Christian “Bishop” And “Pastor” Claims Renuzit Air Freshener Exorcizes Demons As It Makes The Room Smell Nice

Scam televangelists are common throughout history. Modern times have seen many of such charlatans who in the name of Christianity will peddle insane ideas or products to deceive people for their own financial benefit, or because of objectively held but gravely wrong ideas.

There was the charlatan Peter Popoff and his “miracle spring water”:

The scamming Robert Tilton, known better as “Pastor Gas” for the comedy videos made to mock his antics:

The infamous “Breast and honey” pastor from Nigeria whose entire “church” is based on him groping his female congregants:

The South African pastor who feeds his congregation gasoline at their services:

Or the South African pastor who takes off his female congregant’s clothing during their supposed “services”:

There are many more, such as the pastor who feeds his congregation bleach, or the pastor who drowned one of his congregants getting baptism because he thought the person was a vampire.

Another example of the above types of religious zeal turned perverse is coming out of North Carolina, where a “Pastor” is claiming that Renuzit brand air freshener not only cleanses and freshens, the air, but it also drives out demons:

A North Carolina preacher and musician is claiming that an air freshener can chase away unwanted spirits after he was mocked online for spritzing it during a fiery worship service.

“No, I was not spraying Clorox, no I wasn’t spraying oil, no I wasn’t spraying water, no it wasn’t in a Windex bottle. It was a very expensive brand of odor protection eater and I will show you the bottle,” David Dixon, senior pastor of Kingdom City Life Empowerment Church, said in a Facebook Live video before introducing the Renuzit Super Odor Killer Pure Breeze Fine Mist Air Freshener, which retails for $4.

The spritzing of the demon chasing odor killer was first highlighted by the Larry Reid Live show after it went viral.

Dixon chose to respond to his critics on Saturday.

“This is the bottle that I was spraying. This is the odor spray that was being sprayed to get the spirits out. What was in this bottle is what was bought that came in this bottle. The odor spray. It does not say anything about Windex. There is no Windex, this is the spray that I had in my hands spraying as you can see I’m spraying now,” he said, demonstrating with more spritzing of the product.

“Those of you who do not know anything about deliverance then you should go to a church that deals with deliverance all the time and you will find out what deliverance really is,” he argued.

Dixon explained that while he was also trying to use the spray to fight odors coming from “many things such as armpits, breath, all of that,” the main reason for using it was to combat the “aroma” of deliverance.

“I am a bishop in the Lord’s church. If you were here at the service that occurred that night, you would therefore understand, and be understanding of what was going on in the service. Deliverance was taking place. The man of God had been working and we had been working together in deliverance,” he said.

“Deliverance has a look, it has a sound, and it has a smell. Yes, yes, it does,” the pastor insisted. “Deliverance was very strongly going forth that night.”

He said he was in the back of the church cleaning up the deliverance smell while the church service was underway because he didn’t want the deliverance aroma to “sit in.”

“You don’t allow spirits to lay dormant, even if deliverance is not taking place in my church, I don’t allow spirits to lay dormant. We spiritual clean my church after every service because you don’t want to give the enemy room to do what he does,” he said.

“I am covering my baby. This is what God birthed out of here. If you have a problem with what goes on at my church then you don’t have to come to my church. But what you will not do is make mockery of a church. I’m not a novice to being in the bishopric, I’m not a novice to being a pastor, I’m not a novice to being a prophet, I’m not a novice to being an evangelist, I’m not a novice to ministry. I grew up in ministry.” (source, source)

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