Donald Trump Uses Emergency Powers To Sidestep Congress And Sell Weapons To Help Terrorists Commit Genocide

There is a horrible war in Yemen right now where thousands of people have died as the Saudi government continues with what many are calling a genocide. Now President Trump has used “emergency powers” to bypass Congress and sell weapons to the Saudis to help them continue the genocide according to a report:

Donald Trump has asserted rarely used emergency powers to sidestep congressional objections, and give the green light to an arms deal involving Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, told the leaders of several congressional committees the president was claiming a national emergency existed because of a purported threat from Iran and was, as a result, giving permission for 22 arms deals with around $8bn (£6.3bn).

A number of members of congress, which had already voted for the US to terminate its support for Saudi’s military operation against Yemen – a resolution Mr Trump vetoed – fear the weapons could be used in those bombing operations, which have resulted in widespread civilian injuries.

Some legislators had warned earlier this week that Mr Trump, frustrated with congress holding up weapons sales like a major deal to sell Raytheon Co precision-guided munitions to Saudi Arabia, was considering using a loophole in arms control law to go ahead with the sale by declaring a national emergency.

“I am disappointed, but not surprised, that the Trump administration has failed once again to prioritise our long-term national security interests or stand up for human rights, and instead is granting favours to authoritarian countries like Saudi Arabia,” said senator Bob Menendez, the ranking Democrat on the Senate foreign relations committee. (source, source)

Many people have said that Trump needs to be investigated for possible serious misconduct as a president. I have never said such up until this point, at which given the seriousness of what he has done here, this is worthy of investigation.

It is a known fact that not only is a veritable genocide taking place in that nation, but Trump’s close ties with the Saudis and Deutsche Bank (you can read more in our archives) beg the question if he used “emergency powers” not because of an emergency, but in order to force a deal because it means money in his personal accounts coming at the taxpayer expense and the murder of innocent people.

If there is anything that Trump has done which would merit cause for an investigation, this would be it, as it is not based on a theory or fantasy, but a series of actions Trump has done that can be seen, measured, and documented.

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