Trump Starts “Gay Pride” Month Of June As He Declares His Support For Sodom, Says He Will Work To Compel All Nations Around The World To Submit To Sodom

June is “Gay Pride” Month. In celebration of all things Sodom, President Trump make an early start as he declared his support for Sodom with a tweet in praise of the LGBT and all things sodomitic, and said that he would work on a global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality around the world. The Tweet is below:

What more does one need to say? has been consistent and insistent on the evils of sodomitic behavior and the consequences it reaps. Surely it is a sin, but while all sin leads to death, some are deadlier than others, for as St. John writes, “not all sin is mortal” (1 John 5:17).

Homosexuality is a mortal sin. It destroys the soul and the body. It is so evil that it is only one of four sins that specifically is listed in the Old Testament as one that “cries out to Heaven for vengeance.” It is so evil that God sent fire from heaven in the force of a 100 megaton nuclear bomb to wipe out the entire area as a permanent sign for all times as to the evils of this act.

America has become an ambassador for Sodom as is evidenced by her actions. Trump’s support of it is a reflection of the will of the people, as over 75% of people under 38 support sodomite marriage and likely over 90% support sodomitic activity. The entire western world save a few nations are opposing the LGBT, and even there they are under intense pressure so much that it is likely to be only a matter of time before they collapse. The only serious bloc of opposition comes from Africa, where sodomite behavior incurs prison terms or the death penalty. But even those nations are under attack from foreign nations, including the US, who are using their monies to attempt to force them to submit to Sodom.

The notorious and famous Folsom Street Fair. Based on his comments, this is what Trump wants to support around the world.

That Trump would propose a worldwide initiative to decriminalize homosexuality shows the obvious, which is that the man is not a Christian at all, but a cosmopolitan businessman who believes he has the right to impose a particular from of perverse values upon the rest of the world who does not want it.

He who would serve Sodom would also do the same for the antichrist, as to embrace homosexuality is to deny the Trinity down to the very act itself.

The LGBT often uses the term “true colors” to describe the support of the LGBT. In that sense, Trump has shown his “true colors,” as a lover, defender, and evangelist for Sodom who would attempt to impose her perverse agenda on the entire world.

Trump is not a “better choice” than the Democrats, as his actions show him to represent the very dichotomy between the Democrats and Republicans, for what the Democrats declare and do openly, the Republicans do in secret while claiming to oppose it.

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