Jeffrey Epstein Is Not Unique, Read About The 20th Century Sodomite Who Stole Poor Christian Children, Put Them Into A Veritable Death Camp, And Then Sold The Survivors To Rich Jewish Families And Pedophiles In New York And California

Jeffrey Epstein is facing trial for child sex trafficking and rape. There is a tremendous amount of evidence against him, and given the large amounts of child pornography found on his person and the high-profiled connections he maintained for years, it is likely that he will be convicted.

What Epstein did is not new. In fact, a similar case happened during the early and mid-20th century in Tennessee with a woman named Beulah George “Georgia” Tann.

Beulah Tann is a very interesting person. She was born in Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1891. Her father was a powerful court judge in Meridian, known for his violent temper and irascible attitude. The family name “Tann” is an odd one, and it means “Pine tree” or “Fir tree” in German, such as with “Tannenbaum”, a name also associated with Ashkenazic Jewish communities. Likewise, Meridian is an area of Mississippi with a long-established historical and influential Jewish community that during the lifetime of Ms. Tann was one of the largest in the state.

Beulah was a sodomite who according to her Wikipedia biography expressed no desire to get married, but went into social work and started a lesbian relationship with one of her co-workers. Likewise, she was also accused of “questionable” adoption practices. Due to the nature of her actions she eventually fled Mississippi north to Tennessee where she became involved in another sodomite relationship with Camille Kelley, a powerful court judge in Memphis, who was favored by the local political machine run by E.H. Crump. The two would spend the next three decades destroying the lives of thousands of children through operating arguably what is the most horrible child and orphan trafficking scheme in American history whereby thousands of children were stolen or robbed from their parents using legally questionable and many times, illegal means covered up by the threat of legal action and then sold to pedophiles, celebrities and wealthy Jewish buyers in New York and California. Some children never made it, and died under the direct care of Ms. Tann which as notes:

She placed over 5,000 children all over the country, many of them to Jewish families in New York, and to stars in California. Birth certificates were rewritten to make the children’s background fit the desires of prospective parents. This included taking Christian children and giving them Jewish sounding names. Other records were destroyed, to cover the tracks of the Orphanage and their criminal acts of kidnapping.

Children were placed without consideration of the stability of the families they were going to. Some were adopted as servants and farmhands, some to pedophiles for sexual abuse, while some lucky ones were adopted into a life of privilege and wealth.

Later inquiries estimated that upward of 500 children that were not “easy to adopt”, died, mostly through starvation and neglect. Many of their bodies have never been found.

It is estimated that Tann made millions of dollars through trafficking children. “Fees” for her services ran between $750 and $5,000 each. (source, source)

Tann’s infamous child trafficking operation, the Tennessee Children’s Home Society, set up branches in Jackson, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, targeting poor families, single mothers, and other vulnerable people in society and then cut their rights using their ties to the social work and court systems for their personal gain.

To make things even worse, Tann’s crimes were not just aided by her sodomite lover, but by the Jewish governor of New York, Herbert Lehmann, who in 1935, during the height of Tann’s trafficking ring, signed a law that sealed all birth certificates from New York adoptees, thus greatly obstructing the reconnecting of children with their parents. Tann helped with obstructing her crimes by systematically destroying or altering records.

Tann was a serial abuser and murderer. If she had trouble selling a child, she would abuse or neglect care of the child until he died and then would dispose of the remains, sometimes burying them on her organization’s property. Her abuse was so horrendous that Tann’s actions were the direct cause of Memphis having the highest infant mortality rate in the entire United States while her “business” was in operation. The people she employed to care for the children were untrained, many were drug addicts, and children suffered to their deaths from common illnesses such as diarrhea and malnourishment due to lack of feeding them:

While in her care, Tann mistreated the children, with reports of neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and murder. With no housing facilities, the society held children awaiting placement in public facilities and foster homes. In the 1930s, Memphis had the highest infant mortality rate in the nation, largely due to Tann. In 1943, a wealthy businessman donated the mansion at 1556 Poplar Avenue to the society. The offices and intake rooms were put on the bottom floor, while the nurseries were upstairs. The all-female staff wore all-white nursing uniforms, despite the fact that they were mostly untrained and even substance abusers. The children were frequently sedated and those who were difficult to place were allowed to die of malnutrition. Tann regularly ignored doctors’ recommendations for sick children, denying them care or medicine, which often lead to preventable deaths from illnesses such as diarrhea. Some children were never accounted for or buried, and the exact number of deceased children remains unknown. (source, source)

The Tennessee Children’s Home Society was not a “home”- it was a death camp where Christian children who had been robbed from their parents by a corrupt sodomite pair were tortured sometimes to death and the survivors were sold off- largely to wealthy Jews -for Tann’s personal financial gain.

