Christian Pastor Declares There Will Be A ‘Move Of The Holy Spirit’ Among Former Sodomites Where They Will Use The “Gift Of Homosexuality” To Oppose Laws Banning “Gay Conversion Therapy”

Sodomy is one of four sins that cries out to Heaven for vengeance. The city of Sodom was destroyed as a sign from God for all time as to the evil of this sin.

However, according to one Christian pastor, not only is homosexuality a “gift” from God, but that God is preparing a ‘move of the Holy Spirit’ among former sodomites to support “gay conversion therapy”:

A move of God is afoot among those who once identified as LGBT, one pastor says, as laws prohibiting counseling for unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion are being considered.

Ken Williams, co-founder of the Redding, California-based Equipped to Love explained in a phone interview with The Christian Post on Thursday that it felt like a threat was put forth last year in California with AB 2943, a bill that was ultimately withdrawn but would have banned therapies for persons with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion by classifying them as “consumer fraud.”

What ended up happening, he said, was the sparking of a movement of people who once identified as LGBT but no longer do.

“In the ’80s, when I was struggling, there was no safe person for a gay person to come out to. But today, there is no safe place for a once-gay person to come out to because of the social narrative being that LBGTQ is something to celebrate and leaving that life is controversial,” he explained.

The bill caused concern among those who had quietly found resolution to their unwanted same-sex attraction and confusion about their sexual identities and were going on and living their lives, many in heterosexual marriages with children. Williams has been married to his wife for nearly 14 years and now has four children.

“When this bill came forward all of us realized, ‘Hey, we’ve got to come forward and go public and let the world know out there that there are different options that should be protected for people.’ Because not everybody that is finding themselves with same-sex attraction or gender confusion is content to live that out, for many different reasons,” he elaborated.

“So all of a sudden there is this movement now of people who once identified as gay standing up and saying, ‘Hey world, I actually do exist and please don’t take away our rights.'”

More broadly speaking, a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit is afoot, he believes. It’s one that will be led by those who, due to the nature of their often painful journey with their sexuality, come to know God in the most intimate of ways.

“God is definitely on the move and He is passionate,” Williams said.

“For me, having had life experience of same-sex attraction and homosexuality and leaving that and having to discover at a very deep level what were the root issues … that culminated later in same-sex attraction. And having worked with as many people as I have that have left homosexuality behind, you come to realize that gender confusion and homosexuality is a relational issue, an intimacy disruption,” he offered.

“The gift of homosexuality, if you will, is that those who find themselves in an atmosphere where they can access God’s presence … they by default have to know God very intimately. The issue was an intimacy deficit so God can open up an intimacy in Him that satiates those needs that are deep within a person. The end state of that person, very often if not always, is a person who is very sold out in following Jesus and knowing the Father’s love. ”

Williams was recently in Washington, D.C., to speak with congressional staffers about his concerns with the Equality Act that recently passed out of the House Judiciary Committee and will likely pass when it comes to a full floor vote.

He explained in a Daily Signal podcast on Tuesday that during his teenage and college years he was “struggling every hour of every day with same-sex attraction,” which for him was unwanted and then “had several different experiences and a relationship for a period of time that was homosexual.”

“If we’re going to call something the Equality Act, it sure would be great if it felt equal to all people. And so LGBTQ, the Q stands for queer or questioning. Well, questioning, OK, let’s take that. So if someone’s questioning their sexual identity, shouldn’t they be able to consider going down multiple paths if they’re questioning?”

“I never wanted to have sex with men. That’s just the only people I was sexually attracted to. That probably doesn’t seem like it makes any sense. But that’s pretty common actually,” he said.

He noted that at various seasons in his life he was addicted to homosexual porn but has been free from it for the past 15 years.

“We don’t really plan our sexual desires. We find ourselves with our sexual desires. And when I found myself with mine at, I don’t know, 13 or 14 years old, I realized to my shock one day, ‘Wow, I’m not like the other boys. I’m sexually attracted to the boys. I feel like I’m more like one of the girls,'” he added.

