Prediction Comes True Again, Trump Declares He Wants To Sell Military Weapons To The Japanese

Cartoons such as the above were common in World War II, produced by the Americans to support the war efforts against Japan. After World War II, Japan was stripped of her military capacity, having them being taken over by the US. Now, Trump is saying that he wants to sell military goods to Japan:

President Donald Trump dove right into a disagreement over trade with Japan on Saturday, telling business leaders in Tokyo minutes after he landed that he wants the nation to remove barriers inhibiting the sale of American goods.

He also wants Japan to purchase more of the United States’ defense products, he said.

In off-the-cuff remarks at a dinner attended by executives of prominent Japanese companies like Toyota and Softbank, he said, ‘Japan has had a substantial edge for many many years.

‘That’s OK. Maybe that’s why you like us so much. But we’ll get it a little bit more fair, I think. I think we’ll do that,’ he stated.

He said Japan can reduce the imbalance by purchasing additional jets, missiles and rockets from the United States – and suggested the military equipment could come in handy soon.

‘We also have a tremendous relationship on the military, and Japan is ordering a great deal of military equipment. We make the best equipment in the world,’ he claimed. ‘And so, Japan is doing very large orders, and we appreciate that, and we think it’s probably appropriate right now with everything that’s going on. The world is changing.’

Trump told Japanese companies that the time to inject resources in the U.S. is now, citing strong economic growth and low unemployment for minority groups, including Asian-Americans, in his Saturday evening pitch.

‘I hope many of you in the room will also significantly increase your investments in the United States. There’s no better place to invest,’ he said. ‘So there’s never been a better time to invest and do business in the United States.’

He added, ‘We have some interesting trade deals going on – I sure you haven’t read too much about them, with China and some others, but it seems to be working along actually quite well.’

Trump claimed that GDP increased by 3 percent, rounding up from the 2.9 percent growth the Department of Commerce reporters, and it would have been ‘much higher,’ if the Federal Reserve hadn’t acted.

‘If the Fed didn’t raise interest rates, frankly, it would have been much higher than three percent. And the stock market, as high as it’s been, would have been at least, probably, anywhere from seven to 10,000 points higher. But they wanted to raise interest rates. You explain that to me,’ he complained.

Trump also mused about driverless cars, noting that both SoftBank and Toyota had invested in Uber’s initiative.

‘And I guess self-driving cars are becoming a bigger and bigger thing. What do you think? Yes? That’s the future. And if you say that’s the future, I’m OK with it,’ he stated. ‘It seems very strange when you look over and there’s nobody behind the car going 60 mph, but when you say it, I’m good with it.’

The U.S. president is visiting Tokyo for five days on the heels of Emperor Naruhito’s installation as Japan’s monarch.

He arrived with first lady Melania Trump on Saturday evening for the official, state visit that will make them the first foreign guests of the new emperor and empress.

‘We just spent many, many hours on the plane,’ he told a room of roughly 30 business leaders. ‘And here we are. We just walked off the plane.’

The traveled for 16 hours to get to Tokyo to meet the imperial family and attend the final round of a sumo tournament, where the U.S. president will award the victor a 54 inch cup that weighs at least 60 pounds.

Trump will hold limited, bilateral meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Shnizo Abe during the visit that coincides with a three-day weekend in the U.S. It is the first of two visits to Japan that Trump will make over the course of the next month.

‘We really have strengthened the enduring alliance between the United States and Japan. It’s very special, with Prime Minister Abe, it’s very special,’ he observed Saturday at the dinner.

He said, ‘The first lady and I are thrilled to be with you as we celebrate Japan’s Reiwa era. Very special time, and affirm the close economic ties between our two nations.’

Trump noted that his trade lead, Robert Lighthizer, was joining him on the trip.

He said the U.S. Trade Representative has ‘been very busy, negotiating deals and doing a fantastic job,’ including on the deal he envisions with Japan.

‘As you know, the United States and Japan are hard at work negotiating a bilateral trade agreement, which will benefit both of our countries,’ he asserted. ‘With this deal, we hope to address the trade imbalance, remove barriers to United States exports, and ensure reciprocity.’

Trump said the countries are ‘getting closer’ to arriving at an agreement.

‘We hope to have several further announcement soon, and some very big ones over the next few months,’ he said.

A U.S. official told reporters before the trip that a trade discussion was not on the menu, but Trump indicated plans to pursue the topic on Saturday night.

‘And we’re also here, as you know, for a very special occasion, not having to do with trade, we all know about that,’ he said of the face time he’ll have with the emperor on Monday.

The official said Trump would talk about security and the ‘importance of the alliance in deterring aggression in the region’ on Memorial Day, in what appeared to be a reference to Pyongyang’s recent missile test.

Abe has invited Trump to inspect the JS Kaga, the country’s second-largest warship. It is currently a helicopter carrier but it is to be equipped with F-35B strike fighters.

The Kaga’s namesake was sunk in the Battle of Midway in 1942.

Japan is investing heavily in its self-defense forces over fears of Chinese and North Korean incursions.

The country’s constitution forbids it from re-militarizing but allows self-defense forces, and Abe’s administration has stepped up defense spending. (source, source)

This action is as dangerous as it is treasonous.

The Japanese are a world military imperial power throughout their history. They are fiercely nationalistic, hate Christianity, and are very violent. It is believed that more people died at the hands of the Japanese throughout Asia than did in the European sphere during the Second World War. The nation is so violent that the US government dropped two nuclear bombs on her in order to end the war, since a land invasion would have been sucidial, as the Japanese were ready to commit suicide over blood-and-soil.

The reason Japan was stripped of her military faculties is the same reason Germany was stripped of hers, because if the nations were able to remilitarize, they would likely return to their old imperial ways and start another world war, except this time using nuclear weapons and that would result in a nuclear holocaust. has been warning about the remilitarization of Japan, and how Trump would likely do this and it would be a sign of World War III. Trump’s open declaration that he wants to sell “defense products” to Japan is treason because his actions are enabling the return of the Japanese Empire.

All of the American soldiers who suffered in Japanese POW camps, fought, and died will have sacrificed for nothing if Trump simply undoes all of the hard work they put in to stop the Japanese war monster in the name of what would be money and political expediency.

ISIS are sodomite stooges of US policy who would be nothing without the US. Meanwhile, the Japanese have a thousands-year-old history of violent military conquest that long pre-dates the US.

People jeer Obama for being involved in backing Islamic terrorists and focus on that while at the same time praising Trump for backing the Japanese war hawks, who are one of the greatest terrorists in human history.

Indeed, as the poster notes, Trump’s recent declaration makes “Tojo velly happy”, and Trump and those who stand beside him in the intel agencies are monsters for doing this.

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