African Protestant Cleric Declares ‘There’s No Political Leader Filled With The Holy Spirit’

American Protestant “pastors” frequently talk about the presence of God upon various politicians. There are many examples of this, including with the Trump administration, where more than a few people have claimed that in spite of his unrepentant fornication, promotion of sodomy, absolute lying the public about the main reasons why people voted for him, and aiding with the revival of nationalism around the world, that the spirit of the Lord is upon President Trump.

This is a reflection of the general decay of “Christianity”, as it is not about God or obedience to Him, but about projecting one’s temporal desires into a spiritualized context. It is effectively a form of paganism covered by a pseudo-Christian veneer.

But not all Christians act like this. Christianity has exploded in sub-Saharan Africa, and while there are problems with charlatan “pastors” and other heretics, the converts to Christianity in all forms from among the sons of Ham generally tend to be more sincere and faithful overall. They are also bolder, and tend to proclaim unpopular truths because they value their moral convictions more than popularity.

A recent declaration from a Protestant clergy member reflected this, where he said that there is no political leader filled with the Holy Spirit:

Northern Region Inter-Faith Organization (NORIFO) has said Malawians should not be misled that there is a political leader who “is full of the Holy Spirit that will lead them beyond the forthcoming elections,” but has, instead appealed to the citizenry to join them in prayer so that the country registers meaningful progress, saying “they are the closest to God.”

>NORIFO chairperson, Archbishop Silent Mtambo, who is also leader of Evangelical Assemblies of God Mission in Malawi (EAGM) said during prayers organised in collaboration with Central African Presbyterian (CAP) to pray for Malawi ahead of this year’s general elections.

Those who are close to God are not political parties but churches; therefore, as religious leaders we are the ones who have the Holy Spirit and not political leaders as others think or say,” said Mtambo.

He added: On the candidates contesting on various political seats, no one has a Holy Spirit. They believe in us and it is us that we will pray to God to give us a good leader who is development conscious and not a leader who has a Holy Spirit.”

The prayers were held under the theme “Peaceful Elections.”

Commenting on the theme, Mtambo said it was important for various churches in Chitipa to come together and pray to God for peaceful elections on May 21.

They also prayed for incumbent President Peter Muhtarika and Mtambo clarified that it does not mean they are endorsing him “but as the leader of this country he is supposed to be prayed for as it is written in the Bible in Timothy chapter 2 vs1- 3.”

He added: “As church leaders we don’t stand in the church and say vote for Professor Mutharika but we have a duty to pray for his good health.”

Mtambo also urged presidential candidates to accept the outcome of the elections responsibly.

NORIFO, is a grouping of 2 800 religious leaders whose focus is to weigh in on various issues affecting the country. It was established in 2012. (source)

It is good to desire and work for the best in one’s nation. However, the danger of nationalism is that barring strict controls by religious faith, it easily spirals out of control into tribalism and darwinism, easily subjugating religious faith to the service of political power makers who use it to control people. This is a problem that is rampant within the Eastern Orthodox Church for centuries before the Protestant revolution and still is today, and in the West is the central reason for the Revolt of the 16th century. The Catholic Church within her own walls has fought viciously against this, and what victories have been won have been done with much difficulty.

The African clerics, because they actually believe in Christianity and do not view it as a vehicle for power generally speaking (as compared with other nations, especially in the West), they are more likely to give a less biased view of Christian moral teaching, even if they are members of a schismatic or heretical sect. For example, the United Methodist Church recently voted to maintain a prohibition on same-sex unions, and the only reason the vote went as it did was because of the African delegates who refused to submit to sodom.

Africans are often derided with terms such as “stupid” or “low I.Q.” and sneered at, and some people believe that because they hold such assumptions about them, they feel justified to conclude that they are no different than animals and can abuse them. The truth is that sin knows no race, and is found in all people. It may manifest differently and in different proportions, especially with regard to reaction times, but the capacity and ability to sin and reach the exact same depths of evil does not vary by race. Morality is the same way, for a man’s moral righteousness does not vary with the tone of his skin, but in the words of Martin King Jr., with the “content of (one’s) character”.

As the West has turned away from God, it has been the Africans who, while poorer and having their own particular issues, who have come to the moral front to defend the teachings given to him by Japheth long after he left the tent of Shem.

The so-called “wisdom” of the world is foolishness with God, for He is the author of true wisdom. While it is good to pray for one’s leaders, and while sometimes the spirit of God does rest on a particular leader, it does so in proportion to his moral character, and due to the fact that political leaders are usually elected as a reflection of the people they represent, of the same character of the people.

Making crass statements about religion and political leaders is not the mark of a Christian, but of paganism wrapped in a pseudo-Christian wrapper mislabeled so to deceive people into thinking that Christianity involves supporting Republican (or Democrat) politics and buying Chick-Fil-A instead of opposing eugenics, sodomy and usury in the name of American patriotism.

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