When asked if he considers what he now does in ministry to be “conversion therapy” Williams replied that he does not.

“And I know over 100 people that have left homosexuality and I don’t know a single one of them that has ever experienced what people would say is conversion therapy, and they don’t know of anyone who has either,” he said.

“It’s this term that gets used in culture that all of us with life experience, we don’t even know what you’re talking about. That didn’t happen to us. And in the movies that are out there, it’s very unfounded. So I have [seen] some things happen that were harmful to people. I’m sure that there are some cases out there, but I don’t personally know of any.” (source)

Sodomite behavior is evil. It is not a “gift” from God but as St. Paul explains in Romans 1, the culmination of sin after sin without a desire to repent. It is the fruit of continual evil.

“Gay conversion therapy” is also nonsense because there is no such thing as “conversion” from evil. Either one continues to do evil or one ceases to do it. Certainly there is such a thing as deeply held sin that can take a long time for a man to work through, but either one is choosing to oppose evil and work against it or not. Jesus forgave sins, exorcised evil spirits, and then told the people to go and sin no more, not to go to the therapist and get “converted” from sin.

“Gay conversion therapy” would seem to be a cover to avoid discussion of the evil of homosexuality to Christians, many who support the LGBT in spite of the teachings of both the Old Testament and New Testament against it.

There is no “move of God” coming to the sodomites save that of the same preaching from Scripture, which is to repent or perish.

What this “pastor” is doing would seem to be to attempt to shift the Overton window using a Hegelian dialectic in favor of homosexuality.

The Overton window is the “window” of what is considered acceptable speech in public discourse, and like all types of public opinion, it can “shift” depending on the social consensus.

The Hegelian dialectic was named after the German positivist philosopher Georg Hegel, and it is a way reasoning that is used to determine truth not by seeking an absolute standard, but through dialogue between two opposing points and seeking a resolution by “meeting in the middle.” The way it works is that the first person proposes an idea, which Hegel called a “thesis,” and another person proposes the opposite idea, called the “antithesis.” Since the assumption is that “truth” lies somewhere between these two extremes, the “thesis” and “antithesis” argue with each other to form a new outcome, which Hegel called the “synthesis.” If “truth” has not yet been reached, then the “synthesis” is proposed as the new “thesis,” a corresponding anthesis is proposed as well, and a new “synthesis” is developed. This is done as many times as in necessary until the “truth” is elucidated.


A chart showing how the Hegelian dialectic looks

The Marxists of the 19th century loved the Hegelian dialectic and is still their favorite choice of argument, as well as that of many a tyrant. What makes the Hegelian dialectic so attractive to such people is because it makes no presumptions of absolute truth. Rather, it says that truth is the product of two extremes instead of being its own end, and that this synthesized truth can be realized through argument.

Remember the argument about a frog and a pot of boiling water? If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, he jumps out immediately, but if you put him in a pot of warm water and slowly turn up the heat, he will be cooked to death without even realizing it. The Hegelian dialectic is the intellectual equivalent of the frog in warm water- it allows men with bad intentions to slowly establish bad ideas in other men without them realizing it and in such a a way that they eventually come to accept their position without even realizing consciously they have changed their own views.


The cure for the Hegelian dialectic is fundamentalism, and by that I do not mean just religious, but intellectual as well. It is the classical philosophical assumption that truth is fixed and absolute, unchanging, and it is for man to understand conform himself to that truth instead of making his opinion the arbiter of truth.

The fundamental truth about homosexuality is what the Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition teach. Nothing more needs to be added to it. However, this simple truth is what the world needs today more than ever, and which so many are afraid to speak about because they are afraid of the social and political repercussions.

If the world does continue on the path it is with the LGBT, then one could likely predict a move of God- just not the way that one intended it to happen.

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