Sodomite-Loving Pentecostal “Church” Founded By A Sodomite On The PreP Payroll Hires A Psychic For Its Ministerial Staff

The unholy mixing of Christianity with paganism is a trend that continues to develop in the US. In a recent example of this, a Pentecostal church in Georgia has added a psychic to its ministerial staff:

The Vision Church of Atlanta, Georgia, a progressive congregation, has added a psychic medium who claims to commune with the dead to their staff.

Lakara Foster, who holds a doctorate of ministry from The Interdenominational Theological Center, is now a licensed minister at The Vision Church of Atlanta, Rolling Out reported. She is also the creator and star of the YouTube series “The Gift,” which she argues God told her to do. It follows her life as a medium, minister, and spiritual teacher.

“God told me to do the show. Honestly, I was reluctant at first because I felt very vulnerable and thought I would get a lot of pushback and negative feedback being a minister and a medium. I thought people wouldn’t understand but I knew I still had to do it. I knew I had been called to do it. When I asked God, ‘Why this gift? Why not singing? God said, ‘I promised my people eternal life. How will my people know that I’ve kept promise if you don’t demonstrate your gift?’” she told Rolling Out.

Foster argues that psychic mediumship should be included among the spiritual gifts of the modern Church because James 1:17 teaches that “every good and perfect gift is from above.”

The Christian Post reached out to The Vision Church for comment on the appointment Thursday but no one was immediately available.

In an interview with Great Day Louisiana earlier this year, Foster discussed how her gift allows her to communicate with the dead.

“A psychic medium, what I try to explain to people is, psychic is a very umbrella term. I believe to some degree we all have some type of psychic intuition. A medium falls under that umbrella. Being a medium allows me to communicate with our loved ones who are departed. So I tell people all mediums are psychic but all psychics are not medium,” she said.

She explained that she has been using her gift for a long time and had always wanted to use her gift without sacrificing her faith in Jesus.

“For me it was very important that I was able to merge the two. My love for God, my love for Jesus. But really … I knew that I could heal through ministry but I’ve always been healing, so it was kind of natural to be able to merge the two to continue that level of healing,” she said.

“One of the reasons I pursued my doctorate on this topic is because I really wanted to understand my gift from the intersections of Afrocentrism and Christianity, and why the church believes this gift shouldn’t be considered a spiritual gift among those listed in the Bible,” she further stated to Rolling Out.

Foster noted that she has received a lot of support from her church and members of her family, like her father who also claims to possesses the gift to commune with the dead.

“My church family has been super supportive. … My family has been just as incredible. My father shares a similar gift and my mother is the executive producer of the web-series ‘The Gift,’” she said. (source)

Now witchcraft is strictly forbidden by sacred scripture. But what makes this story even more interesting is that the founder of this “church” is a sodomite with ties to Obama and Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer of PreP, the pill of anti-viral medication that sodomites take so they can keep sodomizing each other without the theoretical fear of contracting the HIV virus. Likewise, he is heavily tied to the LGBT movement throughout the US, as his biography notes:

Bishop Allen has been honored by a host of community and national groups including the Georgia House of Representatives in 2012. In 2014, Bishop Allen inducted into the prestigious Martin Luther King Jr. International Board of Preachers of Morehouse College. As a strong proponent for social and economic justice, he created and hosted a national Economic and Business Conference for LGBT Entrepreneurs in conjunction with the efforts of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Bishop Allen served as a regional spokesperson for the National Black Justice Coalition LGBT Economic Empowerment Tour for communities of color. He has worked closely with the U.S. Small Business Administration to provide support to LGBT and other minority entrepreneurs in the community. In April 2015, the Georgia District Office of the U.S. Small Business Administration awarded Bishop Allen the 2015 LGBT Business Champion of the Year Award for his strong advocacy for minority business initiatives and development. Bishop Allen was invited by the White House and the Obama Administration to participate in numerous initiatives to include the annual Presidential White House Easter Prayer Breakfast. Bishop Allen has been featured in numerous media outlets and periodicals to include CNN, BET and the Economist.

Bishop Allen was born on January 24th, 1973 in Los Angeles, California. He studied at Morgan State University, Morehouse College, and Harvard University-Harvard Extension School where he majored in Philosophy and Religion. He is married to his life-partner, Mr. Rashad Burgess of Chicago, Illinois. Rashad Burgess is currently the Community Liaison for Gilead Sciences, Inc. and was formerly the branch Chief of the Capacity Building Branch at the CDC’s division of HIV/AIDS Prevention. They are the proud fathers of 2 beautiful children, Joshua and Caylee. In 2013, Bishop Allen and his family made history by being the first Same-Gender-Loving couple to be selected as one of Ebony Magazine’s “top 10 Coolest Black Families” in America. (source, source)

Christians in the US are dropping rapidly. As recent as 2018, only 70% of the US identifies as some sort of Christian, but the data changes to less belief as age declines. Likewise, it is already known that over 62% of all Americans support sodomite marriage, with 75% or up for the Millennials and Gen Z. As such, it is not unrealistic to assess that a majority of people who claim to be Christians also support Sodom.

What this “bishop” is doing is not a surprise. He is simply building upon already established trends in society.

What will be interesting is the future of Christianity in the US, where it is likely a split will take place. One can already see this in the Catholic Church, with a declining membership. However, the Catholic Church will survive as a whole unit albeit much smaller. However, the rest of the churches, especially those who are inclined to nationalism, will likely undergo subsequent divisions to the point of becoming almost invisible in society. Some will ally or unite with the Catholic Church, and others will simply become representatives of the cultural zeitgeist, preaching a Gospel of the times and not of any truth from scripture.

It should not be considered a surprise then that this “church” hired a psychic, or is so closely associated with sodom. It is but a reflection of the changing definition of American religion, where “Christianity” is becoming an all-inclusive term for a revival of paganism, and those who are called “intolerant” are simply actual Christians living what has always been taught.

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