Satanist Sells Consecrated Hosts On Major Website For Desecration

The war between good and evil is real, and there are many stories of satanists stealing consecrated hosts for desecration. One major online retailer, Etsy, recently had a post advertising just this exact thing for sale for the purpose of desecration:

The e-commerce company is known for sales of cute crafts. Unfortunately, it also permits the sale of the sacred.

On May 7, Catholics on social media were alerted to an Etsy listing offering what the vendor claimed were “Real Catholic Hosts, consecrated by a priest.”

The seller, calling himself “AL” and his business “Pentagora,” stated that the purpose of the nine hosts was “to abuse for classic black fairs or black magic purposes.”

The hosts, he said, were made and consecrated in Germany, and the listing indicated that they would be shipped from Germany.

LifeSiteNews contacted the vendor for evidence that the hosts were indeed consecrated.

“Maybe you don’t know, but to celebrate an authentic black mass, you have to be an ordained Catholic priest,” AL responded.

“There are a handful of priests in Germany who work in the satanic underground. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to tell you more,” he continued.

“Germany has always been a country of the occult. You don’t have to believe me. The right people recognize me, that’s all that matters.”

Beverly Stevens, the editor of Regina Magazine, said the sale of the Blessed Sacrament in Germany didn’t surprise her.

Stevens, who lived in Germany for seven years, told LifeSiteNews over social media that in that country “Catholic artifacts and sacred objects are routinely treated with the utmost disdain by the hierarchy and the elites they cater to ― so pretty predictable that this would spread to regular people.”

Stevens said she had seen sacred relics for sale in a Wiesbaden flea market.

“The seller thought it amusing that we Americans were horrified,” she recalled. “So the sale of consecrated hosts online for satanic worship purposes is completely predictable. I doubt whether Cardinal (Reinhard) Marx would bat an eye.”

The item was listed as “handmade” and therefore did not meet the marketplace criteria of Etsy, which states that this category cannot be used by someone “not involved in designing or making that item.” Etsy also has a anti-discrimination policy that forbids “posts that support or glorify hate groups and their members” and “derogatory or demeaning remarks against protected groups,” including religious groups.

LifeSiteNews reached out to Etsy for comment but was merely directed to the company’s House Rules.

The Catholic Church teaches that during the consecration of the Mass the Eucharistic wafers become the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ while retaining only the sensory appearance (i.e. accidents) of bread. (source, source)

You can view a copy of the archived listing here.

Make a particular note of the text in bold, and if you have not read the history of the first documented modern satanic rituals, you can read a summary given by right here, describing the creation of the ritual, which was the work of Catherine Montvoisin, a witch, and Fr. Guibourg in the 17th century, which culminated in a scandal that went up to the highest ranks of the French court and resulted in three dozen executions and the creation of modern police detective work.

The conversion of Germany to the Catholic Faith was very difficult, taking centuries to realize through both heresy (Arianism) and paganism. Even at the “height” of Christianity in Germany, there was still a serious problem with paganism, which was without doubt linked to nationalism.  The infamous Malleus Maleficarum (The Witch Hammer) was written by two German monks in order to combat the expanse of occult practices in Germany during the 15th century. Luther’s revolution, while it was a “Christian” movement, was rooted in German nationalism that is fundamentally tied to blood-and-soil paganism. In the late 19th and early 20th century, there was the case of Jorg Liebenfels, an Austrian monk who although he returned to the Church as he was dying, initially left and spent many years teaching occultism that influenced National Socialist eugenics. That said, there seems to be a historical pattern of German involvement in things of the preternatural that lead to greater social issue.

This is not to “pick on Germany”, for France had similar issues such as was in the case of Gilles de Rais, a 15th century occultist and serial murderer of children who said he learned his occultism from a rogue Catholic priest. To the contrary, it is an acknowledgement that many things which direct the future of Europe, good or bad, often times start somewhere in Germany and then move out from there. It is the acknowledgement of a historical pattern in the objective sense. Given the enormous struggle in Europe the Church has dealt with for centuries against occultism, it is of no surprise that such also has had a strong hold on Germany for centuries.

Likewise, the above statement speaks to a network of priests that really exist who are trafficking in these things and are active satanists. This confirms what many have said about a “cabal” that exists in the Church. When people speak of the “sexual abuse crisis,” aside from the blatantly obvious fact they ignore of the role that homosexuality plays, there is a profound ignorance of the connection between such abuse and people such as the above who are involved in such evil rituals.

History is similar to the tides of the ocean that ebb and flow, and while not always the same and having true disturbances on occasion, it resonates in patterns that one can see and measure. When certain events happen, it is a likely sign that a set of consequences will follow. It is important to fight to prevent evils from rising, but also to take proper cover to shield oneself from their effects. Anybody who has survived a tornado will tell you that you don’t try to fight the thing, but instead one takes cover in a prepared shelter and prays for the best.

The fight between good and evil is real and will end with the Second Coming. There are many things which are to happen between the current time and said end. That said, one must look to recognize certain patterns of behavior that are historically documented and to deal with them appropriately. The Internet has given the entire human race an unprecedented chance to witness such patterns as they happen and document them so to compare them against similar cases and to prepare for them.

What took place in this wicked incident has been going on for centuries, except now one can see it in real time.

Likewise, it is confirmation of a host of grave evils that have infected and continues to persecute the Church from within and without, which is likewise driving a host of other economic and political events that is driving Germany and Europe down the path of war again that will likely swallow up the whole world.

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