Will Abortion Die Out, Only To Be Replaced By A New Form Of Eugenics?

Georgia and Alabama have both passed strict laws against abortion, limiting it in most cases. Other states in the South and Midwest are considering similar measures. The states in the Northern and coastal areas have greatly liberalized abortion, up to the point of promoting infanticide.

All of these laws are setting up for a Supreme Court legal challenge over the “constitutionality” (i.e. “social acceptability”) of abortion.

At the current time, public favor rests with those supporting abortion for several reasons. The public at large support Democratic-style socialism, and as its particular variant of socialism is growing in the US, so is support of abortion. The Millennials and Gen Z are so far just as or more “liberal” than their parents, and it appears this trend will continue into the future. Because of a multitude of reasons, people are refusing to have children, and as with many nations, they use abortion as a means of birth control.

However, it would be wrong to ignore the anti-abortion movement in the US. It has become a serious force and continues to grow, and has influenced many people of all generational divisions. It would be wrong to write off as a historical anomaly or ignore because its presence has been made known. There are a lot of people, even people who associate with causes or ideas typically aligned with international socialist thinking, that are opposing abortion.

That said, what is the future of abortion in the US?

Abortion is intimately linked to eugenic scientific experiments conducted by major corporations, universities, and the government through the military-industrial complex. The cells “harvested” from murdered unborn babies, such as the HEK-293 cells, are critical to a number of experimental processes such as CRISPR, which is touted as a major up-and-coming technology for genetic modification.

It would be foolish to say that abortion will disappear in the world as it concerns the actual scale. Likewise, there is much reason to believe that if the abortion issue was to be brought to the Supreme Court, the Courts very well may uphold Roe v. Wade and with that, to abolish the new abortion laws being mandated by the states.

But what happens if the courts do overturn Roe v. Wade? It is less possible, but not an impossibility and if social trends continue as they are, a possibility that at least on this issue, public opinion may “flip.” What would happen if it does?

Let’s review a few points.

First, as noted above, America relies on abortion to provide materials for high-dollar and high-tech experiments. This is NOT going to change because there is a lot of money involved as well as the Defense Department.

Second, America has a history of promoting eugenics domestically and abroad going back to the earliest Anglo-Saxon settlements in the 16th century. Eugenics has never disappeared, but changed forms depending on the times.

Third, and the issue that is often overlooked, is that abortion is but a means of eugenics, not an end in itself. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, never promoted abortion. What she promoted was contraception, sterilization and eugenicist ideas about race. It was from these ideas that abortion became accepted, not as an end in itself, but as a tool of implementing her ideas about eugenics.

Fourth, it is a historical observation that Americans have extreme cases of “tunnel vision” when dealing with issues. American culture is known to get a laser-like focus on one issue and will attack it mercilessly to the point of causing harm to unintended people or groups, but will ignore other groups who employ the same philosophy to the same end only because the means employed is different.

Fifth, is that the support of eugenics in the US is rising. This is evidenced not only by the obvious left-wing socialism that supports abortion, but also by the right-wing use of racialist arguments developed during the 19th century based on darwinian theory but with new faces and words to describe the same ideas. It is the basis of the “alt-right” movement and directly continues to increase in popularilty.

What it appears may be happening right now is the mutation of eugenics from one form into another, just as a hermit crab that, having changed shape through growth, abandons its current shell for a new one. Eugenics is not dying out at all. In fact, it is arguable that eugenics is stronger and more popular in the US than in over a century and is going to continue strengthening for the foreseeable future. What is changing is the way that said eugenics is presented to the public.

Abortion is an obvious evil that upon viewing cannot be hidden. It is bloody, messy, and no matter how small the child is, there are many people who claim to have felt a direct physical sensation of loss after having an abortion. It does not matter if they wanted one or not, but the feeling still comes. This is because it is an acknowledgement that a small human being which was growing inside of her died, and died by her own hand.

Contraception is a different matter not in so far as the nature of the evil or the philosophy it teaches, but that it simply prevents the generation of life rather than destroying one that is already created. Contraception takes many forms, from condoms to outright sterilization. It is private, personal, and tends to avoid the “mess” that is created by abortion.

