remaining workers will either have to work harder, longer or more productively simply to prevent the economy from shrinking.
The population of the United States is coming to a troubling situation, with the fact that the baby boomers are in retirement age and their children aren’t producing as much as they should. The wealthy and upper middle class are not having as many children because of their dependence on birth control, while the poor tend to have more children than the ones with higher education and a higher socio-economic position. Birth control is something that has been pushed by eugenists for a very long time in Western history. One can see the eugenist roots of “the pill” right in the history of its development which is linked with the Darwinist organization, Pathfinder International. 

Pathfinder International was founded by Clarence Gamble, a major eugenist leader in America who was responsible for the sterilization of many people deemed as having a ‘low IQ’ in North Carolina. According to one report:

“Throughout his career, Gamble was a prominent champion of eugenic sterilization and fought for laws mandating the sterilization of mental ward patients and the performance of vasectomies on ‘unfit’ males. In this way he sought to eliminate hereditary forms of illness and retardation.”

In 1937, Gamble provided information on contraception to the native population of the very small island of Bocagrande which lies right near the Florida Everglades. The nurse who was in charge of the program, Frances Pratt, told Gamble that the island was an ideal place to experiment with different contraceptive methods, and of course she was talking about experimenting on the natives. After offering to fund for one year the birth control program, and to pay Pratt’s salary, Gamble had the entire island as a whole laboratory for himself. One form of birth control that was experimented with was to shove a sponge covered in a “contraceptive foam powder” into a woman’s vagina. *See Reed, The Birth Control Movement and American Society, p. 252*

Gamble bemoaned that North Carolina’s population increase was not coming “from the more intelligent levels” and told an audience of eugenists that they were “in a strategic position…to improve North Carolinas next generation by correcting the present undesirable differential birth rate.”

In 1936, Gamble commenced his contraception program in Puerto Rico to get the Puerto Ricans to stop having a lot of children. This operation was done under the Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration (PRRA), a program issued from Roosevelt’s New Deal program. There was one concern about the eugenist project, and that was that by experimenting with birth control pills on Puerto Rican Catholics, Catholics in the US would get upset, thus jeopardizing Roosevelt’s campaign for reelection.

The program was temporarily halted until Roosevelt’s reelection victory was secured. Once that was done, the program was resumed. Birth control was illegal in Catholic Puerto Rico, but the United States began to pressure the Puerto Rican government, and it acquiesced to American arm-twisting. After this, Puerto Rico became an open season lab for birth control fanatics. Gamble brought his foams and powders, but then he began utilizing something different: “the pill.” Gamble financed the first experiments done for the pill in Puerto Rico; these experiments were done by Drs. Gregory Pincus and John Rock, “The Fathers of the Pill.”

Gamble worked directly with Margaret Sanger to further support her “negro project,” which was conducted to exterminate blacks through abortion. In a letter written by Sanger to Gamble, she wrote out a strategy to use black protestant pastors to convince African Americans that Planned Parenthood did not want to annihilate their people:

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

While “the pill” has a eugenist history, there are ethno-nationalists today who argue that the use of contraception has not brought about a eugenist society it is the wealthier and more educated people who are using contraceptions the most, while the poorer, ‘low IQ’ people are the ones using less contraceptions. Thus, according to these people of warped minds, we are going through the opposite of eugenics which they call “dysgenics.” But, these same people will also support abortion because it is mainly being done by the poor and thus decreases the population of people of ‘bad genetic stock.’ Richard Spencer demonstrated this in 2017 when he said:

I think when we think about abortion we often think about these careerist women who otherwise would be part of families but are instead having abortion out of pure selfishness and greed. The fact is that it isn’t like that. Those highly intelligent career women will have abortions on occasion, but to be honest they’re using contraception and they’re avoiding pregnancy, is what they’re doing…The people who are having abortions are generally very often black or Hispanic or [people] from very poor circumstances, to be honest.

And so the anti-abortion crusade becomes this ‘human rights’ crusade. And if you look at the writing of people like Ramesh Ponnuru (of National Review) it is directly associated with this…that every being that is human has a right to life and so on. Well that’s not how we think as identitarians, to be honest. You are part of a community, you’re part of a family, you’re part of a collective. You do not have some human right, some abstract thing given to you by God or by the world or something like that.

Lothrop Stoddard talked about contraception, not so much abortion but contraception, as a potentially world-changing—for the good—technology, or something that could change the world for the worse. In a way he was absolutely right and I think contraception has to a large degree changed the world for the worse. Intelligent people will engage in family planning because they naturally have long time horizons, they think ahead. They aren’t just going to go run and have sex with someone without a condom and get them pregnant and so on…In a way, contraception has been terribly dysgenic in the sense that it is only the smart people that really use it. Smart people are not using abortion as birth control. Smart people are using abortion when you have a situation like Down Syndrome or you have a situation where the health of the mother is at risk. I would say that it is the unintelligent and blacks and Hispanics who use abortion as birth control, as a kind of late-term birth control

So the eugenist identitarians don’t mind abortion as long as its being done by the poor or being done to eliminate people with Down’s syndrome. I would not be shocked that one day many people will say things like, ‘I was responsible, I did not have so many kids, I am fiscally careful and prudent unlike these poor and stupid people who have so many children’ — and that such rhetoric would be used to justify unjust and Darwinist policy.