Tann’s reign of child abuse came to an end under Democrat Governor Gordon Browning, who ordered an investigation into Tann’s work following claims of child trafficking on September 11, 1950. However, Tann died four days later, and she was never prosecuted or punished for the lives she destroyed. Her sodomite lover, Kelley, resigned in November 1950 from the courts following the exposure of the scandal and died five years later at her son’s home in 1955.

The Tann case was a horrible and seldom discussed black mark in American history.

It is very important to note that one does not have direct evidence by admission or solid records that Tann is indeed a Jew. However, one cannot help but note that as stated above:

-Her religious affiliations or that of her family is not well-documented, but she comes from a heavily historic Jewish area of Mississippi of which her father was a powerful figure in
-She was a sodomite, as it is known that even today support for sodom is overwhelmingly known and meticulously documented among Jews
-She was selling children largely to Jewish families in historically Jewish parts of the USA
-She was involved in a series of legalized abuse, forgery, and financial fraud- crimes that have been meticulously documented as frequently occurring among Jewish communities -to execute her evil deeds that she tried to hide from the public through deception.

This is not about race or “hatred”, for to ignore this pattern or try to call pointing it out “anti-semitism” would seem to be a cheap excuse for what appears to be nothing more than a smear campaign trying to cover up what are undeniable facts.

For many years, Jewish groups accused Catholics of “anti-semitism” and “smearing” for talking about Jewish involvement in occult rituals that included the ritual murder of children, such as that which was proved had been done to the canonized St. Simon of Trent. The Catholic Church has noted that such accusations are serious, and while acknowledging the existence of such things done by Jews, has very consistently said that such claims can only be based on hard evidence and not speculation lest one fall victim to the very sins of racialism and nationalistic sentiments that Christ opposed and for which he was put to death by His own people.

Evil knows no race, and it needs to be pointed out no matter who does it, regardless of religion. The sins of the members of the Catholic Church are indeed many and sometimes very bad, including at times priests involved in child sacrifice, ritual murder, occultism, sodomism, and other horrible crimes. However, these are well-known, well-documented, and seldom stay covered. Indeed, such is a great blessing from God, because the exposure to the sunlight of these sins allows for them to be healed just as a cut exposed to the air, while painful, is able to heal rather than fester.

There has been for too long a denial from many or refusal to discuss the Jewish or, given circumstances that are well-documented and overlap in multiple ways, potential Jewish roles in the same crimes. Those who have attempted to discuss them are often accused of racism, “anti-semitism”, and all other forms of bigotry, and while there are some people who attempt to use these things to promote objectively immoral hatred, many are simply attacked because those doing the criticism do not want to address the cold, hard, and difficult facts before them.

For example, during the days of antiquity, a number of years before the Persians took Jerusalem, the Jewish people in Antioch commenced a collective attack upon the Christians in which they castrated the patriarch Anastasios and hurled his genitals into his face before murdering him and many landowners and burning their bodies. The Jews of Syria and Mesopotamia executed a full on attack on the Christians, slaughtering them and destroying their churches wherever they could find them. The Christians counterattacked and killed a great number of them in self-defense. (Chron. Theophan. 296, p. 7; Theophil. Edess. Chron. sect. 1, Agapius, trans. Robert G. Hoyland, Liverpool University Press).

This is a cold, hard, historical fact that regardless of what one feels about it, facts are not defined by feelings.

A similar historian from antiquity noted a like case about a Christian boy persecuted by Jews, where he wrote: “…and in derision of the cross and those who put their trust in the Crucified One, they seized a Christian boy, and having bound him to a cross, began to laugh and sneer at him. But in a little while becoming so transported with fury, they scourged the child until he died under their hands. This conduct occasioned a sharp conflict between them and the Christians; and as soon as the emperors were informed of the circumstances, they issued orders to the governor of the province to find out and punish the delinquents.And thus the Jewish inhabitants of this place paid the penalty for the wickedness they had committed in their impious sport.” (Socrates, 7.16)

Stating this fact is not “anti-semitic,” just as it is not “anti-Christian” to state the involvement of certain Christians in crimes against Jews. It’s a fact, and facts are facts, not feelings.

These are just a few examples of the body of history concerning such things. The sins of Christians has been often and still is thoroughly discussed. However good this is, it is unbalanced to focus solely on this, because it lacks balance by ignoring facts of equal relevance but what some regard, for whatever reason, as not desirable to discuss.

A balanced conversation, done in the spirit of charity, inquiry, and based on well-documented facts and the lessons and story of history, is much needed.

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