If abortion were to be outlawed, the next logical step for the eugenics movement would be to return to her historical norms of preventing pregnancy between “undesirable” people, and this involves contraception to the point of sterilization.

Now it would likely not work in the US to implement mandatory sterilization such as in China or other nations under open dictatorial rule. However, it would be enough to create the conditions to compel people to self-sterilize with the government’s assistance.

Most states in the US provide some type of Medicaid stipend for men and women to sterilize themselves. However, support for such programs has increased, such as in Tennessee where a judge ruled that prison inmates can take time off of their sentences if they undergo sterilization. This also comes at a time when with declining wages and more people using government benefits than before, to defund or reduce funding to programs such as Medicaid, often citing “illegals” or “poor people” who have “too many children” as “abusing” the system.

This does not speak to a decline in socialism, but rather, the particular kind of socialism. Many people have expressed support of Democratic Party Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang’s $1,000 USD a month for every adult, even though it would consume 40% of the US GDP, but would rather not pay for Medicaid because of people “wasting money.”

Consider a plan such as Yang’s but applied to sterilization. A young woman with no children would have the potential to receive, tax-free, a gift of $10,000 USD from the government as a one-time offer that she have herself sterilized. A woman with one child could receive $3,000 USD, and a woman with two children $500 USD, and none after that. The money would come from the government, so it would be taxpayer-funded, and it would be administered through “community organizations” like Planned Parenthood.

One can only imagine the numbers of people who would line up to sacrifice their fertility for a government handout. It would likely be very large, especially in poorer communities, where people would say they need the money for bills or other expenses, and it would also accomplish the eugenicist objective of preventing “undesirables” from having children. The argument would be that a $10,000 handout is a small number in comparison to the estimated $233,000 that is estimated to raise a child from birth to adulthood. It would receive bipartisan support because while being eugenics, it is not “abortion”, and it supports the objective of “getting rid” of “useless” people as viewed by many of those with large amounts of power and money. It would be supported by the useful slaves of the left and the right, the former calling it compassion for those who are economically deprived because of racism and classism, and the latter calling it justice for the “invaders” and “parasites” who want to “taint” the “stock” of America.

The left would call it mercy, the right would call it justice, but both would be perversions of both, and so it would not be love, but evil dressed up and paraded as love.

This is only the idea of such a get-sterilized-get-paid program. If one was to add to this the elimination of Medicaid benefits for people with over a certain number of children, it may even gain more support from the public because it could be presented as a “compromise” that is both “compassionate” (liberal) and “conservative” to reduce budgetary spending while helping people to make “responsible choices” (i.e. sterilization).

But what is to be done about abortion as a source of raw materials for the military-industrial complex? Nothing was said about stopping abortion overseas, just domestically. It would be likely that if abortion were to end in the US, that the US would funnel monies that went to Planned Parenthood to subsidize domestic abortions instead to poor nations throughout the world to subsidize and promote abortions there. It would not eliminate abortion, but transfer the scourge without so much as an break in the supply chains so to keep maintaining the current scientific experiments and profit-making ventures in place.

It is not certain, but it is possible that the end of abortion in its current form in the US may happen in the next five years. It is yet to be determined, and right now the situation is too muddled to get a clear view of the matter. However, what one can be certain of is that the philosophy which allowed abortion to exist is not dying out at all, and is stronger than it ever was. If abortion does go away, it would not be because the US had a change of heart, but because this particular form of eugenics was no longer regarded as socially acceptable while other ones still are. It is these methods- cleaner, neater, and bloodless -that could replace abortion in a more insidious form of the same eugenicist philosophy that has haunted the nation for centuries and which has been a plague on nations throughout the world. It would be to embrace the same system that China has, but while the Chinese use men with guns and brute force, the American way would be with a smile and a simple denial of “authorization” from a man in a suit for the funds a man needs to provide for his family, no different than killing a plant by denying it water and sunlight instead of ripping it up from its roots.

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